NEVER LET GO Veeky Forums!

NEVER LET GO Veeky Forums!

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Still holdin my LINK and STRAT bags

Started in September and finally I am below my entry point

The cartel manipulation now looks so fucking likely

-70% and still can going down more. Riding to hell with this bag

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We go down with the ship, these cunts will only have my bags after they've taken me to Pluto or Neptune

Is this finally CAPITLUATION?

So DESPAIR at $4000?
Than we can go back up.

gonna need James Cameron's submarine to buy this dip.

I wish bank opened on holidays so that I could buy 10 ETHs

this is still "return to normal.

"never let go"


many cryptos are bleeding right now so your should accumulate best ones like a crazy!


It’s one of the few coins that has potential to get adaption and it's platform that I could see myself using.
And its under the radar.

"Datawallet provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize an asset that is rightfully theirs. It empowers developers to leverage a completely new data universe to build the most advanced applications ever. And it provides companies with insights that will boost their operations on a never before seen scale."

>Tim Draper and Marc Benioff listed as investors.
>and these billionares investors are active, actually, Tim Draper has mentioned Datawallet multiple times in his interviews on last months.

from telegram group:
>On the topic of Marc Benioff - we were actually his last personal investment before he started only investing via his fund. The team also just recently met with him in Davos during the World Economic Forum. However, he does have a billion dollar company to run which we very much respect - but we do hear you!

>It has really all-stars team with really low marketcap - trading right now only in Bibox & Cobinhood..
>At the moment, i'm writing this, marketcap is only 12.5m
>to being said, more exchanges are coming soon.

>DXT is GDPR compliance.
>Team is based in USA.

>Ico sold-out in just one day! (40mln$) and because it was during a bear market, price has already dropped -80% since ICO.

>Partnerships Datawallet is already partnered with FintruX, Steemit, Indorse, Bancor and Fresh Digital and Kochava

+ weekly updates!

>and, they're in discussions with their lawyers about buyback . if they do that (like aragon & naga & DBC etc..) that affects to price also

welcome to lamboland

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feel you, also started in september and never thought i would get below initial investment, but due to market crash + stupid trades now i'm officially in the red

fucking hurts, not selling matter what, i'm prepared to hold for couple of years

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Remember to HOLD you faggots

I am not sure I can hold myself
After reading an article on BTC manipulation a multi-year bear market looks very probable.

I would have cashed out yesterday, but the idea of crypto being a disruptive technology makes me scared of missing a completely unexpected moon mission.
Sure, whales gonna be manipulatin it to ashes, but what if they fail?
What if Consensus turns out to be such a success fiat collapses? What if BTC becomes a thing between rich Arabs and they poor a trln into the market? What if some big Chinese producer announces payments in BTC and all the bottle caps in the world are paid with BTC now?
What if I sell now and never decide to buy back and the next time I check CMC it reads $1000 LINK?

Is there any positive news that can get the market going bullish again?

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Consensus in May
But the Cartel theory is so likely at this point, that I am not sure we can ever get a reversal

>Cartel theory

quick rundown?

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Hurry up and sell. The market needs to go up but without a retard like you on it

BTC IS MANIPULATED?????????????????????

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plz buy datawallet sir. all-stars team sir. mkae you rich for lambo car sir

Wait a minute. Are you trying to make me sell my crypto?