Binance can exit scam at any given time and no one would be able to locate CZ or the Binance offices...

Binance can exit scam at any given time and no one would be able to locate CZ or the Binance offices. Also Chinas population is so high, there's probably 1000s of people with his exact name. WTF

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Ps: we still laughing at you coinfags

welcome to post 2013 crypto, pat yourself on the back before spotting it before the inevitable.

That's why you don't store your coins on an exchange. You'd think people would have learned their lesson after MtGOX

Thanks just bought 100

>oh no the company is dodging all the profit-killing government regulation, this is problematic, i'm literally triggered right now
fuck off commie

Read the whole thing pajeet

I did, I literally see nothing wrong with it. Unless you are a faggot commie who desires government control over everything.

Why would he want to stop making money? There is not a limit for how much power you can get in this world. Don't forget that he's a chink, they're overachievers.

It's not like he's some random fish head chink in a sea of fish head that all look like each other and you'll ever find him. The guy is a fucking billionaire already, right?

It's not like he's some unknown Russian like Sergey who stole 32 million Linkie money

Why did Mark Karpeles?

Scary but also smart, I'd do it that way if I could

that's why you should use Coss, the only fully compliant soon to be fiat exchange

It literally says where you can find him. Or atleast where he's been a lot.

Are you really calling Japan and Hong Kong communist? They're the ones who told Binance to fuck off with that

He fucked up using trading bots and market manipulation causing insolvency

What part of “Funds are safe” do you not understand?

Fuck off with this blatant FUD shit you just wrote in Word and screencapped. We don’t need (((government oversight))) to turn Binance into another GDAX for normies, so you can pay your gay nigger taxes.

>fake news kikes shilling for more regulations


>make billions running exchange
>potential to make billions more over the next decade

Sure they could exit scam theoretically, but I can't see why someone would give that up.

>Make a billion dollars a quater in revenue and be known as the CEO of the most professional and trusted exchange in history. Get featured on the front page of forbes and do countless interviews with news networks and magazines and have the reputation of a litteral billionaire genius with integrity.
>exit scam and spend the rest of his days hiding in a maltese cave

Pick one, bottom seller.

>implying gooks aren't cool

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So this guy already lives like a fugitive and runs his business like a criminal organization much confidence so safe

All I see is a billionaire who's careful not to paijt a bullseye on his back. If he wanted to kill the cow, he could have done so months ago. Instead he goes on TV and gives out endless interviews.

shhhh, funds are safe

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Obviously he could, but why would he? Regardless of whether the market is up or down, he will be raking in millions per day. With every user, every feature, every coin or token added; a percentage point is added to their profit, regardless whether the market is up or down.

If regulators come down hard, no doubt they will bow down, but still they will be making profits whether the market is up or down. To pass up on such a chance, with an exit scam, while crashing the entire market you are exit scamming, along with any chances of becoming the next big internet giant for sovereign digital wealth. It would be the single most unreasonable move on Binance side to exit scam their way out at this point in the market.

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