I just went through my dads phone and found him sending explicit messages to another woman despite being married to my...

I just went through my dads phone and found him sending explicit messages to another woman despite being married to my mom for 40 years
how do i turn this into financial gain

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get him alone on a boat
blackmail him into sucking your dick

the ole family recipe

40 fkn years. Give the man a break.

"Son, daddy just misses your mommy very much".

black mail him into a loan. invest. he will have an excuse for why he gave you a huge amount of money and if you fail you won't have to pay him back. of course if your mom finds out you're fucked, so that's your incentive for keeping it a secret - which is a security factor for your dad.

Dude your dad probably loves your mom but just needs to get a nut out in some fresh new pussy to mix things up.

Don't cockblock him.

How about not being a douche? 40 years is a long time. Chances are higher that your mom has already taken extra marital pipe anyways.

youre probably losing your entire inheritance to a whore
find out how much money hes throwing at them, double it and use as ransom

This. I'm married please fucking kill me.


Oh how western morality has fallen. Cant wait till pedophilia gets normalized

lol, everyone had a mistress back in the day, if you could afford it. Get real.

Anyway check if she is using him (for money), otherwise let him have his fun.

You are clueless if you bought into the monogamy meme.

Kid, go back to your room and let the adults talk about business.

>thot and super-gonorrhea is no meme

i wouldnt do blackmail.
its fine to get some guilt money. dont make the terms too harsh, more like calling in a big favour.
remember hes your dad. only get out him what doesbt affect long term relations

t. Never had a relationship

Same bro

offer to suck his dick

also tits or gtfo

p.s. This logan youtuber guy is a stupid bitch who is fudding crypto and can't carry cash unless it's strapped to his hip with a chain.

He posted his private keys a few hours ago and is blaming crypto for his stupidity.


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lol bunch of sad fucks ITT

t. shitskins who are unable to pair bond

kek he's trying to contact the guy who took his eth to make a video with him

>despite being married to my mom for 40 years
you actually think that the older the marriage the stronger it gets?

is he indian

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Maybe just stop being a fucking faggot, faggot

Provide source of that huge claim.

you can't

you absolute idiot
conservatism is a meme, it only looks good looking back
when u live it it has all the ugliness of everyday life but in a different package

People have always had affairs. Just didn't break up marriages as much in earlier generations

>become gay-for-pay escort
>start putting soy in your dad's breakfast
>wait for him to book your services
>suck your dad's cock