Will dressing alternative/edgy push successful guys away...

Will dressing alternative/edgy push successful guys away? I'm a girl in college and I know I want to get serious about dating but I'm also experimenting with my style since my parents never allowed me to and I like grunge, nu goth and wearing geeky stuff like DBZ workout clothes. Thoughts? I asked here because there's more likely to be successful guys :)

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You'll just look like a retard because most normal people go through that phase at age 14, not as a grown woman

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The fact that you consider style to be something serious means that you are most likely narcissistic and a upper-middle class bubble dweller. this translates to lack of empathy and high-maintenance.

Don't care. Know many people in their 20s that don't dress normally.

you know the rules
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Not at all, just don't get any trashy tattoos

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>muh successful guys

date a NEET, find true happiness

>I asked here because there's more likely to be successful guys :)
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NEETs won't help pay for leather jackets and lingerie, although I do like staying at home and doing nothing sometimes.

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Nothing makes my dick harder than goth/alternative chicks

Looking at your pic i'm afraid that dating a neet is possibly your only option

Whore. Why care about what others think of you? Normie's opinions are worthless.



You don't need to dress to attract guys..if you're attractive.

when i see girls dressed like this I assume I can fuck them up the ass then make them suck the shit off

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If you want to be set for life just concentrate on getting a good body and read a book sometimes. Your pussy will fish some boring "successful guy" eventually.

Because I want one to be my bf/husband
I'm afraid that successful guys only go for pic related

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Then why are there many girls who end up with losers despite being thin and college educated?

I'm a NEET and I could probably buy your house up front, you retarded thot.

That dress is just as skanky as the one you're wearing


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Successful men want feminine women, not a fucking emo LARPer

I've seen plenty of girls that are pretty, but wear repulsive outfits. It's like saying if s girl is attractive, she doesn't need makeup

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>geeky stuff
you deserve to vanish in the great purge of 2018

Fucking lies.
Successful men like different things.
They tend to be conservative and realists, tho
They admire bold people... strong willed women and such things

Hm, this might actually not be a LAR-

>I asked here because there's more likely to be successful guys :)


I am feminine though

Dressing edgy makes it seem like you have some sort of background issues (whether this is true or not doesn't matter). Successful guys will generally only consider serious relationships with women who they consider very stable, since they're well aware of the financial risks of marriage. Just dress moderately but don't be afraid to show off good looks if you have them.

Fuck off you roastie. Any man with some brain would know that these women are not worth it.

yes, and successful men also drive second hand cars

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what tits?

Succesful guys are successfull cause of they had woman on their back or hardwork hardworking guys does not like thots . No BTFO golddigger

Why? I was kinda young when this was going down but in the media, there was Angelina Jolie (bad girl/edgy) versus Jennifer Aniston (girl next door) and Angelina had support so why do normies dislike edgy now?

because they are the gurls with the "issues"


Edgy is still attractive, probably more attractive in the opinion of most people, but that's not what you want. Do you want to look attractive or do you want to look like marriage material? I would fuck an edgy looking girl but not marry one.

Yes. What type of clothes you wear is an extension of your personality and men know that subconsciously. Chances of a successful man who are into that style in pic related are fucking slim to none.
Also successful guys already have a lot of girls around them, so if you want a successful husband you need to be different in a good way.

successful men realize women are just an emotional and economical drain and won't spend any money on them. No, you don't want a successful man, you want a chump.

Yeah, menchildren and womenchildren perpetually stuck in a late-adolescence stage and all you want is a 'good man' to take care of your baby ass since you're not capable of being a mature adult.

How does dressing edgy make me a slut? I'm just a geeky introverted girl that wants a husband. I'm not a slut. I'm still a virgin.

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> I'm not a slut. I'm still a virgin.

Says the gold digger

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I'm not saying it does, but I'm saying it makes you look like one. If i dressed with a beret and carried round a baguette, people would think i'm French, which would be bad if i was trying to give the impression that I'm not french. So if you want to give the impression that youre stable, mature, and not a slut, dress in a way that conveys this message.

you're retarded if you go around your college campus dressed like that on a regular basis. if not it doesn't matter.
You posted a picture so it's not at all ambigous, that's why everyone in the thread gave you similar advice.
Take your advice and leave.

Grow the fuck up instead of posting on some Japanese Tofu delivery driver board.