Well. Gemini finally froze my account

Well. Gemini finally froze my account.

Just to anybody who's curious, when your account is frozen you can't withdraw anything, transfer any money at all, or make any trades on Gemini. I couldn't panic sell even if I wanted to.

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Are you going to tell us why they froze it, you stupid nigger?

they are just helping you hodl your coins op

He had a previous thread, pic related

Already made a thread about it. They sent me pic related in emails and I didn't respond appropriately. That's it. All I did was make a few large deposits into their exchange, buy Bitcoins, and transfer them to other exchanges. Never once even made a withdrawal from them. This is my third update to Veeky Forums about this.

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It's almost as if they are operating as a legitimate business complying with anti money laundering laws

What the fuck!!

Looks like they’re just trying to steal your money

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I'm an unemployed neet with no records of any crypto transactions. All money deposited was savings. How the hell was I supposed to respond?

You’re not supposed to ask for this shit after the money has been credited to the account, it should have been done before hand, they’re using loophole to steal millions of dollars.

>you are an

what the fuck did you block out?

The previous job title I gave to Gemini, which I do not work as and have not worked for like 9 months.

did you put CEO and deposit

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I really did work as that job 9 months ago, and I had deposited roughly $400,000 in total before getting the first email from them.

That's fucked. I just signed up for gemini after coinbase blocked me. If you're really that rich you could sue

Oh hey user, I remember your previous thread.
Did you send that reply calling them kikes?


Why should he sue?

Just explain them the situation and tell them the truth and they will unblock you, no exchange gains anything with closing peoples accounts.

I had problems with coinbase and fixed it in 4 days because of some wrong data I gave them.

If "All that money was actually just savings. I'm unemployed and have no records. Sorry." worked, why would they ask?

They have regulations to adhere to, whether you (or them) like it or not. You should have responded appropriately. You kinda got frozen for a reason obviously. You should worry about further law enforcement action instead of escalating this further.

I'm not legally obliged to tell them the truth in any way, am I? Hell it's completely legal for me to even forge documents and send it to them, pay stubs and all. Their email is so informal, there is no fine print. If the government ever asked, I'm under no obligation to email them the truth.

Ok but what do I say? Really.

>I'm not legally obliged to tell them the truth in any way, am I?
No, you have a choice, obviously. But the choice you made leads to your account being frozen because they also got a choice, adhere to anti money laundering laws or get raided and jailed in your place.

>Hell it's completely legal for me to even forge documents

> If the government ever asked, I'm under no obligation to email them the truth.
They would have accepted proof in the mail too probably.

Your bank send a letter to gemini, ur obvs larping n got the funds from somewhere else or didnt file taxes correctly

Gemini is here in new york they would nevr exit scam or steal a few thousand they make billions a year

I had to handle a similar case on the bank i worked with, drug dealer keep sending funds to gemini he had hiding for years untaxed, wasnt able to get the full scoop but my guess is he prob wanted to get rich of crypto or buy monero when he got inevitable caught

Should have waited for decentralised exchanges.

Why dont you call your tax office or whoever is regulating such things in your country?

I have my own company in EU and it depends with who I work I sometimes do require them to send me a copy of the passport if they are a private person and not a business, that I later submit to the tax office if requested.

Did you take all your funds out before they froze it?

I really doubt he'd be posting then.

Proof of what though? Like I said, the money was savings.
I've never dealt drugs or anything. The money was mostly my old salary and money given by family members, and family members' money that they wanted me to invest for them.

That's all it was. So like I said, what do I send them?

I did originally but then put more back in for some reason so there's still a few thousand sitting in there. I'm gonna hold anyway but I want to try and get it back at least. I have to email them.

This has nothing to do with taxes though.... this is about money laundering.

>Proof of what though? Like I said, the money was savings.
I don't know man. Sorry you live in the land of the free with the worst most extreme tax office ever.

What you mean money laundering.

You worry about gemini doing shady shit or you did something?

No I still have some funds in them. The money is legally mine though and I did nothing illegal. The money was obtained legally and I am not behind on taxes (yet) so I think I do need to email them seriously. Just not sure what to say.

Gemini most likely suspects me of money laundering. That's why they ask this sort of thing...

Then what's the problem? Why didn't you do that instead of sending them goat.se and calling them kikes?

Just a little tip dont do shady shit , you are giving more reasons to them to report you and the last thing you want is a investigation on your ass from where the money came from, next time just be honest if they ask you some data.

Just give them the data then?
Gemini is just trying to protect themselves in case you did something.

Explain them the honest truth and thats pretty much it.You are blowing this out of proportions.

goat.se is an actual site about goats lol.
>why didn't you do that?
Do what? They want a link to my employer and pay stubs. I'm unemployed and have no pay stubs even from my previous job. I have no proof, no evidence, nothing.

>just give them the data
As I've said 50 times in this thread, WHAT DATA?!?! I have no proof of anything. I have nothing that they are asking for.

That's what you should have told them probably cause like this you just fucked yourself. I don't see what you thought lying would achieve. :-DD

the data core to upload into the mainframe nigger
give em the fucking data

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The truth.

THE DATA of who you are and the explanation of what you did and why you got yourself in this situation.

Jesus Christ the reason is if you are doing illegal shit Gemini has to also deal with your mess with the government institution who is responsible for such things in my country its the tax office I dont know in the US.

This is why I also ask a copy of passport if I make business with individual people and its above 10k euro.Its to protect myself in case you did actually some shit.

Here is what you do , give them your data who you are and explain them from where the money is from and what you did, this is the first step in gaining some trust of them.

From my layman's point of view your best strategy would be appologising them to them for the previous behaviour, tell them the truth, then they will probably ask you to ID yourself cause considering you're a liar making big deposits they will likely report you (or at least want ID material incase you there is an inquiry about you). But if your bitcoin are your lawful savings then you got nothing to worry about. If this doesn't happen they got your IP and email and might report you anyway. (Might. Not necessarily, they could be lazy, but it's a possibility.)

Ok, will do.

So you have no bank statements or payslips? No trade history from exchanges? No wallet addresses you can trace on the blockchain? Where did you get the money from?

Your story doesn't seem to add up

This is pretty much it in EU if you have a company and you do big transaction with normal people who dont own a company.

In my case I will not accept any money from people who are shady or dont want to provide me with a passport copy and what they are doing as job.

Gemini problem is they accepted his money already so they will have to be very cautious in dealing with OP to not fuck themselves up and get involved in illegal shit if something did happen.

Next time just say the truth OP and dont post memes to them.

He said its his savings and money from his family.

In that case He should have just told them that from the start and provide some ID confirmations of himself and the people who gave them the money because they are also involved into this if its family money.

And some bank transactions from where the money came from and that would be it in short, but OP had to be a sperg and send them memes

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No payslips from the job I got some money from 9 months ago. I tried and can't find them after I was fired. I have bank statements, sure. They show that I received the money, mostly as gifts. No wallet addresses that can be traced, no.

you need to have payslips every company is obligated to give you every month your information on how many hours you worked and how much they paid you and all the other shit.

If you dont have it they always keep them, ask your ex companys accountant I have information of my workers the last 6 years in case they are idiots and dont save it.

i thought you dont have any funds there op

this, you don't do the Veeky Forums IRL

Ask your former employer for your payslips, they will most likely have records. As other anons have already said, tell them the truth and show them your bank statments. It's not difficult.

Yes, very important. At best don't ever argue with anyone. One reason is that normies get so mad they will start doing unreasonable shit even.

just go short GTBC though a broker to hedge your position.

Every company in the US. I am abroad and have been for months. But the old company was in the US. However, the money they gave me is peanuts compared to what was deposited. In total they gave me like $15,000 my entire time working there for a few months, the entire time of my short employment. It just won't add up.

Tell them you need to cash out so you can give the money to the adl

i mean i was the one got the "fuck off you kikes" why didnt you withdraw anything you had?

Oh then you are fucked OP I am sorry to say that.
I dont know your US regulations with getting money from parents as gift, I know in EU there is a limit in how much per year and this is only with family after the limit you get taxed.

If I would be in GEmini position I wouldnt even accept your money but in the US they do it anyway and when they panic they close your account and send it to the government body who regulates your shit.

Have fun explaining the police from where you got the money and getting your whole family involved in this mess.If its true you send them 400k $.

I was depositing slowly at that time via their instant bank transfer thing at $500 per day and you have to wait for their deposits to clear. Only got up to about $2500 or so, so not enough that really care about it, before someone there most have noticed and shut it down. I'll email them above like others said to get it back though. This shouldn't be too bad..

Is $400k really that much that it's alarming to these people? I get that anything above $10k requires a report but I didn't think it'd be that big of a deal.

Yea ok I'm not American but I think you entered IRS audit the last 5 years territory.

If you did this 500$ deposited many times you should also ask your bank if they ringed any alarms too.

400k$ is much money and banks keep also a very good track of your transactions.

lol OP you are delusional, you are transfering 400k$ abroad without any proof of who you are and from where the money is coming from and you are asking if its serious and to top it all of you you send memes and assholes photos o the company that is 1 phone call away between you and the police.

The $400k thing was wire deposits. $500 thing is only ever since I got the email above from Gemini.
I've never filed a tax return, ever. I've never had to until this year. I'm 22 and was a student.

>the police
I live abroad so.. are they going to put out a warrant for me or what? I didn't break any laws and all my money except for this is now in a foreign bank account under other somebody else's name.

You don goofed OP

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>in a foreign bank account under other somebody else's name
...hope it's a lot cause your 400k are gone. Seems you still have enough you lying criminal scum. :--DD Did you sell meth to kids?

>The $400k thing was wire deposits
Why the dumbest farmers have the biggest potatoes :((

You dont have to break any laws to gets your assets frozen if you are suspicious.

Gemini is totally in the safe spot here.They did what they should have done they closed your account because you didn't provide any data of who you are, what you doing and from where the money is coming from.But hey at least you send them good memes and called them kikes :)

Also just to check things up OP, you are from the US but you live abroad?

>your 400k are gone
My 400k is not in the United States any more. It is not in Gemini. It was moved elsewhere months ago. It's not even worth $400k anymore. I lost money recently in the market. But that's not really relevant to the Gemini problem.

Yeah yeah wires get reported. I know that but there's not really another practical way to get $400k of crypto. nobody will sell that on the street. ATMs have a huge premium, etc.

Yes I'm from the US and live abroad. Also my account was fully verified by Gemini like everybody else's. They know at least who I am.

US citizens abroad must file taxes to their Rothschild overlords as well.

All things considered, buy a Romanian passport and start a new life under the sea.

Your first verification doesn't mean much user,
I mean it helps them to locate you but usually what they need is a request from your bank and your ID if they match you are in OK.

This is why they always tell you that your account name should match your bank name and address.

Anyway you got yourself in a big mess user, god speed, but it will be very hard explaining that you got only 15k$ butt you send them 400k$

$300k gifts aren't illegal though so what the hell. Gift tax doesn't apply til like $5.5 mil and even then it's not criminal, just some more taxes so it's not really Gemini's concern yet.

Annual gift tax is 14k$ in 2017 in the us.
Per person but unlimited to how many people.

That's the minimum needed to file. You still dont' have to pay any tax on it at that level. And that's still nobody's business but the banks and IRS. As far as Gemini is concerned, it's my money.

also just to add as info the person who gifted you the money will get taxed if its more then 14k$

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Geminis concern is from where you got the money because no company wants dirty money and gets itself involved.

Like I told you before I request usually the data same like Gemini if I do business with people like you, if you look fishy I just dont accept your money.

Why is it so hard for you to understand that.Until you can confirm that money is 100% legal you can forget about your money.Its simple as that.

Arguing against taxs laws on imageboards is not going to work.

For something to be a gift of that size it has to be declared a gift first, then they'll want to know where the gifters money comes from. They'll visit your uncle Bob and ask themselves why, if he has 400k to give away, he only lives in a stinky trailer with a few weird buckets and doesn't get dental care, and even if they were fucking Sigmund Freud they couldn't come up with a reason.

You dun goofed massively, at best follow and enjoy the company of friendly crustaceans.

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kek, you actually have to prove that you made your money wageslaving like a good goy or they keep your monies to themselves?

He could also proof that it was a gift and legally taxed but it wasn't. OP is in denial or completely ignorant that his money is untaxed and from unexplainable sources.

Those people aren't US citizens though, or in the US. So they have their own tax laws which I'm honestly not familiar with but I don't think they have to pay the US gift tax.
It's not hard for me to understand. I already said I'll mail gemini the truth. I was saying that my taxes aren't their concern. Money laundering/dirty money checking is, I know that.

It's a gift from people abroad, no joke.

>it's a gift from people abroad

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>I was saying that my taxes aren't their concern. Money laundering/dirty money checking is, I know that.
What do you think money laundering is? Millenials...

I would not expect me or the IRS to believe that. In that case anyone would say it's a gift from people abroad. Nobody gifts someone 400k, forget it.

OP you should become Bomber's financial advisor.

Ok user lets gets some facts .

You are a US citizen that is living abroad and that has 15K$ of the 400K that you send and the rest of the money is from people who are also from abroad, are this people your family from your wife or parents?

I am sure the Gemini support guy did probably contact already the authorities after they froze your account.

Not to mention sending more money in pieces of $500 is an obvious attempt to stay under the radar. (Attempted embezzlement? Maybe not legally but it raises more flags.) Then he lied and called people kikes, adding a political dimension to his crime, when it's the jews who run the finance. :DD

>Nobody gifts 400k, forget it.
Money has been returned to bank accounts abroad which I have access to. So I either claim it as income or expect them to levy it from a foreign account, you're saying.
Apart from quarterly reports, I'm not behind on my taxes yet though. I haven't broken any laws yet.
Fuck Bitgrail.

>that has $15k
I have about $50k still in crypto, about $130k in cash in a foreign bank account, and the rest was either lost or returned to the family members who lent it to me. In terms of money earned from a job, about $15k of that money above was wages from jobs, ever. These people are my wife's family. I am abroad and a US citizen, yes. Nobody in my wife's family is a US citizen.

Gemini only allows you to send $500 per day and resets it every 24 hours. Nothing illegal about that part. It's not structuring.

>I haven't broken any laws yet.
If you say so.

I received money as a gift and wired it into the exchange. I'll pay taxes on my income and gains. No laws broken as far as I can tell.

No crime is ever logically proven, it would be impossible. You're gonna need to persuade a human judge.

Actually there was a myth about sending smaller quantities of money and thinking that no 1 will notice that, I actually asked women at the bank of my company and she said that it was retarded the whole system keeps track of everything and the system automatically puts alerts on suspicious activity that then a human checks and decides if to contact the authorities.

Just to give you a idea OP how much more 400k$ is serious when my company started to use paypal at 10k$ we already has to submit all our company legal data and bank statements and agreement who in the company is authorized to use the account and also the usual shit of submitting ID/passports.

1 thing I know as EU citizen is how much more serious Americans are about taxes.

>sending smaller quantities
its called structuring and is basically treated like laundering

Ok but again I didn't even do anything weird. I wired the money in like anybody else would have and already said I'll pay taxes on it.

I know that but I didn't do that. $500 is the maximum daily Gemini allows you to send and they track how much you send per month. They even send you an email saying "Your daily deposit amount is reset and ready for more!" or something. The $500 a day thing won't be an issue.