Feeling so comfy with VECHAIN

Why aren't you guys buying ven fellas
i am feeling so comfy holding it

so what if it fell from 82000 satoshi to 34000
only weak hands lose
it will go back up

feeling extremely comfy holding it today

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It’s taken a hit just as substantial as every other coin. Nothing special and no new news in the pipeline. Better off holding BTC now and selling the tops.

Did is what i had done so far:
> did a fuck ton of research
> spend 2k in a bunch of coins
> hide them always and lock all of my account on trade website except binace for some crazy shit case that some of the coin did an exit scam that i fast enough to cover the lost.
> if thing were good, in about 2 years later Emma waston would be sucking my dick right now .

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Qash Ven Nas The holy trinity!
Mike, Sunny and Hitters the gods of crypto. If you researched all these coins and filter out the noise. You don't care if it all goes to zero tomorrow. Because you know in 5 years this will be sooo fucking big. AAAAH Feels good. Luck is when oppertunity meets preparation faggots. :D

baseless fud. go to the actual pboc website and see 0 mentions of this you god forsaken mong

no one is here to hold some crypto rubbish for 5 YEARS lmfaoooooooooooo

what an autist, everyone holds for a week or a month at max, lol at even thinking of holding cryptos, they're not stocks and if crypto behaves like stocks aka slow gains(fast losses) then its better off not buying such pile of shit, Everything in crypto is supposed to be fast gains retard.

Since day 1 i have been criticizing vechain and i have been right about it all along, you guys are all shills or retards for holding the shitcoin

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>so what if it fell from 82000 satoshi to 34000
state of Veeky Forums

>82k to 34k

and you feel comfy lol?

Jesus Christ this is honestly the absolute state of Veeky Forums.

Do you even know what kind of crazy bullrun your shitcoin will need to get back to 82k?


It literally went 2500x since ico kek. So what more is there to say. Yeah you were right bro.

I bought VeChain when it was 20 cents, I’m comfy as hell.

i am talking about the shills telling others to HODL even tho the newbs bought at 50k+ satoshi plus.
It will go back up bro, only sellers lose bro, weak hands shaking out bro

this dogshit coin full of fake partnerships will go further down, and you're an autist for still holding it or choosing to go down with it

brb can sell at 60k satoshi for 10 btc but instead choose to hold and now at 30000 your coins are worth 5 btc, you just lost 5 btc hodling like a retard.
if you sell the top you can buy the bottom again, that's how crypto works

holding shitcoins never works..

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when you claim such things you have to always post proof user, and knowing you , you probably got in at 5$ and got even more at 9$

No, but it’s not hard to believe. It was only around October. The PwC and Kuehne+Nagel partnership shit was known back then, but this was before the Thor announcement. I’m obviously still a bit pissed because it was once worth like 4x what it is now and I didn’t sell, but at the same time it’s the only reason my portfolio’s above six figures to begin with.

Screencapped. See you in a year on bizz frontpage as a meme.

>I can time the market

instead of larping post proof.

You can tell a coin is shit when you see them advertising their partnerships with nothing to back it up, idc about jim bayer bla bla bla, i am talking about them talking about adveritsing they got ethereum founder on their side or BMW full hard on partnership or them reaching the offices of the China communist party(yeah they're going to bring rookies who aren't even a decade old into their party)

and lol @ waiting for an year for this shticoin to recover, I would've made 10x more buying lots of shitcoins before a news and selling them on a news and meanwhile you will still be holding vechain like a fucking pajeet, getting excited over 5% gains and calling it a moon.

The only reason vechain even reached 82k satoshi was because of the binance comp combined with the bull market, without it, it would have maxed out at 60k satoshi.

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>Why aren't you guys buying ven fellas

t.Pajeet "holdin bags" Singh

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