How do poor people not all collectively kill themselves? what kind of life is this

How do poor people not all collectively kill themselves? what kind of life is this

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Unfortunately being poor and having a low IQ go hand in hand, the people in the pic are not people I'd like to associate with

you can be poor and clean though

I know a really poor guy who is one of the smartest ones I know, he is just lazy as fuck. He got A's without any effort in school and university.
But he put all that ability into playing mobile games and watching anime.

Looks like my apartment. She's just refreshing her blockfolio desu.

is that your wifey user?

wasted potential, but not uncommon imho

Probably a low work ethic, made possible by his parents blowing smoke up his ass every day.

The worst thing you can tell your kid is how amazing he is.

I know a phd guy who works as a receptionist in the apartment building where he lives.

Low IQ + poor. A life well deserved.

He just realized that it is not worth it to work hard for excess money.

I think you're an idiot. Do you know how many hours you need to work when you're making $7.75 per hour? Try going to university full time and also working three simultaneous jobs to pay for it. Your ignorance is sad.

There's a ghost on the right

Why dont pajeets and chinks go to war and kill each other they are billions of them BILLIONS

and many undocumented

The ghost of the man's hopes and dreams. Living in filth slaving away to support an obese roastie. This is why you need standards.

That doesn't cause low work ethic

Oh shiii-

checked. creepy kid in a suit

Well spotted

There is a ghost on the right

Not to mention poor financial choices, balling on the weekend doing overly expensive drugs, then can't afford then struggle to make it through the week.


Is that his wife? Damn. How could you work so hard to support an ugly, obese, lazy bitch who can't even clean for you? His only options are to kill himself or get a divorce...which will ruin him.

>marrying a hamplanet like that
you get what you ask for

Why do guys settle for so low. Even when I had little money I still banged hot rich chicks.

That guy probably thought that was the best he can do. Some people just give up early.

I'd rather be in a relationship with my hand compared to that creature

>There's a ghost on the right

oh shit, too spooky for me.

Why do 4channers act like they don't Reddit?

>using reddit in 2018

It's true, intellectually they are closer to chimpanzees and niggers than to people like us. It's why we can't make sense of their behavior

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trips confirm

Relatively thats luxury.

I browse Reddit and Veeky Forums everyday

Holy fuck user, seen this, scrolled up thinking it was going to be some gay blur or orb, but holy shit........ That's a fucking ghost.............

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The ghost of Christmas past. You can almost hear him saying "I told you so."

there's a body under that filth the ghost is sitting on

Track these fucks down and inform the of the ghost

Im smart, but l hate people (all people), cant do nothing with them, its a reason why lm single and poor

this is what the guy taking the picture actually meant when he said ''I come home to this shit''
Can't a wagecuck come home without his wife leaving ghosts all over the place

Absolutely not gonna track down degenerate creatures. Hopefully the ghost scares the shit outta them.


do you see her in that comfy chair??? fuck dude. poor = ain't gotta do shit... ever.

people love being poor! means they don't have to lift a fucking finger to do shit.

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To think there are men here who would rather screw THAT than a hot ass petite sexy trap than worry about being called gay

>Read the chain of posts
>See your comment

Wtf is wrong with you, a university grad doesn't make $7,75 dollar/hr you feeble minded dimwit. If you have a great degree and you're poor then it's because you either just graduated or your work ethic sucks donkey dick.

If you can't conceptualize what happened n the lifes of those individuals without dismissive derogatory judgment calls, then you have right to be anywhere near political issues or managerial issues.

I went on Reddit once but it was really annoying because it never loads all of the comments. You have to keep clicking to load more. To read one thread you have to click dozens of times on those stupid [show more] buttons. That's crap. Also, the OP is the only place where an image can be posted. It's an inferior format.

>Bad thing happened to me ten years ago, therefore I must scatter clothing and dirty dishes and trash all over my own living space.

Via internet, you don't have to breath stale fat bitch air.

Show them this thread also

what the fuck
we /x/ now

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Lmao genuinely sniggered at this

>Bad thing happened to me ten years ago therefore I have to be alert to similar things happening. Cn't allow for the similar magnitude of damage to happen. clothes laying on the floor aren't essencial, therefore can be ignored.

this is how PTSD works