Yfw TRON is actually performing really good in this bartmarket

>yfw TRON is actually performing really good in this bartmarket

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How can you not buy into trx? 500+ strong team behind it world wide and a a Steve Jobs like chinky hype master.

What does it do? Specifically?
Trick question btw since it does fuck all.

Created tons of salty bagholders in january. Biz absolutely hates it.
>always do the opposite of biz = buy trx

Who cares as long as it makes me money? I bought at 19 sats, sold near the top, rebought at 3 cents.


It prints money

It’s used for gambling faggot

Virgin investor: autistically looking at charts all day, reading everything every nerd has ever said about crypto, keeps track of his portfolio and all his positions in Excel, constantly tormented by market cycles.

Chad highroller: Buys the cheapest coin he finds, has never read a whitepaper in his life doesn't know what marketcap means goes all in tron because maybe it will go to $100 next year only knows moons.

It's the best fucking part of crypto, it fugging burnz ya fingerz, fugging burnz ya lips like uuu aaahh fuck mate.

bought my bags in january and am in a solid +

I just changed my last remaining Ethereum for Tron, there's definitely something going on with Tron based on the rumours that have been floating around recently and the price action right now for a supposed "shit coin" is strange. We'll see what happens.

The whole market is bleeding apart from 4 different coins, this chinky coin has something fishy about it, this sell off could be being seen as an ideal situation to load up on it. Who knows.

This is making me think about Justin saying the 'market maker' sold off a load earlier at the ATH. Why not pump it a little more and offload the rest if he's worried that this is it. Never thought of that before but the performance in price is incredible.

I think it's worth buying some, if the market bounces Tron should pop. I swear I heard some murmours about Tron unironically being a good buy over the last few days from people who claimed to know what they're doing, and now the way it's trading at the moment seems like some justification. I don't know probably will regret this, but it's only $1k.

Are you going to be hero too user? haha

20% of my crypto in tron

I made a thread about Tron yesterday and was laughed at

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It's a risky move to be honest. Depends whether you want stability or a potential moon. You know whenever you sell TRX will be the wrong time but it's damn tempting to hold some for at least a few days with all the news.

It is risky but this price action is too weird to ignore + murmours on this board about Tron not actually being some trash coin, makes me think Sunny boi is up to something. If I were a whale I couldn't think of a better opporunity to buy up a coin with the whole market bleeding.

i did this too, i hope it will be added to coinbase too as rumors say

I like your style user, see you on the moon mate.