I'm calling it now... they aren't delivering this time

I'm calling it now... they aren't delivering this time.

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>code done
>they could literally release is right this second

What the fuck is with the shilling?!? This is a new LINK? Look what happened to that. It was supposed to be "game changer".. yeah right. Nobody in the real world uses fucking smart contracts when theres p2p currency.

I'm crashing this plane

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holy shit, how can i spot a newfag?

you must be new here this was shilled every single hour on biz a few months back

I've been here over a year, and i watched the start of the Chain Link shilling and it's still fucking going on. You must be the true newfag, req was shilled before 2018.

great novella

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>you are a newfag, no you are a newfag
fucking faggots, just like little kids

So does this mean REQ+LINK is out of the question? Sergey hasn't even entered beta lmao. I bet REQ found a better working solution that's actually more than a whitepaper.

Link would be the easiest bitcoin Oracle (if it actually worked) but not the cheapest
I suspect req will partner with someone soon who can actually deliver

>Nobody in the real world uses fucking smart contracts when theres p2p currency
That makes zero sense lol.

They did release it user

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>market crashes again
>everything down 10% or more
aha. req must be planning on launching the mainnet today.

he's basically saying "smart" contracts are useless, and he's correct.

I was talking about the "... when there's p2p currency" part.

Main net is obviously tomorrow. We all knew this

they merged the pull request

they said they wouldn't release it on a bi-weekly update...

Does this mean buy request now? With PWC partnership, I like REQ.

Nigga that was about the partnership. Which they didn't release on the bi-weekly.

they launching it today

I imagine the official announcement will be tomorrow but if the actual mainnet is more or less up right now, they're just getting ready for the shitstorm

Clearly know nothing about req and links plans, reqs fiat to crypto will not be implemented until Q2, May i am sure we will see chainlink mainnet beta and alpha, going to full mainnet by June-July. And yes I know links mainnet is not planned till Q3-Q4 but think it will come alot earlier

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no one releases anything technical on a Friday, because of an upcoming weekend and potential problems that can arise

What does that mean exactly?

It means they reviewed the code ready for the mainnet (name of the branch is "road to main net") and approved it

the code in the master branch is ready for mainnet

Basically its ready

are you implaying that their staff isnt workin gon the Weekend to react to this Problems?

Figured, thank you. But I still doubt it'll release today

releasing today in this market, would it do anything for ripple?

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Sure, lets just go back to sending paper letters, Nobody uses email, they are useless, fuck that, might aswell go back to drawings, fuck the alphabet.


wow not sure why I wrote ripple, I ment req