Hypothetically BTC hits 5K

Hypothetically BTC hits 5K. Is that when everyone buys in again, and bullrun starts OR it means we fall under 2K and crypto is over? What's the price of mining 1BTC in USD? Do You believe that miners will let that happen ? NVIDIA/AMD will let that happen(they are making bank on those prices)? Serious thread, let's have a discussion here

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ETH is over. BTC will have longer dead up to a year

listen to me:
>btc will fall so hard that it wont even dominance the market anymore.
>market will go through this shit but it gonna be very rough, y guys should hold your bags tight.
> new era of crypto will begin.
> 2 year later we will all be rich with the market cap trillion .

mark my words y weak hand bitches

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based on what

People love speculation and crypto will actually be implemented

This will trigger a mass panic sell and after that its just bears game. And they are gonna drive everybody out of it ---> 2-3years of low volume bouncing. Could also be that btc just dies after it hits under 4k because the miners are not getting paid anymore, and thats the whole point of bitcoin, it doesnt want to change, miners do not want lower fees, it's their business.

If you think BTC is mined with graphic cards you're just ignorant

I guess it's possible it could sit somewhere between 6000 and 7000 for the rest of time with occasional spikes up or down

y better know who is giving the info

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>2-3 years of low volume bouncing
This is just plain fucking stupid to say

I was corelating big boy BTC to alts mining, since without BTC everything is irellevant in current market.
Crypto is bleeding for full 3 months now, I think better speculation here is that price will go lower to some deciding level?
So i entry at 5K, and he will pamp it?
Not going to happen, people will just cash out, and create bigger crash

pamp what ? we already made a plan for btc this year. It wont last that long anymore, Satoshi has given up on the twins now they have full control of btc

TA fags, what does the charts say ?

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>after it hits under 4k because the miners are not getting paid anymore
what's up with people here not understanding the very basics? mining difficulty adjusts, you fuckin goofus

Bitcoin is a shitcoin. Fundamentally. It's time for the damn thing to finally die.

> bullrun starts
Duuuuude. Face it. There are all these triangles people like to draw and then they say bullrun if it breaks upwards. Not how it works, we may get bull week.or something like that if we're lucky. Be prepared for a year of nothing, I don't think we're going there, but be prepared for the posibility.
> we fall under 2K and crypto is over
Crypto is very independent of its price. Most shit works better now than in December, but now nobody wants it anymore.
> Do You believe that miners will let that happen ?
If mining becomes really unprofitable and most miners leave forever, the difficulty gets readjusted. Technically we could get stuck forever in a block that's too hard to get solved but there are too many incentives to allow that to happen. Five years running at a loss may be a problem but on anything else they're probably not going to give up so easily.
> NVIDIA/AMD will let that happen(they are making bank on those prices)?
It's giving them good profits but they can survive without that.

Gonna be brutally honest here, i thought that a while through:
>Blockchain, as a tech, has a very bright future
>Cryptos that can be tied to realworld products and/or realworld usage have a future

Internet Monopoly Money like Bitcoin - likely not.
It will stick around but the negatives are a killer: slow, expensive, massivly rigged in favor of early investors, ecological disaster, no central bank backing, absurd volatility, limited supply (yes this is actually negative and spins the narrative into gambling and away from investing).

ETH - from my point of view its massivly overvalued right now. There‘s still too many lucky early guys sitting on tons of this stuff they bought for cents. Why should i buy this? Realistically one ETH should or could be worth 5-15 USD but not hundreds, especially when there are hundre millions in existance. Also it cant scale as we‘ve seen already with one mildly popular app like Crypto Kitties. As a government or corporation you dont need ETH for a blockchain, there will likly be cheaper solutions be around soon by cloud providers.

I'm sccrrd

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Keep in mind Bitcoin peaked, 80% of it is mined and the era of extreme profit is over.
You pay now thousands for a part of a coin, few years ago you received thousands for a couple dollars. The lifecycle of Bitcoin is coming to an end. Also when prices fall and the mining reward gets lower the network will become insecure due to low difficulty, driving the price even more downwards.

And remember minimum level quantum computers that can breach eliptic curve crypto in acceptable time are 2-5 years around the corner and will be able to hack all private keys from addresses that have at least sent one time over the network.

Good input. What's your folio then and strategy for upcoming months
100% agree on ETH, but about BTC- how many are those early investors are left ? How many people sold/lost/spent their BTC way back? I don't believe that even 10% of early investors remain calm till December of 2017.

i dont know about bitcoin early investors.
I see the advantage of the blockchain, but BTC itself has some serious design flaws and downsides that will and can never be fixed.

I would see a huge potential for money on a blockchain when central banks got involved, e.g. extending the EUR with a Crypto-EUR. The advantages of the blockchain are clear but Bitcoin is just Monpoly money at this point, has a lot of very negative downsides and people start to see it. The main problem is as said, that we‘re in late stage now where 80% has already mined. Due to that, there‘s very low incentive to jump on the truck with big money today. Also, the tech may be mature, but realistically its old...

You are a fucking retard. You can take your quantum computing shit and shove it up your mother's loose asshole from your dad pounding it. They are not 2-5 years away, you fudding annoying ass actual pajeet. Bitcoin is here to stay and every single one of you annoying fudding pajeets will be left in the dust if you don't have any coin.

If it hits 6k I'm buying in

Tether, BTC and XMR, shorting with pussy leverage, small ADA bags because there's a suspicious sell wall at 2K but they're leaving me in less than a week one way or another. I need to see some strength before I start thinking into really buying alts again, right now that would mean BTC closing a day above 8k but I'll probably need to change that number later.

You're right they are less than a year away ASIC is a thing and will making GPU mining a joke so I hope you enjoy your 100k paper weights that consume your electric bill
Since the alternative option consumes 1/100th of the power of a gpu

If it gets to 6k there's no reason it won't be dumped harder that's it the whales allow it to get that low in the first place, looks like a hard hold at around 7k-8.5k and if (they) see it drop too low they pump it

You forget that the difficulty only adjusts every x blocks. If big miners stop say just after an adjustment or in middle it could take a very very long time to reach the next adjustment block

Yeah, you're a stupid fucking retarded nigger if you think quantum computing is right around the corner. Kys for being so annoying

Hope you enjoy your loss brainlet also I'm not even the same guy you originally replied too

You wear a helmet and Velcro shoes when you go outside don't you?

That's why I'm quite excited about JNT. Crypto fiat has a bright future, it's how smart contracts will be applied to everyday transactions.

Shit is basically in slow death. Btw has cancer and there is no cure. It is destined to die.. eventually. It's only real purpose was to be the first and plant an idea. Mission accomplished, now move on to a coin that can work and fixed btc's flaws.

Im not a pajeet.
> German, 34
> Tech & econ degrees
> My life and shit together

I read on quantum, know about Shors algorithm,
I know in detail how eliptic curve works and what can happen once we build Quantum Computers that go reliable beyond 50 Qbits. No FUD here.

I’m not a fucking retard like you inbred wanker.
It‘s a dangerous scenario that WILL eventually happen sooner or later. Now get lost and suck your dads cock you worthless uneducated piece of human waste.

> 100% agree on ETH, but about BTC- how many are those early investors are left ? How many people sold/lost/spent their BTC way back? I don't believe that even 10% of early investors remain calm till December of 2017.

Really sad that people are still hung up on early ETH performance. After a few painful ICO's they already implemented some scaling solutions. (Not even talking about future sharding). ETH not scaling is just fud.

The price of mining can go down too fuckface

Bitcoin is turning into a fiat currency retard. It won't be as useless as it is today but it will be completely controlled by cryptokikes in 2-5 years (it's already controlled by cryptokikes).

Bitcoin Cash on the other hand will remain decentralized with cheap peer-to-peer transactions and huge blocksizes.

Stop insulting each other, quantum meme computers are not even a topic here. You guys just insulted each other about things that are not even here yet that's no1 and no2 if they will be here, let's see if they can really break the chain.
Thanks for input

>Fundstrat (professional Wall Street research firm)says BTC will probably be around 20k by mid year.
>Goldman buys Poloniex trough Circle
>Coinbase launching custodial accounts in a few weeks
>Binance goes to Malta welcomes by the prime minister, Fiat pairs
Yeah, I’ll listen to you guys.

I’ll lsiten to you guys for sure.


>Technically we could get stuck forever in a block that's too hard to get solved but there are too many incentives to allow that to happen.
Big pools spend millions on big hardware and they've been fine with their ROI not being covered for months, if shit gets really bad then they may stop upgrading their stuff, sell part of their equipment and the network gets worse for a while but it's not like they just leave one day.

Ahem, BCH does not have that problem. It has the emergency difficulty adjustment, which should also have been added to BTC, but wasn’t.

Sources ? Interesting info

That would require a hardfork goy, you know we can't hardfork because ....





Crypto will never die as long as people want to get away from central banks. 2017 ETH goes ballistic and the game evolves as smart contracts evolve and more projects find their legs. Crash happens people cash out, hodl, or tether up. Net outflow of money. ETH gets bled by ICOs. Eventually BTC hits the right price for people to start buying and pushes it up substantially. The money comes back in but not into Eth, unable to bring out scaling for traffic (plasma/sharding/etc) in time as the returning money comes into a new platform (which one or ones, eh who knows), meteoric rise for the new challenger as ETH struggles to regain the hallowed ground of former glory as newer platforms splinter it's market. BTC makes a nice run pulling alts with it. As far as timeframe, honestly who the hell knows, but to think that DLT and blockchain technology is gone is shortsighted. The public is so much more aware of crypto assets that it won't just die forever.

I doubt crypto will die. Its an easy way to make money, and fun too. No idea when the next bull run will start, but people are accumulating. They'll want to sell off at new highs

EOS, that’s where the money comes back to.

Last drip to 6800 and then boom to the moon

>easy way to make money
I'm down 80%

10/10 input. Thanks user

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>gradually drop to 5k
>growth to 8k in summer
>drop to 4k in fall
>zero growth in 2019

It's 2014 again. Long term HODL if you believe we'll eventually see mainstream adoption or get out before it gets worse.

On the plus side, shitcoins are going to start atrophying in the next couple of months. Only top 10 and a few technically inventive coins will soldier on.

Look how long BTC has been number 1 and you think the first smart contract platforms is going to be dethroned overnight topkek

A lot of people that have done well on this thing were dumb money at some point too.

In addition to the other information I posted in terms of news (there’s a lot more than that), BTC’s historical price action actually matches the prediction of a second bull run this year. Most of the TA people are looking at short time frames on linear charts.
>pic related
Furthermore, notice how the “ it’s over”, “2 years bear market” calls have intensified last couple of days. Remember, the crowd is always wrong.

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What's the good entry point here then ?

5K ? 6K ? 6800-7000 ?

Yeah pink wojaks, and wagecuck memes intensified, but somewhere in this pile of garbage are actually people that make sense like You.