Anyone know any good dishes I can make with pasta?

Anyone know any good dishes I can make with pasta?

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I like to make pie :^)

Throw that shit on a tortilla and bake it with cheese

Ah the classic 'can 'za

Nachos. put salsa, sour cream, GUAC, browned beef, and cheese in a bowl of spaghetti. Stir to combine.

Dishes are made out of porcelain or plastic. Not pasta. Fucking retards I swear man.

>good for anything
first day on Veeky Forums?

I only eat my pasta in bar form

Some good Cincinnati chili, and a pound of shredded bagged cheddar on top my main man.

bake garlic and tomatoin oven on foil
cook pasta, drain and add butter
mix the garlic and tomato with pasta
bazinga - delicious and extremely simple

pasta frittata

Anything without starch.

Steak, pork chops, or even a side of sausages.

Nope sorry. Never heard of it.
add some ketchup

Make a cake


Pasta e fagioli
It makes me feel happy whenever I'm feeling down.

looks like tasteless shit. starch and veggie water with salt.

Take the following ingredients:

>Olive oil
>Beef or chicken

Now put them together any way you want, add vegetables if you so desire, and there you go, a tasty, authentic italian dish

>literally every italian dish ever

what a shit "cuisine"

fagioli fag detected

Drop the meat, substitute ditalini for pasta, and I'd say ok. You can season the beans with a hamhock, but don't bastardize pasta e fagioli with chunks of fucking meat, retard.

>drop the meat

get out faggot

Veal ragĂș

Milanese recipe. None of that boring, wannabe marinara, Bolognese crap.

Copy pasta


>Pasta e fagioli
faggot pasta?

Aglio e olio. 6 ingredients and amazing. Look up a YT video "Binging with Babish" for a good recipe.


Spaghettic Carbonara, or Spaghetti Puttanesca. Both very tasty. And of course the classic RagĂș Bolgnese.