Don't mind me, just here to enhance your favourite dish

Don't mind me, just here to enhance your favourite dish

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Save a couple inches on the bottom
Throw them in jar of water in windowsill

does this actually work? not meming. I'm serious. If so, please explain to me the process.

did you not pay attention in first grade science class?

pretty sure it does

squirrels burried a discarded green onion end in my pot next to some rosemary and it started growing

Holy shit man, do you not know how plants work?

I think the process is explained in the post you're quoting.

if you mean the process of how plants turn water and sunlight into more plant, i am sorry you didn't get to go to school and had to work in some sort of factory or mine for your childhood.

They don't teach that in school. Instead they cram useless knowledge like George Washington's birthday.

Well I need to do this.

I'm talking about the fact that you just put it in there and leave it alone and it grows without you having to do anything. No need to be so smug.

BUT HOW, I can never use them probably they always taste like shit when I use them.

t - onion lover

experiment. This is actually onion i've been growing for one week

I don't know what poop butt ass school you went to, but I for sure learned the basics of plant biology before I hit third grade

How many times can you harvest it before you have to replace?

Yes, and the basics include seeds, water, soil, and sunlight. A jar of water removes two of those from the equation.

The fucker on the right got twice its size iduring this day. Highly recommend this,.if you get proper onions

>chop onions near sink
>piece accidentally falls down drain
>week later theres a green onion sprout popping up through the drain

Do you not use the garbage disposal? How gross is your sink?

You don't need to continue making excuses for your subpar intelligence. Blame your parents for not caring about how you were educated

dont have one
very gross. i was ashamed when i noticed it growing. in hindsight it might have been a bean sprout

>projecting this hard

I'm projecting what, exactly? You're the one who stumbled in here amazed about basic plant biology, not me

I was curious that the onion seed grew multiple times. Usually a seed is only good for one growth. Not exactly sure how that makes me retarded.

He was homeschooled by evangelicals who taught him god makes plants, and soil, water and light are just tricks satan uses to fool humans.

Should bleach your sink hole and drain more regularly - kill any potential plant growth.

>seed is good for one growth
So you applied this idea to an already living, sprouted plant that you can take trimmings from? Do you think plants are dead because they're not covered in dirt?
Man this is worse than I thought

>a couple inches on the bottom

But that's like the entire white part, that's where the flavor is

Considering most plants will eventually die if left only in a glass of water, yes. I am fascinated that onion only needs water and sunlight to grow. No soil. No other maintenance. Most plants are not that kind. Basil will eventually wilt in a jar of water and will not regrow, for example.

Without memeing, can you explain what it is about scallions that make it different than other plants in this regard?

Yes, you can plant them directly into the soil too. I got HUGE plants of them now.

Have you tried water only? Curious to the differences.

Even just 1/4th of a inch works.

Yes, the water get's nasty and you'll have to keep replacing it. Never actually tried to grow it in water only though.

With soil, I don't have to do anything.

I always wanted to grow my own veggies and herbs. Would you say they pretty much self-maintain in the case of hardy plants like onion and herbs?

Some random guy in the market. I bought 6 kilos worth of onions from hIm. My girlfriend grew up in the country side and i decided to grow some onions out of spite. If you live in europe, just try planting an onion in some moist dirt. It's fine

First time doing this. Gf says it should be sustainable for some tome. I'll get back tomorrow with my garlic

Green onion? Yes, the plant has lasted 2 years here, 15f to 105f, zero maintenance. Depending on the area you might run into bug problems though.

Onions are interesting. They should take about 2 years from seed. After the first year they turn into fucked up.little onions. The next year they become these big ass motherfuckers that are actually tasty. First year is scallions, next year is big boy stufff

Depends on the individual herb.

Some of them grow like crazy and will quickly take over other plants nearby.

Not that poster but...
Onioms are pretty resilient. They care about nothing and they grow with minimal resources. I'm the guy with the ghetto onions. Try it. It's nice to see something growing, developing, reaching maturity and eating it. It's like an edible child

That's a shame. I really just want ones like basil, thyme, parsley. Those ones suck dried out.

I figured onions had to be pretty tough.

Whatever happened, it's a miracle. Don't abort it.

They are. They don't give a shit. The plant are in a 5liter bottle that i cut up. It't one part dirt and lne part dirt that i dug out behing the block. Oniokns don't.give a shit

Nice try plumber.

Those roots will destroy his pipe.

You can call it a modsrn art installation

he is asking how the plant creates mass from water. a seed does not create matter, it transform it, and the only external matter its subject to at this time in question is water.

>edible child

Yeah the guy that was trying to make me look stupid eventually stopped replying when he understood that.

Naw, I'm still around, I was just posting on my break. Still amused someone could be so dumb


not an argument

I'm not arguing with you, dumdum

How many plants survive with only water and sunlight? I'll wait.

For a limited time, most of them.
You are really really stupid

Pro tip: green onions on scrambled eggs is the GOAT combo

Almost all of them. See photosynthesis and hydroponics.

Plant can get matter from the air too.

Spring onions are the most underrated thing EVER.
Tuna pasta bake (using condensed mushroom soup) with spring onions mixed in... fucking bliss.

dont be a smartass

Wrong. They're in soil dumb ass.

>Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent
>mineral nutrient solutions
>nutrient solutions

>limited time
wew that btfo me.. wait I said that though...

>Considering most plants will eventually die if left only in a glass of water, yes.
Try harder.

Hey dummy

Nobody was talking about water and sunlight nutrients. Only water and sunlight.

Okay you fucking autists derailing the thread:

1) While this work, it only works for finite amount of time. Scallions, like every other fucking plant, need nutrients as well. Eventually they'll stop growing properly and each time you harvest them you get diminishing returns.

2) You can combat this by putting minerals in the water which is called hydroponics. Hydroponics IS NOT just water and sunlight. Think shit like sulfur. is great for leaning about this.

3) Or just put them in fucking soil and you'll get much better results. Again:

To get back on track, yes I love scallions. They're one of the best garnishes in terms of actually being more than just looking pretty.

They're green onions reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ya I put some in a mason jar with water next to my window and they lasted for a while and even grew longer. After a few weeks they got a little soft but were still fine. Didn't even have to change the water, very good beginner pet desu


baby hearts are so good

no please dont actually try it
they will release a toxic gas and you can end up in the hospital

>They don't teach that in school. Instead they cram useless knowledge like George Washington's birthday.

Excuse me, I need to go kick your teacher's ass.

>I'm talking about the fact that you just put it in there and leave it alone and it grows without you having to do anything. No need to be so smug.
You may need to add mineral water now and then but the majority of the mass is going to come from extracting carbon dioxide from the air. It's actually kinda weird but if the humidity is high enough the plant will seem to get mass from nothing.

Needs sunlight to work. If you've got sunlight in the sewers then onions are the last of your worries.

A jar of water in a sunny spot is enough.

That, um, might not work. Some plants prefer a more alkaline (basic, actually but too confusing) environment. This is especially true for starchy plants. If the bleach is sufficiently diluted with a fuckton of water, it can actually encourage some plants.

With onions you're getting a good chunk of the roots. Same with potatoes and carrots. You wouldn't have been able to grow basil from the clippings most stores sell you even with good soil.

He's right. Plants pull CO2 out of the air and release O2. This leaves them with a heap of carbon to build with.

Thems fightin' words.

I plant them directly in the soil, never had a problem with it not growing, the roots are already there!

Chinese green onions are surprisingly hardy, I see them looking greenish on my balcony even after a frost. I also have some growing out of the bottom half of a dish soap container.

smartass meaning being purely contrarian. you are defending a fuckup with quips. a cup of water and does not provide the material for the onion to grow. he is asking multiple people if theyve personally done it and they all say they have, exposing a lie

Some plants also collect nitrogen from the atmosphere and dispose of it in themselves, making them useful in crop rotation.

Nah, even with roots on basil it won't grow.

>You may need to add mineral water now
Pretty much or else your onions will eventually stop growing. Retards on here saying onions will grow indefinitely in just a jar of water and sunlight are lying out their ass.

>if you mean the process of how plants turn water and sunlight into more plant
That's not what happens. They get most of their mass from carbon. You're the retard actually.

I made Chicken Gong Bao yesterday, with spring onions. I made the mistake of adding them too early, they go limp like soggy spinach really quickly. Was still good, though.

>Those chicken hearts


Yes. One of my favorites

jesus christ just replace the water every now and then, add molasses if you're feeling fancy.

>a quarterth

Add them at the last minute before they break down and get soggy. You want them almost raw so they retain their bite and crunch.