Be me, American tourist in Europe

>be me, American tourist in Europe
>go to Macdonald's and order 3 hamburgers and a medium fry
>pic related
What did they mean by this?

Pic related after you ate all the frys except one?

>3 hamburgers
why do americans ruin everything?

You're in a foreign land, filled with different cuisines and ingredients. You choose to have a shitty maccy dees? What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm a Euro, when I go to other Euro countries I sample their cuisine. When I go to the US I try the foods of whatever region or city i'm in. It's true that all yanks are classless slobs. KYS.

I think its worth a trip if you've been to one in another country because it's the same but different. In some places even the soda is different, like USA coke tastes different than coke in India or Japan.

This isn't only because the suppliers are diffrent but also sometimes because different cultures enjoy different tastes.

Plus there's really nothing you can find in the EU that you cant also find in the US tourist states.

what did who mean by what?

You forgot about hiding the grease stains from the fries you ate, amerobese.

this only happens in burgerland, right?

i try maccers in all countries i visit

fuck off rorke


maybe i better not ask

what the fuck is he riding anyway?

Looks like a motorized gurney.


>obvious bait
>you can see the grease marks all over the inside
>OP is a fat piece of idiot garbage

How fat are you?

his bed

You got what you asked for, you should thank the server for their diligence and attention to customer service.

3 burgers for each meal of the day idiot

Fatty in denial.

Probably taste and local water supply. All the syrup is made in Georgia and shipped out. But when they went to India they found it wasn't up to par with back home so they built a treatment plant and now parts of India have cleaner water.


Looks more like a guy fucking with them on his experimental vehicle than the sad reality of mobility scooters.