Good Afternoon from America

[furious clapping]

Your fingers must be like eggrolls.

don't care for boiled burgers much myself, but you keep doing you

could be steamed yo

Nah, skellingbones

I like 'em juicy, I'm also shit at making them any other way so it works out well.

>those books

Your mom's house looks super fucking boring.

>Eating meat on lent

are you a mime?

Why do people like eating piles of grease and washing it down with sugar

what else is there to do in America?

Eat well and be active

Nice shirt, faggot.


Is that the aurora borealis in your kitchen?

>he doesn't have a classic and versatile striped shirt
I bet you wear Metallica t-shirts exclusively

>Defedning a fucking striped shirt

please spend two minutes looking at current fashions so you stop embarrassing yourself

At this time of year?

meh. those fingers are exactly how skinny my fingers are but im a lardass.

There is absolutely nothing ridiculous about owning a striped shirt and any actual adult knows this you pathetic man child

>no gun

They're out of date. Have fun looking like you're in a 50's chain gang you smearing of stale fecal matter.




those patties look sad, user

refine your technique

You literally post from your parent's house. You know absolutely nothing about the books in the background.

Why would you embarrass yourself like this, for everyone to see? Is it your fetish to showcase your parent's shitty house and your even shittier sandwich?

Ironically, his parents only bought the books because they thought it made them look hip. They've never even been opened. You can tell by examining the binders in detail.

Fuck you
t. Jesse Pinkman



Good eye. People who use cultural signifiers as social capital fucking disgust me.

Are you always this good?


Will you be participating in the Veeky Forums challenge?

i made toothpaste dogs a while ago

(shrugs dramatically and inaudibly)

Good to see that at least one person on Veeky Forums has the pecs and lats to make a tight striped shirt flattering.

pls teach me, user. I thoroughly enjoyed this grease mop, but everything can be made better.

Where's the tomato sauce? How can you have hamburgers without sauce? For shame user.

Please tell me you made a nice vertical.