Imitation crab

does imitation crab have a place or is it a useless food product?

it's probably the most ubiquitous fake meat product, but why do people use it. why not use a nondescript whitefish instead?

I could be wrong, but isn't it made up of white fish with flavoring?

It's pulverized whitefish, water, egg whites, and starch.

You sound crabby :P

steamed fish meat dough,
what could possibly go wrong?
more salt in your blood, but besides that - great product

>why not use a nondescript whitefish instead?

It is nondescript whitefish. It just so happens to be processed to look like crab.

i would not order "crab tacos" at a restaurant if it would be imitation crab, i would however, happily order "haddock/tilapia/pollock tacos"

it definitely has a niche
but that's mainly in asian food.

It's really good in fettuccine alfredo.

Adding any protein to Alfredo is pleb, seafood doubly so.


I use it often when making sushi so it's ok i also like to add it to tuna salad and tuna pizza

Why would you add bacon to a sauce that's butter and cheese? It's already as luxurious as it gets.

dont people eat it as a snack in japan
called crab sticks or something

It's also popular around slavs we always have some at home

I got a recipe for making it from /diy/ now I have a freezer full. I eat it breakfast lunch and dinner

I do imitation crab AND bacon. It's delicious.

the texture is great

a lot of people are allergic to shellfish

It used to actually taste pretty good. I can't tell if its my taste buds changing or the general shitty economy, but anymore it tastes fucking awful

How do you make it? I didn't see the /diy/ thread.

I eat it all the time
it's just a fish sausage basically


How do I use it
I'm not keen on them plain

Chop em up and add to a salad or sandwich it goes good with mayo

You can also eat em like any sticks with dips of your choosing

My sister went through a phase where she ate them as a snack dunked in a 50-50 mix of ketchup and prepared horseradish.

It's a great ingredient and the name imitation crab meat really fucked it over.

this is the superior fish product.

texture is way better than imitation crab

>fake crab meat

It's really great maggot food. You will get the plumpest maggots ever with that stuff.

Fish cake? Ever had fish tofu? Also very good.

i haven't. i'll go pick some up this weekend.

>a lot of people are allergic to shellfish
This is the only reason I eat it. Its nothing like crab but it hits the right notes to fill the void.

What else are you going to put in a California Roll?

actual crab

it's how you tell if you're at a decent sushi bar or not

>eating California rolls

I love this stuff! It might be low-brow but it can be a vary tasty cold snack you can share with your cats. Its low calorie and high in protein, and generally inexpensive. I usually munch on it straight out of the package, but you can dip it in mayonnaise, sauces, melted butter, or use it in recipes.
That said, it seems to vary in quality quite a lot. Sometimes its very tasty and has a beautiful flaky texture. But Ive also had it with a bad, rubber-like, almost dry texture, and sometimes its downright gamey tasting too. So its hit or miss with this stuff, see if you can taste a sample before buying a quantity of it.

>decent sushi bar
>california rolls at all

Blended,,,then toss in green peas and cream cheese.

Homeade crab rangoon

im work in japanese restaurant i ate this shits for 6 years, am i crazy?

This stuff seems generally pretty gross. I am someone who sometimes enjoys those various kind of creepy meat salads that grocery store delis sell. That being said I think this might turn out alright.

Make a mayo based dressing. WW Vin, S/P, Old Bay
Julienne the crab sticks.
Dice onion, celery.
Combine ingredients.

Wa-La cheap homemade seafood salad

yes. if you can "steal" good fish, why would you go for the cheapest shit?

Does your kid have a model train set in the basement?

Wow, I guess there is a valid reason for its existence after all.

Yeah, I remember way back when it first started hitting the shelves in the U.S. It definitely has gone downhill. Now it's flavorless and textureless.

One time I got a bag of the expensive fake crab meat at the grocery store for free, cashier put it in my bag somehow. Either way, it was like $7 for a pretty small bag of the stuff. It was so good I ended up eating the entire thing when I got home.

Then I went back to the store and grabbed one of the cheapos on the plastic styrofoam dish wrapped with cellophane and it was dry, artificial tasting and terrible. My point is that not all imitation crab is created equal and if you want something that tastes somewhat similar to the real thing you gotta pay a little bit more.

No, I do though.

>tfw literal fishdicks

I use it in soups and stews when I'm feeling cheap. It's usually pretty good in a spicy tomato stew with shrimp.

It's literally just fish hot dogs, fuck that.

You don't like hot dogs?

Love em. But you can't just mash ingredients together into a tube-shape and make it work. Not always, at least.

>But you can't just mash ingredients together into a tube-shape and make it work. Not always, at least.

This is what your dad said to your mom when you were born.

No it isn't, he said "I'm gonna pick up a pack of smokes, be right back."

It's the seafood equivalent of lunch meat, edible directly from the fridge. That's a good thing.

Kek, well if it makes you feel better my dad was mowing the lawn when I was born. Said women have been having children for thousands of years and he didn't have to be there for this one. Always has been a good dad besides that, though. Just not a diaper change or stretched out vagina sort of guy.

I loved eating this with my ramen as a kid, I like the colour and the texture.

Now I crave it for nostalgia reasons.

In Australia we batter these and deep fry, then sell them as "crab sticks" at the local fish and chip shop. They're tasty af tbqh family

Its for grocery store salad sold by weight. Its better than the chicken they put out since they don't actually put out any good proteins

My primary issue with it is its appearance. Why dye it red? It makes it look gimmicky.

use in sushi niggas

The shit is damn good in a crab rangoon. Literally no difference between real crab and imitation when you make crab rangoon.

It's not really fake meat. It's still meat, just flavoured to taste like a different meat. It's not terrible if you get better quality stuff, but the sticks are fucking garbage.

>not storing it in your underground shipping container
git good

It's typically pollock not whitefish. Whitefish is a type of fish, "white fish" is generic talk for any medium-firm mild fish which could be cod, haddock, pollock, etc.

50/50 ketchup and horseradish = home made cocktail sauce. Your sister sounds like a good woman.

pollack usually.