What does your typical breakfast look like?

What does your typical breakfast look like?

3 eggs scrambled on toast
granola and frozen berries on strained yogurt

>t. fatass

Eggs + veggies + sausage + potatoes (I guess a skillet_
Omelette with cheese, sausage, and various veggies
I am working on a flourless oat pancake recipe. Not much luck thus far. All the recipes online are several servings.

A cock unwilling and a shot of espresso that's actually dirty water I pretend isn't.

How long have you been """"battling"""" diabetes, friendo?

For me it's the looong chicken sandwich.

two English muffins with butter and preserves

Dat looooong chicken.


>Eat White Castle for breakfast
>Enjoy onion-smelling diarrhea all day long

western omelet and hashbrown from the cafeteria at my office

1 to 3 eggs (fried, scrambled, poached, hard-boiled)
20g to 40g carbohydrate (rice, toast, beans, etc.)
Cup of coffee, cold-brewed or hand-poured

On the weekend I'll typically bake pastries or make a breakfast quickbread and remix some leftovers to serve with it. I couldn't give a fuck about lunch, so a bigger, more fatty breakfast keeps me satiated until dinner and ends up saving me calories overall.


For me


Do you eat that opened face sandwich with a fork or your hands?

yogurt, muesli, cold brew, green smoothie

White Castle has the best fast food breakfast

>for me it's...

Some fruits, either two fried eggs or a omelette with cheese and ham plus mushrooms, sausages, some yogurt and coffee or chocolate once a week.
This is every Wednesday at work, because the restaurant at that day they serve fish and seafood for lunch, so I eat breakfast instead.

Every other day, I drink a smoothie of homemade yogurt with whatever fruit I have available along with oatmeal.

Do you guys eat plain oatmeal or do you spice it up? And do you have any recommendations on what oatmeal to buy?

Make these shits all the time. Don't even know what they're called desu senpai but I love them.

that's like 3000 calories in one meal. If you made it homemade it would be like 600. why are fast food fags so stupid

'go style omelette, I guess? do you flip it over when you're done or do you just eat it as an egg pizza?

No? What the fuck. Do you understand how food works?

I eat it as an egg pizza kek good term. I don't think it'd survive a flip desu that's a lot of weight on it but I suppose if I changed it a bit it could. Everyone does omelettes though, feel like this way is a bit more unique (an excuse because it's easier desu).

Tastes really good though. This is different version, more hardy. I don't got the one I did with actual fresh parsley though sadly.


You realize that some people are just always skinny and it doesn't fucking matter how many calories you fattys are concerned with, right?

cold coffee with milk and bread with a few slices of ham, but sometimes just butter

also more like 1500 desu

butter instead of ham, i mean

Making this for breakfast right now.

Bit more to it than that though...




I dont usually eat until after 12 which is right before gym.

2 rice crackers with old cheese
1 glass of orange juice
Half a cucumber
A bit of seasalt when I feel adventurous

i don't eat breakfast

2 eggs over easy, two slices of toast, and a glass of orange juice.

Every day.

No job user?

When I was in the military.

b,ack coffee and some of whatever i ate the day before.. today it was rice

I make it from plain quick oats and add fruit, nuts, and either cinnamon or nutmeg.

Olive oil with bread
Mint tea or coffe
Malwi (pic related)

minus the faggy plate and with the grits blended like they're supposed to be

>another hot and steamy product from White Castle

>another hot and steamy product from White Castle

erry day.

Nothing. I'm weird and basically fast until dinner everyday.

A big slice of this with coffee.

>inb4 hurr durr bacon meme food autistic screeching.


How much cheese loaf do you go through in a week?

Plain greek yoghurt with honey, and a cup of tea.

>2 eggs, scrambled
>Bagel toasted with butter
>3/4 cup- 1 cup plain whole milk Greek yogurt
>Cup of trader Joe's green plant juice
I used to drink coffee but I am literally just too lazy to spend 2 minutes making it. Still, when I do drink it, it is Folgers Columbian because I have a big tub of it that will probably last me for a few more years.

>coffee with sugar
>sometimes a bread product

kids cereals

i cant stop myself

nothing because it makes me have to shit instantly and i don't like eating in the morning

2/3 cup of raw steel cut oats cooked in water with cream, a mashed banana, peanut butter, and raspberries.


I guess it's like a fritata?

A cup of coffee with cream in it.

Huh. That's exactly what it is. Never even heard of that before strangely enough.


Putting my gun in my mouth and hoping for my brain to digest a .44 bullet....but then being too pussy to pull the trigger

rince and repeat every morning for breakfast and starting drinking on my daily 1 liter of whiskey

I been eating a lot of fermented, high fiber stuff for breakfast lately.

A slice of 100% whole grain bread, Siggi's drinkable yogurt, sauerkraut, banana, sausages, and one Vitamin D3 2000IU pill in the morning.


Did you lose 2.jpg in your rolls, fatass ?


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I don't eat breakfas. I have lunch and dinner then alcohol.


Thats a big girl

What type of bread is that?

[spoiler]not a girl[/spoiler]

>eating breakfast
When I do it's usually a few eggs with maybe a couple strips of bacon.

Either 2 fried eggs and oatmeal, or a bowl of cereal. Depends on how hungry I am.

Those are moroccan pancakes

That shit's the fucking best. Haven't had it for years.

2 fried eggs over easy
2 pieces of fried ham
bunch of fried spinach
black chai tea

Activated almonds and a homemade coconut


I always go home made with my coconuts. Any other way just can't compete.


This is what my breakfast looks like.


A big fat hard cock and some fem&m's

I don't eat breakfast.

I fast until 1:00pm then don't eat anything aganin until 11:00 INSHALLAH

Gookboy reporting. Google image but basically what I had.

Pan Dulce

>not eating one meal a day in the evening


Agreed desu. I do some 16:8 days for social reasons, but mostly 23:1.