Order a krispy chicken

>order a krispy chicken
>get a grilled chicken instead
Fucking teenagers

>expecting teenagers working in the service industry to give a shit

>not ordering tendies

fucking normie

should have spelled crispy right then.

Krispy with a K denotes a more astute feeling of fun-loving commodity whilst "crispy" sounds dry, verbose and boring leaving much more to be desired. I fully respect OP's decision in choosing the former.

>teenagers in the service industry expecting $15hr for subpar service as a minimum wage.

maybe we would work harder if we got paid $15 instead of fucking pennies on the dime. I'm 18 and I work at Captain D's but its not worth giving a fuck since I earn min wage

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Speak for yourself alone you worthless lazy faggot.

alternating a single letter for another is too verbose?

kill yourself, or should I say "kys" for your sake?

Yes because raises and promotions totally aren't a thing.

I only would get maybe .50 for a raise at this rate when I need $15 to have a living wage.

Just because your okay with getting cucked by corporations doesn't mean we all are. Its time to take a stand. I want to move to Seattle where I earn more but I can't because I only make min wage and I have expenses


I can see why you make minimum wage.

>lazy whining faggot
>life is complete shit


Oh wow one type I must be so fucking stupid. When all of you boomers are in homes and dying you'll be wishing you didn't treat us like shit and pay us pocket change for jobs that are dangerous, tedious and not rewarding.

I have a job so I am not lazy and my life isn't complete shit I just deserve to make more than I do now and i need the money.

Are you retarded? Do you even fucking know what VERBOSE means? I hope you fucking die slowly and painfully, I hope your parents get brain cancer and they each die alone years apart in agony and I hope your entire family dies out this century. Fucking arrogant little shit I fucking hope you live in nothing but suffering for the rest of your shit days left on my Earth.


Proof reading, and grammar magically escape this successful lad.

>proof reading
It should be proof-reading you little autistic muslim faggot. Kil lyourselve


Go back to your containment board.

>live in Japan
>fast food workers never get an order wrong
Feels good man.

Did I touch a nerve Ahmed? You gave yourself away. Go back to fucking your stress relief goat instead of pretending like you know English as well as a man born and raised in Chicago.

>Speaking English

They actually care about their jobs.

>reddit gif
>speaks Arabic
Fuck off cunt

>can't even spell Chicago when I already spelt it for you


Having Christmas in summer must be tough Ausbro.

There should be mandatory 4 year conscription. These self entitled young faggots would get a taste of the real world, and eat MRE's until the very sound of them made them retch. And the survivalist /k/fags would realize their AR-15 will have about as much chance of stopping a government takeover as stopping a tornado.

We could give them higher education money for their service, but these self entitled spoiled brats need to man up. Whining from their basement and showing weapons that they can't even breakdown, proves the pussy level.

>verbose: Using or expressed in more words than are needed.

yeah, "c" is much more verbose than "k." Were you born retarded or did you have an accident?

I like how you had to Bing search "verbose" but you call me retarded.

Yes it is too verbose in juxtaposition to "krispy" which has an airier and succint nuevo about it.

>I like how you had to Bing search "verbose" but you call me retarded.
I like to be factual.

>Yes it is too verbose in juxtaposition to "krispy" which has an airier and succint nuevo about it.

Only because your conditioned to think so. You had Krispy Kreme as a fat little child and now the letter k brings back your puerile Saturday mornings when your unhappy father would go out and get thousands upon thousands of calories for you to gorge yourself on as you sit contented with your cartoon block and your parent's marriage falls apart as they argue in the background

I only got to eat donuts for breakfast and after dinner but they weren't Krispy Kreme they were a local chain called P Willies.

"Krispy" is just a fun term to use while "crispy" is drab, boring, ineffectual and furthermore only an autistic recluse would be this obsessed with correcting grammar on a Svengali wood carving forum

Okay. Can we still be friends?

There was more than one person doing that.


What a surprise a drumpftard is a fast food worker. really makes me think

kek got him

Work on your shitposting skills. You bring great shame to aussies everywhere.