Under rated or over rated
I think it's over rated hype

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Has a good flavor, but way too hot. I can handle it but I'm also the guy who eats a jalepeno whole lol.

Over rated, but good. Would recommend.

no chilli no life, whatever spicy is considered goddamn good, sriracha is spicy hot, so its great, i have them ready in kitchen

it's fucking digusting. i know is memeing but there are people who actually think like that.

Fucking meme sauce

I've had sri racha in my fridge since like 1994, when my parents first introduced it to me.

It's a hot sauce, nothing more, nothing less. People got excited about it and companies picked up on it, that's all.

Sriracha is far from hot. It's just a pleasant sauce. Mild as fuck.

Oh yeah bro, I'm sure you squeeze ghost peppers right into your eye.

Way overrated, but I still like it.

i'm not racist but i do like siracha on my mac and cheese

Not him, but it really is mild. I haven't rubbed ghost peppers in my eyes, but I have rubbed habanero juice on my entire face and benis for fun when I was drunk. Was very warm and distracting.

Ate way too much of this my sophomore year of college when I was covering up bland food.

Can't go back. I ruined it for myself

I bet you put ketchup on your steak aswell you filthy fuck.


what's that suppose to mean?

Sucks on its, mix it in with soups, and other sauces to make a better sauce, yes it's a very good contribution then

on its own*

It's got a nice flavor to it. It's got an OK spice that not overpowering. But yeah it's heavily overhyped.

Overrated but good in some instances. It's not spicy enough for my palate and the flavor is just okay. Personally I prefer their Thai chili garlic sauce instead. It has more heat, more texture, and it's more savory.

Sriracha and peanut butter is a great combo on burgers. Teriyaki rounds it all out nicely.

that sounds like a scary combo

I tried it and I don't get the hype. It's just garlic + chilli. Too simplistic for me to work as a sauce on it's own.

>over rated
I get PISSED when it's not stocked in my house. It's cheap enough where I don't have to fucking ration it out like I would with the El Yucatec hot sauce and it's delicious and versatile enough where if I wanted it on pizza one day I could slather that shit all over it or if I felt like chicken and rice I feel obliged to cover it up in that tasty red sauce.
>tfw was so desperate for sauce tonight that I ended up putting fucking lime juice on a burger patty
it was decent

I don't know that there's any food lives up to that level of hype
It's pretty good though, non-vinegar based sauces are always welcome as far as I'm concerned

>I don't know that there's any food lives up to that level of hype

What about this?

Hardly. A local burger joint near me does a sriracha, bacon, peanut butter burger and it's ace. If peanut butter and sriracha sounds like an iffy combo to you at least try peanut butter on the next burger you make. The salty sweetness of the peanut butter plays off of the unctuousness of the beef surprisingly well.

I really don't care for homemade burgers. Restaurant burgers are always juicy and flavorfull.

This is accurate since I live near an in n out and there are sometimes 20-30 minute drive thru lines. They're also surprisingly cheap and affordable.

I live near mcdonalds, burger king, Wendy's, taco bell,culvers, subway, Jimmy johns. Wendy's had a sriracha chicken sandwich. never tried it though