Nobody eats at Chipotle anymore except the same people that eat at McD. They lost their sucker group of hipsters who claimed it was good because of the quality of ingredients when they got all of them sick.

nice /pol/ meme

What is it? Bay leaf?

You don't leave Bay leaf in the food

People who shit on McD are the sucker group.


only niggers go to McDonald's

Bay Leaf should always be removed. They have good right to complain.

Also truth be told it's a shit tier seasons that imparts little flavor. Basically worthless.

> imparts little flavor

you've had bad bay leaves then, since by my experience there's a lot of flavor in them

you're right in saying they should be removed before serving though.

I eat at chipotle a bunch, it's good for you if you're active and know what to get.

I get a burrito bowl with double chicken, black beans, veggies, brown rice, corn salsa, lettuce, and guac on the way home from lifting sometimes.

>eating laurels

Enjoy your internal bleeding.

>penises and diamonds are the same thing

>friend wants an american style chocolate cake for his birthday
>make it with 1/4 of the frosting
>he eats a slice
>goes into diabetic shock and dies

thanks a lot americans.

does a bay leaf count as a vegetable in america?


Why are Americans the only ones this stupid? Jesus fucking christ.

I think a better question is what the fuck is in your burrito that needs to be seasoned with bay leaf?

the one on the left is an overpriced show piece for stupid people
the one on the right is an actually useful commodity


welcome to Veeky Forums where chipotle and starbucks are for insufferably cool hipsters who line up to be seen paying for their fast food, and eating anything other than deep fried HFCS slop even once is a form of genocide against straight white men and people who do that should go back to the tumbeler blog whence they came


guess that makes me a nigger then

He's an autistic libfag apparently

Ah, Hipster Subway. Visited by city folk who don't know how to cook.

>a fucking leaf

>He's still your president

chipotle employee: what would you like?
me: ill have a barbacoa burrito
chipotle employee: white or brown rice? (as she places the tortilla in the steamer)
me: extra white rice please
employee: black or pinto beans?
me: no thank you
in a moment, the tortilla is warmed and she pulls it out.
employee: what kind of rice?
me: extra white rice please
she portions out a regular spoonful onto my burrito.
me: can i get a little extra rice?
a little extra is added.
employee: what kind of beans?
me: no beans please
she slides down to the meats, looks up at me and asks...

every. fucking. time.

It's all women, famn. They don't know dick about cooking.