Simple recipes thread

Hey guys, Im an American studying in London, tired of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and want some simple recipes that even an idiot like me who has never cooked before can make. Preferably something British

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toast sandwiches

baked potatoes
scrambled eggs
fry up
scotch broth
lentil soup
bake your own bread
that curry with a mae ploy paste

fuck user you've got lots of options if you're too retarded to cook

Hey, user. Would you like me to teach you?

>south american
>not even an ingredient
>literally just stew
>just fucking bread
>are you fucking kidding me

great cuisine, bongs! cultural capital of the world!

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Split pea soup

Boil a pound of dried split peas, a chopped up onion and carrot, some ham, some salt, and some pepper for about two hours. Allow to cool. Eat.

Optional: throw in a few bay leaves for flavor. Remember to remove them before eating -- even after cooking, they will slice your esophagus and stomach into ribbons if you swallow them.

beans on toast
eggs on toast
toast on toast

London has more Michelin stars than any American city

>reccomendations for a student
>Go to a michelin star restaurant

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>implying candice can hold a candle to bangladeshfu in the cooking department

corned beef hash

Peanut butter and jam is superior to peanut butter and jelly.

Or cabbage soup, which is literally the same but cabbage instead of peas and maybe some onion.

I prefer some marjoram and or thyme in pea soup and just leave out the carrots, it doesn't need that. For cabbage soup I'd recommend to try cloves, trust me man on this.

Thanks! I'll have to try that. Split peas aren't available locally (shithole Asia), just the sweet "weird Asian dessert" kind of peas.

Anything with chips. Bongs have no (0, zero, zilch, none whatsoever) culinary skills.

>Something British
So kabobs? Hmm, lemme see what I can dig up

>tired of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Deep fry them

But ignore the fucking bread bit. Sourdough? Gross. Buttermilk bread would probably be GOAT.

i love deep frying

there should be plenty of indian restaurants around you

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Toast on toast
Beans on toast
Eggs on toast
Blood pudding on toast
Bangers and mash
Mushy peas

One tip to anyone who wants to make pea soup for the first time: stir fucking regularly, the proteins that are released from the peas will want to stick to the pot like nothing else.

Not even in the dried section? Dried peas one should soak overnight to let them soften.

Is he oke

Not British but for a change of pace from your pb&j you could try grilling it like you would a grilled cheese. I've done it for peanut butter sandwiches and they turn out pretty tasty.

British curry is its own cuisine anyway; it's nothing like the curry cuisines of Asia. We've actually got a problem at the moment in British curry houses due to the lack of trained chefs.