Cheese thread

Cheese thread.

What's your favorite cheese? Do you shred your own?

My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar. I shred my own with a box grater because I'm not a lazy retard.

>new Jack webm

reminds me of those videos where people throw bricks in washing machines


Can this just be the webm thread?

2 requests for Veeky Forums webms..
The one with the retarded cherubim palsy pancake flipping slut

The one with Jack's googly goggle eyes.

is this kino?

I'm the truest sense.

Call my waifu a slut again. I dare you.

Your waifu is a slut

*growls low in my throat and raises tail*
Well, you asked for it!
*brandishes claws and starts running towards you*
Eat THIS!!!!
*cursed eye throbs suddenly and you notice that I have one red eye and one brown eye*
Ack! Not now....
*falls to the floor and grabs my cursed eye*


*stands up with cursed eye bleeding, causing you to quiver in fear*
*raises snout and sniffs the air*
Hehe... Looks like someone had an accident.
*you turn to run but I grab you by the back of your shirt*

who dat b?

I hate when my cursed eye falls out like that.

***OOC*** It didn't fall out, Kyle. We talked about that in the introduction thread. Why do you do this? ***OOC**

Maybe if you had at least posted the one of her autistically eating lobster since it would have been food related - but because of your unrelated /b/ tier garbage it no longer can be.

What are you even talking about?

An angel.



Kek thanks.

Is this real life?

I can't fucking stand that stuff.

She got the auts or something?

What the fuck? I love Taylor, but god damn.

no just a typical do nothing bitch white girl that has no living skills aside from her looks

>I am autistic and angry at myself and I must scream

I know you are

But what am I?

I feel sorry for you.


A garbage man

I bloody love this stuff, though I should look into making my own homemade version.

It's a bold move, can't deny that


That thing he does with his hands whenever he's perplexed at his own stupidity gets me every time.


it doesn't grate so well

And it wouldn't be cringe if the guy was attractive?

What prices do you see in your area? I can't find it for less than $35/pound.

I'm a bong so its cheap as fuk
£21.33 a kg

I envy you. Being an American is suffering, nowadays more than ever.

I love Ricotta, it's great in pasta, as a dip, or in desserts.

muenster is the king of cheeses

>any kind of cheese at all
>in desserts

Or is this just fantasy?

Please see


I saw it, now what?

>tfw lactose intolerant


not even cringe
kill yourself cuck

How is it not cringe, exactly?

why would you put this in the video? why not reshoot where you don't screw up?

im experiencing physical pain watching this

I like Jarlsberg and Pepperjack.

My mixer turns on but won't spin :/ any troubleshooting tips?

>Jack defeated by potato

You might be jack

Alright. What the fuck is this.
I've been across this site, and never, NEVER. have I cringed so hard while looking through a board.

Somebody please explain to me how Veeky Forums manages to do this.

Lol no not Jack thought I'd just ask google doesn't provide many solutions , and didn't want to start a thread , so pretty simple question , figured somebody has had this happen.

Possibly a gear broken in the drive box. I had that happen but it started making a loud clanking sound before it froze up. You can open it up pretty simply by popping off the band and removing the screws and sliding off the top outside cover. You can see if the drive shaft is turning and just not engaging the gear that drives the utensil rod.

You can still have Parmesan I'm pretty sure.

Havarti is best cheese though.

Thank you beautiful . I will try that


>Jack defeated by potato

Jack also has been defeated by a watermelon....twice

Caught in a landslide

taytay is the opposite of Veeky Forums related

Who's this autistic slut? What a retard holy shit

Red Leicester
Danish Feta
Brillat Savarin

>he's never had a cannoli

No escape from reality

Why did he burnt his jello?

>le suicide squad lyrics!
I love memes! xD

If its danish it's not feta, dingus

Are you retarded

Open your eyes

it's hard enough to believe a man like jack exists, let alone the idea that this man would do a cooking show

And see......

[spoiler]that yes he is retarded[/spoiler]


I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy,

Okay PDO shill.

My favorite cheeae is colby pepper jack or something with jalapenoes. spicy cheese is the bomb. i cant stand brie. too pungeny


Is it jacks mission to give food poisoning to his viewers?

how can anyone be so inept?

I wonder who Jack voted for this election?

>not enjoing a vigilante
what are you american or something?

Pepperjack is far superior. Any cheese with a good kick to it is top tier in my book


Gordon Ram(eme)say should pay Jack a visit


Provolone. Funny story about that, actually.
>be drunk a few weeks ago
>get hungry for a sandwich
>only have salami and provolone cheese, because I ran out of bread
>just roll the salami and cheese together
>run out of salami
>still hungry
>still half a packet left of this provolone cheese
>just start shoveling them slice by slice into my mouth
>finish the whole thing in one sitting
>go vomit it all out five minutes later
Good old provolone.

Why is there that much oil for a steak anyway?

I burst out laughing every single time he 'carefully' pauses right before letting the steak go and splashing potentially hot(if he wasn't a subhuman incapable of doing things correctly) oil.


Ricotta is GOAT.
I'm starting on a tub right now.
(really need to start making my own)

Jack is a turbo sperg.

whatever gets me drunk