Does anyone else feel gypped when you buy a chicken and the giblets aren't included?

Does anyone else feel gypped when you buy a chicken and the giblets aren't included?

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Yes. But only when they don't give me the neck to use when making stock.

Yup, only amateurs can't make something delicious with them

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The only time this has ever happened to me is when I buy Cornish game hens - for some reason I thought they came with their giblets but I guess not. It was fine because I just wanted more bones to compliment my stock and the roaster I bought had its neck and liver and stuff

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absolutely. i fry the liver for a special snack for myself each time i get a whole bird for the smoker or to roast.

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I pan fry the livers with onions. Delicious. Also I freeze the necks and either use them to make stock when I have a bunch saved up or as bait for crabbing.

It's spelled rooster idiot

Trolling aside, I'm surprised at the amount of people who say "gypped" would never say "Jewed."

We don't have many gypsies in america so I don't think people even associate the term with an ethnicity

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This. I've told a few people "Hey, did you know that 'gypped' actually refers to gypsy?" as a piece of a trivia a few times, and it's always been met with surprise. No one associates it with an ethnicity; if anything, most people seem to think it started as a nonoffensive bowdlerization of saying "Jewed," like welsh/welch on a bet.

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Of course. If there's no giblets, what am I supposed to eat while the carcass is cooking?

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