Worst vegetable

what is the worst vegetable ?

There's no such thing as a bad vegetable.

Okra is horrible. Only thing worse is tarrot root, fucking poi makes me throat itch, every, fucking, time. They keep promising this won't happen...BUT THEY LIE.

Okra is god tier. You just aren't using it right. Same for taro. Poi isn't very good, but it's also the worst way to use taro root.


People pretend to like okra the way people pretend to like ambrosia salad. Tarrot is absolutely pig disgusting. Even when fried in oil, all you taste is the grease.

This. There are only three reasons why a vegetable could taste awful:
1) It's unripe/rotten
2) It's badly cooked
3) You have shit taste

Okra is amazing, even raw. Pshaw.

Poi does gross me out. I imagine wallpaper paste to be similar.

Eggplant is a little more challenging to cook, but seriously try poi and then vote.


I forgot fiddleheads. They're also awful no matter what you do to them.


I was so disappointed by the first eggplant I had. It was recently. Shits only purple on the outside too, what a jip.

I strongly dislike cooked carrots.

There is nothing redeeming about Okra. Collard greens are a close second for worst.

Fuck you, ambrosia salad is god tier, even if it's a 20th century relic.
Fried okra is godly, and it's essential in certain dishes. Pickled okra is heaven, and should have a place on every relish plate.

Can't eat poisonous belldonna typr plants dude. Some things just aren't worth risking. The plant itself tries to tell you it's disgusting by oozing more slimy lubricant looking sludge than a 13yo girls pussy at the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Okra is wonderful.
Battered and fried.
Sliced and roasted to crispy bits.
Chopped into a tomato-base vegetable soup with carrots, corn, and peas.

I can't take collard greens though, too bitter.

Water Chestnut. Tasteless and horrid texture.

I grew up eating poi so I like the stuff, but I regularly warn people going to Hawaii to not eat it plain. Dip your kalua pork in it or mix it with lomi lomi salmon, both very strong and salty flavored foods.


Personally not a fan of fennel. I can see why people like it, it has a very distinct flavor. But some people just don't like some things.

I don't care for cauliflower...

I will omit it in most recipes.

it's not bad by any means but I don't like butternut squash all that much