Do we really need to have this conversation?

Veeky Forums is apparently the new /tv/. These reddit threads pop up left and right.


I've got two.

Fuck your poll. But twice here I had to explain there was a difference between Italian and Italian American food, so I would say this place is generally flyover as fuck.

Having a passport isn't the same as being flyover, dumbshit.

you're right, it's the opposite

Alaskans dying to go anywhere else.

I'm glad people are being forced to get passports to travel domestic now.

It kind of incentivizes people maybe traveling to different countries and going to places that might be out of their comfort zone.

Kek, kind of corresponds to the federal taxes paid per capita vs. federal money received.

Do flyovers have functioning brains?

so mississippians stay home. what's the problem with that?

Poverty, crime rate, graduation rate, and all other undesirable statistics of a state correlate with only one thing:

Shiiiiiit, North Dakota must be a fucking paradise!

Well back when oil prices were high, yes. Besides that just basic state with nothing.

You shouldn't talk about travel. It's classist.

why are flyintos so obsessed with the rest of america?

motherfucker they don't even fly over my state

Wow, all those red states that receive twice the federal money they put in don't have any blacks. I guess it must be all them damn cattle on SNAP. That or the barbarian hordes raping and pillaging.

At least whites in america finally started using forks instead of eating with their hands by the mid 19th century.

the niggers that live here that stay home also.

>he doesnt have multiple passports because of too many visa stamps
top pleb