Me again

me again


This is an authentico Italiana Beeffo sandwiche from Chicago, IL in Chicago.




@/u/progun_il Wow great stuff

Keep posting !

*100 Reddit Gold has been deposited into your account*


Thank you for posting the recipe on r/cooking as always progun :)




*sits on your sausage sandwich*

eating raw onions and peppers for your hangover breakfast?

youre a nut



Here's my hangover cure you fucking faggot.

2 Chicago style dogs, extra jalopenos light bollognaise, mayo on the bun. Boom. Hangover = cured Mind = blown

God is watching and he's disappointed

Your momma is disappointed after I fucked her last night you fucking idiot. Go fuck yourself and get out of this thread, this is Chicagoland territory.

Do Chicagoans really eat this?

>chiraqi food

Progun_il does because he's trying to cure his sissy hangover. He got way too cock drunk last night you see.
He doesn't eat anything that's not phallic.

S-sport peppers?

I'm from Chicagoland and I'm here to call you a faggot.

And I'm here to say come say that to my fucking face you little cock sucking fairy, I'll put the fucking pistol to you. Meet me at Lou's and we'll settle this like men, mono ey mono and I"ll fuckijng shoot you if you fucking try anything you piece of shit coward. You won't do a fucking thing. Pussy you're probably from the South side, dumb ape or from fucking Wheaton and you think you live here, dumb ass inbred faggot.

I'm sorry your mother never held you as a child

>Your momma is disappointed after I fucked her last night
>disappointed after I fucked her

user, your joke... It... It's failed.

I wish you would just stay anonymous rather than insult our city/region.
We look bad enough as it is, you aren't helping here.

This. Progun makes us all look bad, he needs to just fuck off and quit trying to beef with me.

Ya momma held my dick while I ate her out last night pussy. Kill yourself before a grown ass man, like me, does.

It was a fucking fact, I cucked you with your mommy last night you faggot. Now McKill yourself RIGHT now.

if it makes you feel better those are the same rolls they use at billy goat tavern

So, are you looking forward to graduating from middle school this spring? Mommy planning your favorite meal of nuggets and catsup? Is she going to let you have a slumber party with all your little friends?

i'm not saying i wouldn't eat that, but needs more dog. seriously.

sport peppers are delicious

>shitty ""banter"
>giving 2 shits about what anons thinks
>unironically using cuck
Probably the most cancerous post I've seen so far on this board. No wonder it's so fucking shit if this is the type of posters Veeky Forums draws in.

It only happens during prime USA posting hours.
It's not such a bad board when the Americans are sleeping.

Come fight when you get your new kidney

You minus well just eat the jalapenos tbf

I don't understand this post.
Are you asking someone to fight you but if they do attempt to fight you you will shoot them?

>its a progun thread

>minus well

damn dude you always eat unhealthy

My bait still achieved a (you) therefore it was successful.


Do you only eat hot dogs?
And why didn't you cook them on your shitty balcony?

Poorgun lives in Chicago. People in Chicago only eat hotdogs and pizza soup.

>paper plates
>poor fuck

I vaguely remember progun threads being much better like five years ago.
Seems like hes fallen on hard times and deeper into alcoholism. Sad!

progun threads were never good

This is what happens when little user doesn't pay attention to grammar lessons.