What level cook are you, user? Can you pull dishes out of thin air? Do you think you have a bit of talent?

Hold on I gotta take a shit

No I am a bad cook and I have no talent. That is why I am here

So your specialty is Indian cuisine?

I pull dishes out of thin air, but they rarely meet my expectations, so talent? Nope.


so do I and I'm usually content with them. Are your expectations too high? If it's good enough that others would enjoy it, I would call that a win

If I don't find it delicious, it's a failure. Other people say they enjoy it, but I can't tell if they are serious. I have about a 10-15% success rate. It's awesome when something meets my expectation though, like fucking Christmas morning.

>Can you pull dishes out of thin air?
I do ever day for staff meal

>Do you think you have a bit of talent?

i am a pantry professional, i can look in the cupboard or frigderoo and make something, not fantastic but above edible, i have the kitchen skills too so that kinda helps.

cooked for a conference center buffet for years. All food was freshly prepared & we would turn leftovers into other dishes. I can pretty much look in your fridge and cook something up just with what you have.

Having said this, I hate those shows that make you cook with 4 ingredients and the special ingredient. Iron chef though is a good one.

On a scale 1-10 I'd put myself a solid 6. I can definitely follow recipes and improvise. And nearly every meal I make is delicious. But I am far from making amazing dishes without a recipe.

Man I don't know all I do is follow the instructions and it normally turns out fine.

Couple nights ago I made pan-seared pheasant with lemon vinaigrette, easily my new favorite way to do game birds.


I got 73 cooking, taking a break from training it for a while until I get my fishing up.

get your shit together. gunning for dark crabs and wildy elite

hahaaaaaa! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I make sandwiches for a living, only sandwiches. I am the worlds greatest "chef"

Good luck senpai.

I can cook a fantastic McChicken

Itt -> i work in McCucks

Good to pretty good home cook. I can improvise well but I don't think I really have 'talent'. I have common sense and quite a bit of experience though.

everything i make tastes good because i taste as i go and i know how to balance things. i'm also a pretty good baker. i have some professional experience too. but i don't pretend that i'm guaranteed to make anything better than anyone else.