Why is Waffle House so great?


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Because it's 2AM and you're blackout drunk.

came to say this.

I acidentally and now I mostly WffhOuse


Same reason this place is so great.
It's a 24 hour beacon of hope for stoners and drunks.


>it's a fight breaks out at Waffle House episode

>Waffle House
I only ever went to that shitty place once and I have never been so displeased with a meal, everything was cooked wrong.
I ordered a waffle with a side of eggs, bacon and toast with orange juice
The waffle was just a frozen eggo that was still mostly cold, the eggs had the texture of stiff foam rubber and tasted about the same, the bacon and toast were completely burnt and even the orange juice was fucking poorly stirred Tang that was still in a mostly powdered state.
Waffle House is basically a bunch of crackheads using a diner as a front for their den.

Came to say this

Yes...waffle house is many houses in one...crack house, half-way house, outhouse, whore house...all true. But...the waffles are made fresh to order and they do not serve Tang. I don't doubt your meal was aweful but let's stick to the facts.

they fucked up your order because you're white and they don't want your kind in there, hopefully you won't come back

I remember going to waffle house in my trips down to the US when I was a kid. They always burnt my fucking chocolate waffles.

Because I can get in, get treated with the minimum of human interaction, eat my food, drink endless amounts of coffee, then get the fuck out. Sometimes that's all you want.

Haven't ever visited at night though, I don't trust that shit.

>frozen waffle

i've never seen them use a frozen waffle
they have like 6 waffle makers and 4 pitchers of batter out at every one i've been to

Because the founder died for our sins.

>comparing waffle house to overpriced soggy sad sliders that i'd be hard pressed to wipe my ass with

>waffle house at night

you should go at least once. youll wonder where all of these ex convicts came from. good for people watching. you might get robbed though.


they dont pretend to be nicer than they are and they dont shill out new promotions all the time

>It's a "you accidentally bumped into a hooker and now the pimp is mean mugging you for the rest of the night" episode

Exactly. You can watch them cook your food.

goddamn this video makes me want to eat at waffle house. I'm a californian so I guess denny's is just as good, until then I'm going to keep dreaming about the day when I finally shove that pecan waffle into my mouth.

you better go fast

>tfw no more peach waffles

oh my god, I'm so mad. I'm also mad at their "Waffle sandwich", which wasn't a waffle at all, it was just bread thrown in a waffle press.

Fuck waffle house, I'm gonna go now and get an all-star

Dennys might have more variety on their menu, but Waffle House is maximum comfy.

Because their creator is finally dead.

Waffle house is terrible dude.

Basically breakfast that's same price but far worse quality than IHOP or Denny's even. Crowded weird space where your two feet away from the completed cook and server who writes like a doctor on her little notepad. Weird loud 16 year olds a table next to you starring, wondering why a grown man is at a waffle house at 3 am.

I knew a coke dealer that used to deal from one of those.

IHOP is far more expensive than the Waffle House.