What's the best use of a chicken carcass and excess skin?

what's the best use of a chicken carcass and excess skin?

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Soup stock.


Have chickens? Feed it to them.

They will eat the egg shells too.


How is this even a question? What else do you do with chicken carcasses except make dope ass stock?

don't chicken start to cannibalize each other once they get a taste of it?

how do I make dope ass stock?

They are cannibalistic dinosaurs.

The bones and carcass will attract millions of ants too, which the chickens also will eat, so free feed. They are not vegetarians, and a varied diet including chicken makes them taste better.

No, I mean, I've heard chicken that taste chicken meat will start killing each others for more.

8 lbs bones and meaty scraps
1 lb mirepoix
1 gallon cold water

Put that on a gentle heat, bring to a simmer (NOT a full boil). Simmer about 2-3 hours. Strain out the solids, skim off of the fat.

Soup with carcass, yakitori with skin

>8 lbs bones and meaty scraps
I have one chicken carcass. my chicken is no an elephant.

>I am bawk bawk. Eater of poultry.
I don't think that happens user. I have chickens that will occasionally eat their eggs, but they don't lay waste to their clutches either.

>I don't think

No, you don't. And yet, you still post as if you have a single scrap of information for your points.

Stop posting, retard.

I've given my chickens chicken. They don't kill each other either.

Chicken carcass/offal
10 sprigs of rosemary
2-3 ribs of celery (cut 3 or so inches)
2-3 full size carrots (cut 2-3 in.)
1 onion quartered (unpeeled)
4 cloves of garlic (smashed)
10 whole pepper corns
Cool Water in a stock/big pot covering the other ingredients

I end up leaving a metal strainer on top of the pot so I don't have things floating to the surface.

Bring it to a simmer then turn it down really low. Skim the scum off the top every 15-30 minutes for a couple hours. Then let it cook really low for a few hours after that. Add more water as needed. Strain. Press. Store in mason jars.

That's too many sprigs desu senpai

Do you remember when rosemary was the main meme on Veeky Forums?

Idk, man. It grows here like crazy. I have more rosemary all at once than a person could use in his lifetime. I put so much in because I'm not factoring in a cost any larger than walking out front with scissors. If you're not growing it or don't love it then a couple sprigs would do fine.

Just throw it in a freezer bag, wait till you have a few

you wouldn't happen to know what I could do with the schmaltz I got from baking the thighs?

my freezer is tiny.

That a Jewish thing?

If you're talking about the drippings then you could make gravy or fry it up with onion and green beans

yeah the drippings. aite.

When you say unpeeled, does that include the root?

>what I could do with the schmaltz
So much stuff.
I make mayo with it.
Also great on toast.
Use it for sauteing stuff especially veg.
Amazing potatoes

>I make mayo with it
woah mind blown.

Alright, never used fresh rosemary before, but went and bought some. should I cut the leaves from the stem or can the stem enter the stock?


thanks friend

i think he's talking about the overpowering flavor of too much rosemary, not the price.

Put them in your neighbours letterbox, they will appreciate your kind gesture.

Throw a bunch of chicken bones/carcass in the pot. Add carrots, celery, onions. Rip on a slow simmer for 8 - 10 hours.


Put on parchment lined baking sheet, put another parchment on top, put another sheet on top of that to press the skin flat, and bake until golden and crispy. Use as a flavoring (crushed up) or as a garnish.

What this guy says. Chicken skin chips are excellent. You can also slice them up and fry them, use them as a textural garnish for almost any dish.