What is the best white people cuisine?

Most will say Italian, even people who unironically claim that white people can't cook love Italian food. But for me, it's Greek food.



Gotta give the shitskins credit where it's due, they are much better at cuisine than us whites.

>pic related

Italians and Greeks pretty much invented western civilisation. Having dark hair doesn't make someone exempt from being white.

And generally I'd say non-white food is better, but Spanish and Hungarian food is also great too.

is french cuisine as good as english cuisine is bad?

Overrated as fuck. French cuisine is mostly peasant food. I mean, I like pot roast and fried potatoes as much as anyone else, but it's not top-tier by any means.

>Italians and Greeks pretty much invented western civilisation.

Yes, but Anglos invented the term "white" as a racial category. Please rethink your reply and try again.

This. Stupid spics.

Yes. Actual (un-Americanized) Italian food is objectively the best cuisine.

Even if they weren't white, we still invented goulash.


I'd probably say Italian, Mexican, and Japanese food are best in my opinion. Even as some silly veganfaggot I am amazed at how delicious these sorts of food usually are without the meat/dairy in them. Getting shitfaced on veganfaggy wine while woofing down pasta is such bliss toobeeonnest.

Is that Lana Del Rey?

Who do you think invented white European culture, you Amerifat retards?

for me its the mcchicken

Veganism has rotted away your brain.

French since this website thinks italians aren't white because reasons.

>rotted your brain

Italians are white by any conceivable metric and so are the Spaniards and Greeks, nignog.


you may know about food but you certainly do not know about whites

are Jews white? Also, one of the palest people I know is muslim

>Are Jews white?
I don't know, /pol/ banned me for asking.

i really need to know

more pics of the girl? That's a god tier clavicle

If we're not including southern europe, then I'm for southern US. Barbecue is top tier.

ok kiddo


Japanese are honouraryans, (KaeK) and I wasn't even considering the fact that OP mentioned 'white' anyway.

You seem like you were only looking for an excuse to link veganfaggotry to retardation, so original in all honesty, user.

If they make good cuisine they aren't white.

eastern european food tastes like my asshole

>Implying that wasn't stolen from the black people

Is there any African food that's good? My experience so far has been they're the type of retards that make spicy food to hurt themselves and not for the flavor it brings.

Depends on the color of their skin I suppose

unseasoned baked chicken
dry pork chop
green beans from can
bush's baked beans
white bread no crust
kraft products

We killing it boys

I've had some 'top tier' Ethiopian food

It's a lot of multicolored gloop that you mop up with black, spongy bread. It doesn't taste like much.

this tbqhf

they are not

Good berbere chicken stew is god-tier tbqh