How do we save Veeky Forums? Should food and cooking be split into separate boards...

How do we save Veeky Forums? Should food and cooking be split into separate boards? Should we ban anyone who wants a sticky?

Fuck off.

There should at least be a fast food general thread to contain the mcchicken retards.

Threads like this won't "save" Veeky Forums

Anyone who doesn't like it here can fuck off to somewhere else

>Should food and cooking be split into separate boards? Should we ban anyone who wants a sticky?

Yes, and yes.

Spotted the mcchiken eating amerilards.

You cant save Veeky Forums, everyone comes here for epic trolling, pretending to be retarded and shitposting now.

/b/ is full of 9gag, wwyd and porn threads that belong on other boards
/v/ is 90% AAA game companies trying to shill their own products

so everyone just comes here instead. it's essentially a non-porn food-related /b/ now.

We all know the answer to this question, but talking about it gets you banned.

Fuck off, retard.

almost every board on Veeky Forums is like a watered down /b/ now

Most people started on /b/, including a lot of oldfags.

Meta threads aren't allowed. Take it to or cry in an email to hiroshima
Now piss off

>muh safe space

End female moderation. Problems will solve themselves.


"Saving" this board would ruin what makes it great. I dont come here for reddit posts, I come here for informal talk about food

Are you really that fucking stupid?

>Literally the same thread in /a/, probably by the same fag
Dude, stop trying to fix what is not broken. Veeky Forums is slow as fuck as it is and you want to spit it ? Fuck off.

Not everythread and post have to be about something you like. You can hide threads, or make your own and talk about what you want.

Not really. See

Just make a fucking worksafe random board, it's literally that easy. All the shitposting can be contained there.

Please never compare me to someone who posts on /a/ again. I honestly can't think of a bigger insult.

Whatever you say, Jannie.

that isn't a meta board
that is otacool culture

Ban phoneposters. 99% of the boards problems would be over.

Also no sticky.

That was six fucking months ago. Nothing has changed and nothing will change. Just stop already.

Let's put this to a vote. Does Veeky Forums have a problem with the moderation?

>ban phone posters

In 2010 + 7, some idiot is still using dat dar 'puter.

Holy shit, gramps, I knew you were gone, but christ, don't brag about it.


Veeky Forums has a population problem, too many redditors and women.

doesnt matter when the mods are absent 80% of the time and dont delete shitposts

This. The fucking redditors have to go. The women can stay if they post tits.

If both redditors and women were to disappear from Veeky Forums, we'd be left with nothing but fast food pseudo-generals and tons of autistic shitposting.
Neckbeards can't cook, and that is a fact.

Veeky Forums just doesn't understand how to have fun.

>implying a board about food and cooking has any men on it at all

or, well if you count nu males then yeah

Burden of proof is on you.

I guarantee none of you have been here for longer than 6 months. Fuck off

I bet a large percentage of posters are still male. Not as many as other boards possibly. But this is still Veeky Forums. Most people I know in really life don't even know what it is.

OP here; I've been on Veeky Forums since 2010.

Dude that's like asking how to save the entirety of Veeky Forums as a whole. There is no getting rid of the cancer because the cancer is what is keeping this entire website running. Hence why wapanese moot and company aren't going to do anything to fix the problem.

The same can be said of society as a whole, no?


I'm from reddit pls no bully

They only come for our tasty memes

I did, when it was nice. Then Veeky Forums and /pol/. Then Veeky Forums and /an/.

>Board about kitchen related activities


Are you fucking surprised?

There are 21 threads in the catalog, at the moment, where the op is, literally, just asking about other peoples favorite fast food order, or praising a certain fast food sandwich. The mcchicken is a common offender here.

I would like to see discussions of fast food banned entirely. The board should be more about cooking, than "food". The board is named food and cooking, not processed food and reheating.

Many of these threads literally just us a fast food brand icon as the op image. This belongs in business, not food and cooking.

We have too many basement dwellers subsisting on mcchickens and shitting up the board.

Also, we could use fewer "how do we fix /ck" threads, if we aren't going to ever do anything about it.

Who put this redditor in charge? Not me.

The old way to "save" Veeky Forums and restore it back to a weeb website is to delete all non-anime boards. People who don't like anime can go to Reddit where they should've been in the first place.

You could leave. That would improve this board immensely.

>implying there's anything wrong with phone posters

>tasty memes
you mean the same 2 dozen webms that everyone always posts?

>that gif

too many McChickens for lunch?

Since Jack threads aren't allowed on Veeky Forums because you faggot ass cum guzzling scrote sucking mods and jannies don't want anyone having fun, there's should be a new board exclusively for Jack. We can call it /jack/

It's not that the threads weren't allowed, it's that you fucks would try and post them in EVERY thread to get reactions, as if we haven't all seen them a dozen times.
Fun threads have always been allowed, but you couldn't stop yourself from posting a SLIGHTLY possibly relevant .webm of the idiot, or a completely irrelevant .webm of the faggot with a kinda-on-topic comment in a majority of threads.

I think Veeky Forums is fine. If you want to get rid of the shit posts you might as well just go to reddit.


Did someone say....."shit" posts....? Afufufufu