How often do you guys actually cook or go grocery shopping?

How often do you guys actually cook or go grocery shopping?

Growing up, buying groceries was a daily thing buying just what we needed for that one night's meal. Typically the meal was decided the same day. Later in life, I'm told that was weird, and cooking for myself I realize it was pointlessly inefficient compared to weekly or bi-weekly with planned meals.

Now I cook maybe twice a week and just prep meals to freeze.

Yeah, your family was retarded. I can't fathom how much gas and time you wasted.

I forgot to mention my grocery trips are bi-weekly. I don't plan meals, I just buy ingredients that catch my eye and throw them together when I'm feeling hungry. If I feel like I might want a specific meal sometime soon I'll buy the proper ingredients on my next trip.

I just buy a couple cheap things every couple of days because I don't want to end up not having enough money for other important things. If I had more money I would go less often and stock up more.

I go (walk) to the grocery store like every 2 days and buy dinner for 2 days. It is a conscious decision because its good exercise. Regarding cooking I cook everyday because I really enjoy it and it's a relaxing way to get a break.

once every two weeks, or once a month depending on how much bulk i get. i usually get a lot of bulk so we stop by once a month for the things we eat regularily (apples, booze, cheese. onions, etc..)

for me it's usually
>1 shopping trip a week
>buy ingredients for roughly 3 large meals
>usually have one leftover meal of each, accounting for 6 days
>last day is takeout or dinner out with the boys
>lunches are all at work
>breakfast is just fresh fruit and nuts
pretty easy desu. just learn how to make batches of stuff that's cheap and stays pretty well.

My boyfriend's mom was a stay at home mom, so she shopped everyday, mostly just so she could get really fresh food for dinner. I don't think it's normal, but I think rich people do it, so eh.

I live in a 1 minute walking distance to the grocery store, so I go whenever I need to, usually about 1 to 2 times a week. I normally (try to) get everything in one day, inevitably forget something and then go back later to pick it up. I'm in university in a really demanding program, so I when don't have time to cook I just eat meal replacement shakes, but I really prefer solid food (no shit, lol) I normally cook breakfast, have a shake for lunch/midafternoon snack (while I'm at university0 and cook dinner.

>Yeah, your family was retarded.
Yep. Dad burned ~30$ a day on beer and cigarettes. Typically spent upwards of 40-50$ daily on actual groceries that lasted one day's meal. Mom would never settle for off-brand anything and had no idea how much shit actually cost or just refused to accept it, and Dad would never settle for less than his full daily calories in anything other than meats and seafood (just saying I was thinking of making Split Pea was enough to get us 20$+ steaks that night). We almost never had vegetables or fruit in the fridge. Let alone dried grains of any kind on hand.

On top of this, Dad was the world's shittiest cook but INSISTED on cooking every night. I almost thought he made a point of ruining 20$ steaks because he could. He obstinately refused to follow any cookbook or recipe because "Real men wing it!". Rarely cooked with more than 3 ingredients (Meat, potato, butter), and when he did it was always a fucking disaster.

Learning to cook for myself started when I started doing their shopping for them and realized just how fucking retarded they were. Grocery shopping lists that averaged 60-70$+ cash per night. It was a lot of fun the occasional nights where I was to go through the checkout with frozen meals, 20$ of beer, and a back of cigarettes, and nothing else.

They're supposed to be retiring soon, and from my estimates, they'll starve to death despite that they'll be getting more per month in retirement than I make now.

Fuck steak, fuck lobster, fuck shrimp. I'd actually be a Vegan right now if pork and chicken wasn't so damn cheap.

I fucking love crock pot bachelor chow.

this guy gets it

I go shopping almost like clockwork every Sunday. I start off going to a local farmers market for produce and things like honey, jellys/jams, etc when I need them. Then its to a butcher shop usually every other sunday unless Im planning on cooking something specific or for a certain occasion. Last place is the grocery store where I will spend a couple hours just slowly walking up and down the aisles and picking things I need and getting ideas for meals before stopping somewhere for lunch and then heading home. About once a month I stop at a liquor store and restock what I need for my bar.

After that I get home and start to portion meats for freezing, pre-cut and prepare produce for easy use through the week and generally spend the rest of the day cooking and hanging around the house while I make some time consuming meal for the evening

I don't know why my parents and friends all bitch about going shopping and just get in and out, shopping and cooking all day is relaxing and sometimes one of my favorite days of the week.

I work in a grocery store so I'll usually pick things up as I need them and do a bulk shop once a month.

>every Sunday

I'm jealous. We have these retarded laws that limit trading hours on Sundays. Barely anything is open.

I cook everyday. And I live in the city, so I have a 2 supermarkets and a bunch of little greengrocers and butchers within a 5 min walk of my place. So I shop several times a week.

Well, I checked, and it's been exactly a month since I went to the grocery store, and based on how much I have left, I suspect I won't have to visit for at least another thirty days. But I might go anyway, because some things will likely run out, like the cheese, that'll probably be gone before then.

I spent 200 dollars on the last trip. So just because I'm doing this, that works out to 3.33 per day to eat. I've also cut out most of my restaurant stops.

Being this frugal means I save a lot of dollarydoos.

>go to costco
>get supplies to make a month's worth of soups
>make 1 week's worth of soup at a time
Soup is my favorite thing to make, especially spicy soup

Once a week, workdays i can survive on simple 5min to prepare food (or one that can practically cook self when left for 20min). Then for weekends i always plan something real and tasty.


>only cooks twice a week
>autistic meal plan
There is no reason for this unless you're poor. Do you even enjoy food and/or cooking? Do you never get the desire to eat or prepare a particular dish or food item?

What did you buy on your last trip? What's an average day of meals look like for you?

I visit the grocery like 2-3 times a week. It's on the way to work so it does not waste gasoline.

Cooking around 5-6 days a week. Leftovers i usually eat at work. I could cook less often, but i happen to enjoy it.

50 dollars worth of ground beef, maybe twenty of salmon. 50 dollars of instant noodles, maybe thirty of other assorted pasta. The remainder was spent on frozen vegetables, spices and sauces and cheese and all the little things to make what you prepare taste good. I also bought some breakfast stuff, and on the next trip, I'm going to increase the breakfast portion so that lasts longer.

Most meals are just pasta + some meat variety, but it's always different. One could be salmon and noodles, another could be spaghetti and meatballs.

I go weekly. Typically I keep nonperishables/slow-to-go-to-shit ingredients on hand 24/7 and meats/eggs I buy bi-weekly.

I bake everything I eat that's leavened, it's a hell of a lot cheaper to buy 50lbs of flour, 5lbs of sugar, a pound of yeast and a box of kosher salt than a loaf of bread every week. Tastes better too.

I go almost every day, but alternate: one day I go to the grocery store across the street for dairy/bread/drinks/some produce/tinned stuff, the other day I walk five blocks to the nearby Chinatown and get tea/spices/sauces/the majority of my produce.

I'd go less often but I live on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator, so that kind of limits how much stuff I can get in a single trip.

I go shopping about once every two or three weeks depending if groceries were cheap/fresh enough for me to fully stock my fridge. Usually all of the meats I get I immediately marinate/cut for potential meals and then freeze until the day I decide to cook it, but I wouldn't really plan which meats I'd use on which day until the night before.

For cooking I hate the taste of microwaved/defrosted meals so I try to cook once every two days so I'll deal with at most 2 microwaved meals before I can eat food I cooked fresh. Usually it's part of my routine in the morning to think if I have enough food to last until dinner, and if not take some meat out of the freezer so it'll be ready to cook by the next evening.

I am your opposite OP.

I grew up in a small ass village in the middle of nowhere. In order to go for groceries it was a 2 hour drive over mountain logging roads followed by a 3 hour drive over some actual paved roads.

Because of this we got groceries once a month and had to stock the freezers.

>live in city
>still go to grocer less than bumfuck man

You're not even good, but you think you are. Your peg is officially lowered.

He also sounds like he didn't live alone

Soon I will acquire a deepfreeze and will become capable of a year without shopping. The face that wal-mart cashier will make will be worth it.

Have you considered TLC tier couponning?


I just plan my food order on my store's website all week long, and every friday at 9h30 I go pick my groceries.

No time wasted, and it's actually cheaper as it's way easier using their website to find the special offers they have.

I live 2 minutes away from the mall thus I shop daily for fresh veggies and spices.

I buy £70 of meat then eat it all

I cook about two-thirds of my meals fresh, the remaining third is reheating leftovers.

I go shopping once a week.

I cook about 1-2 times/week and eat leftovers the rest of the time. We go grocery shopping twice a month.

I cook 2 or 3 times a week in batches and do shopping every 2 weeks.

What about your daily fruit intake?

I go once a month or two, usually a few weeks after I run out of meal-appropriate food and eat something like oatmeal, ramen, or plain pasta without any sort of sauce (or whatever it is that I like the least that's shelf stable) for the one meal I eat a day, every day.

I've been eating chicken salad for the past 4 days

how quickly does it turn, does anyone know