Stupid foreigners

Why do asians eat like a retarded child?

chong ding dong
Ding dang dong
MM yes nother bowr
Ching chang chong

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I noticed this as well, I hope this thread will help dispel any illusions people have about cultured Chinese when in fact they are completely oblivious to any refinement in life.

While white people belch and fart and look over to their wife and say 'that was a huge one, huh sarah?'. You people also lick your fingers and use your shirt to wipe the corners if your mouth

All of those are seen as rude in western culture, while slurping in eastern cultures is polite.

It's this thread again. Very original.

I was showing a Chinese girl around Amsterdam and they are physically able not to chew with their mouths open it's just that they can't help themselves act normally and instead go full plebian yet these girls still expect white guys to fall over themselves trying to woo them.

Nah fuck that, yellow peril leave.

>Still use a stick to eat with

Lol, chinks

You literally only say this not because you have witnessed this at all but because you base your opinions on simulated non-reality of tv shows.

Because hot noodles cool faster if you slurp them.

because different countries and cultures have different views on what is polite table manners. In Japan, for example, it's rude NOT to slurp your ramen, pasta or soups.

Chinese and SEA are the worst for table manners usually though.

ohhh noodre so hottu
ohhh I no stoppu for toddrer in street I just run ova hehehe
*inhales fumes from the nearby lead processing plant*

wew lad

all the tourist chinese people I've had the displeasure to meet all seem to be very arrogant and self centered, most of them don't even bother trying to be polite


Why to Asians chew their food, spit it back onto their plate and then eat it again?


what did he mean by this

Mistook an Asian for a cow. Common mistake
a very good read on the Chinese and why they are awful people

because they're all raised by their grandparents and old people ain't got no teeth.

Because it was never seen as impolite. I imagine it's because East Asia grew up in a culture/environment of scarcity, so the main focus was not-starving rather than etiquette.

It's just like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, you don't care about self-esteem if you can't even eat properly. Since Westerners didn't have to worry about famine and had basic needs met, they could look beyond and l focus on more superfluous shit

>I'm annoyed that people from cultures different from my own do things differently than I do
Guess what? Many of them speak other languages and have different religions as well. And they eat different food, too. Unbelievable, isn't it?

I've often wondered this too. I asked this Nip friend of mine why they slurp their fucking noodles so god damned loud when he did it with SPAGHETTI when my girlfriend, him, and his gf went out on a double date. He said it has something to do with cooling the noodles faster or something. I asked him why he doesn't just wait a few minutes or blow on it like a civilized human being, or, you know, have Jap cooks not serve their noodles at 212F.

Fucking savages. Especially the Chinese.

You know what's the worst? They have absolutely no volume control and cannot speak plainly.

the most disgusting of actions a white person can perform does not even remotely compare to the revolting nature of having shit colored skin.

Then why don't they stay home with their own culture instead of shitting up someone else's country?

I don't care what language someone speaks or what cultural practices they have. If you want to make your women wear a veil and castrate her because you're so insecure, fine, do it, but do it in Saudi Arabia. If you want to yap away in Spanish all day and do nothing but eat Hispanic food, celebrate Hispanic holidays, and work at Hispanic businesses, fine, but do it in Latin America.

The West does not need these third world immigrants.

Because Japanese women are basically 6 year old girls and Japanese men are women.

Make us leave.

We are, shitskin. Your free ride is over.




get gassed, shitskin


go back to shitting your pants, fucking retard

their languages are shit, their religions are shit, their food is shit, they are shit, and we should fucking exterminate them to the last man, woman, and child, as if they were no more than cockroaches in our kitchen.

you're retarded. that kind of stuff happens constantly in the west.

t. canada

yeah, whites just focalize their shit, usually in their pants

>The West does not need these third world immigrants.
So who is gonna pick the fruit? Who will cook your food when you go out to eat? Politics aside it's recent immigrants who keep food not just interesting, but in many cases available in the first place. I purposely live in an immigrant neighborhood because I want access to that. To me that's a big part of what makes America great.

It's being interpreted through a hardcore right-wing filter, but the events actually happened.

food does not need to be 'interesting'. that is irrelevant. and food is already too cheap here. we have become too fat and soft. it is time to purify our population of the shitskins, and that means getting rid of the slave labor. they are cancer and we need chemotherapy. you are cancer. diversity is weakness. it is time for real change.



The only thing that makes America great is being allowed to exploit others for profit. It's why I love this country. Worried about shitskins? Why?

I live in a gated community, why don't you?

Too poor? Guess what?

>You're a shitskin too


When one studies history it is Black people that should be fearful of White people. White people have done far more acts of pathalogical behavior towrd Blacks than Blacks have ever done to White people. White people are the original terrorists in this country.

>t. "It's just a wet fart, I don't need to clean myself yet"

>diversity is weakness.
Yet it's been part of our country from the start. The relevant places in America have always had many different groups of people in them. Angry racist drivel is popular in the irrelevant places where people have no consolation for their miserable lives beyond the fact that their white. Not my jam.

>mfw eurolards are so obsessed they literally keep a collection of people with shitty pants

>The relevant places in America have always had many different groups of people in them
But that's false.

>so obsessed with america you have several images of them on your UNICEF laptop

wow that's real gross...

why would you save these pictures?

Not that irrelevant, they help put into power a man that has made several rich people richer.

>Trump's win basically bought me a Tesla and I'm not even rich

white people are the most humane, benevolent, generous, compassionate creatures on the planet. we alone invented the idea that slavery is bad. we alone invented the concept of human rights. we alone invented the concept of democracy. we alone invented egalitarianism. we alone condemn racism. we are far too nice. it is time that we became downright cruel.

no, it hasn't. this is a european nation. europeans are congenitally superior to other sorts of humans. this is a christian, white nation. blacks are slaves that need to be deported, and mexicans are invaders that need to be deported. diversity has never at any time been a factor in our success. diversity has never at any time been a part of america.

calling this 'angry racist drivel' is just your way of expressing the fact that you've been brainwashed by television and media to believe it's alright to ignore things that are right in front of your face, if it's popular to do so. it's time for you to open your eyes and see the light.

>we are far too nice. it is time that we became downright cruel.