I see a lot of people saying that Chicago is the "foodie capitol of the US" but I think a lot of people are missing the...

I see a lot of people saying that Chicago is the "foodie capitol of the US" but I think a lot of people are missing the real foodie center: Branson.

>Damma's BBQ & Burger Shop
>Dairy Land
>Billy Gail's Cafe
>India Clay Oven And Grill
>Cantina Laredo
>WHite River Fish House
>Vasken's Deli
>Florentina's Ristorante Italiano
>Greek Gyros and Deli
>Baba's Burgers and Gyros
>Hungry Hunter Restaurant
>Coulee's Bar & Grill
>Branson Cafe

What's one of them? Is it like a mall or something?

>he's never heard of Branson, MO
Global rule 2, kiddo.

I dunno, i hear there is a pretty bad kimchee shortage there.
Not really foodie grade city if thats true.

Frickin' iPhone I swear =_=

>Not recognizing flyover cities is an underage trait.
Here's your (you) Mister Rulebook.

Branson is as far from flyover as you can get....

Did you drop out of school in the 1st grade? Fucking hell...

Jew detected

If it ain't on the coast it's a flyover, period.

Branson is on the coast of the White River you fucking idiot.

That's like saying Chicago is a "Flyover". They're both fly-tos.

why are you acting like Branson is NYC or something?


coast means its next to water you fucking moron.

I never said it was. Branson is far more superior than New Cuck Shitty, it's time we give it some recognition. If Chicago is a food hub so is Branson.

No it doesn't.
Coast specifically relates to the sea.
Fucking flyover idiot.

I guess Paris is flyover, then.

Bob's Dairy Land fucking sucks and is below McDonalds. They can also only seat about 10 people and they're attached to a gas station so it smells bad.
It's spelled Mitsuneko not Mitsuneki.
It's Florentino's not Florentina's.
Tequila's not listed.
Landry's not listed.

Shit list 3/10.

Oh yeah, is White River Fish House the one owned by Bass Pro? Fuck that place too, shitty portions for the price.

Look at ANY fucking map, guess what retard? The ocean goes into the sea, the sea goes into the lakes and the lakes go into rivers which go into streams and then ponds and lagoons. Branson is coastal, it's literally right next to the White River (one of the rivers in America).

Bob's Dairy Land is Elder god tier if you hit it at the right time (before noon, Tues-Thurs).

Mitsuneko is the best Japanese food in town, I don't see your problem with it. Are you just too poor?

Florentino's is an amazing Italian restaurant. Try it before you knock it.

Tequila's is more of an adult bar rather than a family friendly place, too much like Dave & Buster's without the games.

Landry's is without a doubt the best on the list I was just going by what I remembered.

I had no problem with the portions because I'm not mordibly obese. Just my 2 cents.

fuck missouri, how did you white apologist faggots get into the SEC

nah bring that bullshit round chiraq you faggot ass nigga ill roll up wit that draco bitch

I just had to double-check that I've been through Missouri on a roadtrip. I was in Tulsa and from there drove back to New York, so I guess I must have, but it's like a void.

Hey friend

Branson is GOAT. It's like Vegas without the faggotry.

>this one samefag from mizzliterallywho spamming the board with the branson meme
off yourself my man

Sorry dude, I was just visiting. I live in Vegas.

Vegas fucking sucks. Food's good, though.

That looks like the list of restaurants in a mall food court, I'm not impressed

If by a mall you mean the city of Branson

Is there alcohol in Branson? I went went I was 8 years old when I went but I swear it was dry town or something.
Silver Dollar City kicked ass though.

>I see a lot of people saying that Chicago is the "foodie capitol of the US"
That's only people from Chicago. No one else says that or still uses the word "foodie".

Branson has a population of like 10k people. Nobody goes there except people from other parts of the shithole state of Missouri.

>welcome to Branson
>home of many 4 (Yelp) star restaurants
>don't forget to get anally raped before ya'll leave

No I mean a shitty flyover burnt out mall that can barely keep the lights on with like 3 shops left where nothing ever moved into the space Montgomery Ward was in after it closed in the 90s and the only things of interest are a Dollar Tree and a shitty half-empty seasonal Christmas/Halloween store

Oh wait, that's actually all of Missouri, maybe that explains it

>coastal fags hate me for some reason because they have to fly over me to get to their wine tastings or whatever
>i literally think nothing of them, just enjoy my life and family

Why are coastal fags so salty towards us? Maybe living on the coast isn't that great?

sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of public transportation, world class universities and hospitals, restaurants representing every cuisine on the planet, and a body of water that you can get to in under 30 minutes that isn't just a polluted swamp

>I can't hear you over the sound of public transportation

That's unfortunate. Maybe once you make some big boy money you can move away from the train tracks.

btfo coastie fags will never recover

>driving in the city
>moving 0.2mph
>public transit
>peaceful, cheap, don't have to do anything, no car to maintain, I can ride all day for $10


>driving in the country

Thanks for showing the Great Lakes Region so much love. Truly the heart of this country.


This might be the worst thread I've ever seen.

yeah we should all move into Mega-City One so everyone can eat burmese and ethiopian food everyday

>being this fucking stupid

Branson is the flyover capitol.

No one goes to Branson except those weirdos who think shit-tier theater is good, elderly tourists, and people with shit taste in music (not mutually exclusive categories)

Sounds good to me, that's why I plan to move to Boston some day

>having this much of an inferiority complex

What is a "fly over" and why do nu-males post about it so much?

flyover transplant fuck off

The only thing the elusive coastal Cletus has to feel proud of.

p. hilarious how flyover hillbillies from Portland, Seattle and Boston are so desperate not to be like THOSE flyover hillbillies

>ss....s....seriously guys we aren't f...f...ff....flyover

Mate I can spit to 495 or the NH border that's hardly flyover

>10$ kimchi
Not landing my jet there.

palmdale is only an hour from LA but that doesn't mean it's not flyover

They wanted to tap into the missouri tv market

I live in Medford right now, it's pretty chill

probably all the salt in the ocean is coating them in a fine mist

don't worry they will all be under water soon thanks to trump :^)

>I can ride all day for $10
that buys me a week's worth of gas

You're all nu-males to me.

>tfw my wine tastings are a half hour drive away

Shut the fuck up you fucking cager bastard.

Even city slickers can admit that driving in the country is nice, theres something legitimately wrong with you if you would rather drive in heavy traffic than on a quiet highway

you seem upset, perhaps a trip to the countryside would do you some good :^)

I went to the Yakov Smirnoff dinner theater there. NYC is overrated.


Daily reminder that /Branson/ is the food capital of America



Wow! I've never seen my town on here before. Good list, too. We're you around when Chester's was still on 76? They had the most amazing burgers I've ever eaten. The biggest problem with food in Branson is finding the good stuff. There are so many chains, and so much bland over warmed Americana that when you do find a place like Vasken's or Baba's it's easy to overdo it and get burned out on a place.

BKG wishes it were fly-to. We can't get a serious airline for shit.

No. No it is not. Chicago is big enough to have an amazing diversity in terms of population and restaurant choice. Branson is where show careers go to die. Don't believe me? Michael Bolton came through a few years back. Yakov finally called it quits. Andy Williams fucked off and died. We barely qualify as the Bible Belt Vegas.

>carrot cake with little carrot imagery

how delightfully quaint

LMAO at this thread. Branson is a horribly branded tourist trap based on bullshit theme parks, country music, some stinking limestone cave, backwater bass fishing, and shitty faux-southern food with an "Ozark" flair, whatever to fuck that means. Something about living in a trailer and eating road-killed coons. Its basically a shithole destination for flyovers who cant afford to fly, so they drive from places like Chicago, St, Louis, and Kansas City. It really doesn't get much worse than this. Its where third-rate celebrities go to die, after their hopes of Nashville and Vegas get squashed. 0/10, would not drive through again, you are much better off at 35,000 feet.

Nu male detected

So you live here too?

Who the fuck cares about kimchi? Would you really complain about a shortage of slow-cooked barbeque in small 10k population town in the middle of Korea?

>white apologists

How do so many people end up typing Veeky Forums instead of Reddit into the address bar I just don't fucking get it

>when he says he's from Branson

>amazing diversity



Love Branson. Amazing how one city can have such tropical, golden beaches as well as some of the greatest ski slopes in America. A city of such incredible natural beauty, our national park is home to the tallest Redwoods in the world, and I love hiking the Branson Mountain trails.

Branson's architecture is also world-renowned, from the awe-inspiring gothic Branson Cathedral to modernist, imposing skyscrapers-taller than even the Empire State Building.

Branson also has more Michelin star restaurants per capita than any other city, which all use local ingredients. We grow the finest fruit and vegetables, plus the Branson breed makes the tastiest steaks and burgers.

George Washington wanted to make Branson the capital of the United States.

lmao at this flyover pleb trying to meme his shitty ass city on Veeky Forums.
I live in flyover land as well and have never heard of this place.

According to local legend, Jesus himself visited Branson.

>he fell for the diversity meme

Don't forget the Mormons declared that the site Branson sits on was the actual Biblical Garden of Eden! Hallelujah! Praise Branson, MO to the skies!

I'm definitely bringing my next evangelical convention to your Christian city with such good and pure American values. What convinced me was we can all carry our guns while we pray!

This is some smug coasty nonsense

They want the whole country to be the same bland reruns from new york and Cali

Holy shit you saw him.
Dude, I saw that guy like 20 years ago when I was a kid. Tell me what it was like dude, you have to.

Go back to fucking NYC and get mugged

Best place to stay in Branson? Just booked flights for me and my fiance's honeymoon! She's a foodie so there was no other choice :)

How many Jamal's make a diversity?

But wallmart sell it for $10 a gallon apparently