Why won't Lay's bring this flavor back? It was always my favorite, but I never see it in stores anymore...

Why won't Lay's bring this flavor back? It was always my favorite, but I never see it in stores anymore. Is there somewhere I can get it online, or have they been discontinued everywhere?

I genuinely miss the Carolina Barbecue flavor.

Lay's are trash, worst mass market chip by far.

Be silent blasphemer

I picked up a bag of these recently and oh my god where have you been all my life?

Spicy potato chips are the PERFECT drinking snack. These are great with beers.

Unfortunately they're apparently limited edition and hard to find.

Anyone know something similar that's widely available? If not I'm considering trying to make my own.

Thats not a real flavour

When I was 19 I made the stupidest decision of my life. I drove after drinking. It was night and hard to see but I was determined I was getting home and nothing was stopping me. In my drunken state I started to veer into the oncoming lane with one eye open. Shortly after a van with a family almost collided with me but I was just aware enough to swing the wheel and miss. I went through a guardrail and into a tree. To this day I thank the auto manufacturer for installing a bag of lays potato chips with every vehicle because if it werent for that bag popping out on impact Id be dead right now, or paralyzed.

I think this sounded funnier in your head user.

I think your a faggot.

If there wasn't any nitrogen (yes nitrogen, not air) in the bags, the chips would get crushed to shit and you'd be left with crumbs before it even got to the store.
I wish people would shut the fuck up about it.

plebs, the lot of yas.

The Doritos Ketchup are somehow better, that's how bad those are. GOAT brand and flavour in pic.
>he prefers flavoured over plain salted
What's it like being 15 in 2017?

fuck...where can I get these....

>Miss Vickies's
>not the best flavor ever invented

I wish I was 15 bitch
You have different taste to me so you're clearly wrong

Best chips are plain ruffles dipped in ketchup...although those prime rib chips sound amazing.

Speckled Dutchman? Is that a sex thing?

I'm in Denver and often the bags here are like balloons about to pop.

why did lay's get rid of those roasted garlic lattice chips?

>he's never had speckled dutchman lays

I miss these bad boys

Not that user, but this is the type of shit you'd see get upvoted on reddit.

Not here. Better luck next time.

stand back


Try dipping them in sour cream. Enjoy being 600lbs, you hamplanet.

>upvoted on reddit.

Utz bacon/horseradish is good too, you have Sheetz?

tits or gtfo

Presumably from Kroger.

if you think that's bad try bringing a bag of chips on an airplane

Never fear, Veeky Forums. The god-tier of chips has arrived.

These are actually fucking amazing. Would recommend/10.

I remember when I was small back in the late nineties, there was this absolutely godlike Lay's flavor. It only lasted for a few months around here but I remember the taste of these mighty chips vividly even now. I can't even find a picture of it on google, nor do I remember how was it called exactly but it was some kind of smoke flavor. Lay's that tasted like you'd just leave them smoking above of some quality wood. Great times. I miss those.

these truly are the best flavor chip.
Pic related isn't bad either.


I'm more a Durr's kind of guy.

Who /coconut oil chips/ here?

Boulder makes some nice 'chips.

dear god no, it better at least have the vitamin B in it

THIS, I love this

Well, I like Vickie's Jalepano

I can't remember which company made the lime and black pepper chips I used to get from my HS's vending machine.

not so fast there buddy...

>anything from New Orleans

I'll be so glad when that place finally goes underwater

Superior ketchup flavored chips.