What does Veeky Forums think of 4 loko? Also do you put a 5 hour energy shot in ur can to bring back the og loko?

What does Veeky Forums think of 4 loko? Also do you put a 5 hour energy shot in ur can to bring back the og loko?

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Tastes like the cloaca of a dead crow.

I...so many questions.

no, its p bad now. its hard to stomach if you want to drink it all night. just do some regular cocktails and ritalin rails

4 loko gold is awesome, tastes like redbull. The new frost flavor was horrible, did anyone try blaze?

Also the new flavors are 14%

i hate the new flavors in ur picture but gold is pretty great

>4loco blaze it faggot

What dpes blaze tase like?

these are pretty good, just not on their own. You use them to make what I call a "Sidewalk Slam".

>get 1 can of this vile swill
>and a 40oz malt liquor beverage of your choosing
>drink the 40 down to the label
>funnel in the 4loko

Make sure you have some money set aside for bail too.

the blaze and frost both taste like previous flavors just a bit heavier taste. but blaze was better then frost

Buy an ad faggot

I saw this posted b4, I tried it and ended up asleep on my porch

I haven't found those anywhere in my country besides some chinese owned minimarket I visited once

I prefer brass monkeys with malt liquor and sunny D

yeah the gold is based, been meaning to try the new flavors but the guy at the gas station has been really shilling them super hard to me so I've just been sticking to the gold

4loko gold is pretty okay tasting and the extra abv is good because I've been a drunk for a long time. I'm not a fan of the sour apple one and the other day I saw a cinnamon flavored 14%abv one and it sounds disgusting.

The red and watermelon flavors are always okay if there is no gold.

I drink 4 of the golds a day on work days and about 6 of them on days off. My fiance bought me one of the new blaze ones and it's been sitting in the fridge untouched for almost 2 weeks now. Even when I run out of gold I still won't touch it. When I first wake up I mix a can of red bull in with the first can since they taste similar and are same color.


Never tried it but alcohol + caffeine gives me severe cramps and sometimes sleep paralysis.

>4 cans on a work day

for fucks sake are you diabetes yet how the fuck do you drive

It takes an average of 2 full cans before it even starts kicking in now to where I feel anything from it. I just drink 1.5 in the morning with redbull to stop the shakes, then shower, get dressed, drive an hour to work and drive all day for work, come home, drink the other 2.5 while avoiding any food and chain smoking.

I thought this was an 18+ website?

Go shill somewhere else faggot

yeah alright that's cool and all but can you direct me to your gf who will buy these shits for me without getting pissy and complaining about my drinking/being dead in the floor for hours?

My Asian wife can take several beers and only get a lil tipsy, because she's a bitch. She wanted to try 4 loops because of some YouTube video. She was totally wasted on 2 cans. I did things to her butt that night.

Always wondered why this board and /k/ have the highest concentration of alcoholics.

>I did things to her butt that night
Isn't that considered rape?

Because Veeky Forums is populated by a shitload of /k/, and /k/ has issues.

*4 lokos
Auto correct...

Also, we both woke up sick. She puked a bunch. I was nauseated as fuck.

yeah that's normal actually. I drink them a lot.
sore apple best flavor.

dude you can have her. She just sits on the couch staring at her phone when she's home. That's it. While screaming at every one.

is she fat? who's she texting? does she do sex on you?

We don't have sex in over one year now. I posted in another thread last week about her. She just sits there screaming at me and her kids and won't fucking leave ever. She gets fatter by the day and eats everything and makes the kids personal frozen pizza and shit every day for dinner.

have you tried turning her off and back on again? does she at least have long hair?

why dont you break up with her? honestly you sound like a piece of shit as well but maybe yall feed into eachother

From the sounds of it, he's failing pretty bad at turning her on

Like, are you married to her? Are they your kids?

4 loco is shit.


I enjoy your blogshit, but I think you're kind of a scumbag and you deserve someone as shitty as her.

got drunk with my bros on the sour apple ones, wrong choice flavorwise.

That sounds rough user.

I hope you get the help you need.

I think they're gross based on black cherry.

Weren't they removed because they had harmful stuff in it?

I've drank 4lokos a couple times and I've never had alcohol give me a headache -while- I'm drinking it. Every time. I'm one of the lucky few that doesn't get hangovers but jesus christ I had like 2 cans and wanted to die half an hour in.

this is what bum-wine does to me. Wild Irish Rose, go directly to hangover, do not collect 200 dollars.

Four Loko isn't HORRIBLE to me, it's just not particularly pleasant, and it's syrupy as fuck. And it's overpriced relative to the alcohol content. I'd take a 40 of King Cobra or Old English ten times out of ten, for both drinkability and price.
Hell, gimme some Milwaukee's Best Ice. That shit is 6.9%abv now!

They sell for $1.98 here and 3 or 4 of them have 14% now.

I love it. It fucks you up in a special way even without the caffeine (after 2 or 3). Hangovers are absolutely brutal though

This is a kids or a bitch drink, people who can't drink real alcohol.

Bullshit mate, it's also a "I live in a shitty state where I can't buy liquor 24 hours but still want to get really fucked up past 10 pm" drink.

We did this with Loko and King Cobra, I remember it being called Hyper Viper

Mexcian joint we went to had unlimited margaritas. Never had such a hangover from pure sugar and shitty tequila.

Gives me a headache after drinking, like an hour after. It's like flavored Steel Reserve.

It'll fuck you right up

well I smoked three and a half four lokos sore apple last night before becoming the floor and waking up this morning not remembering I drove to del taco and Jack on the box and ate like 2000 cals of junk foo. god damnit this shit is decent

drink 3 of the blaze one night. Was never so sick in my life. And im a bit of an alcoholic... never again user.

This guy knows

Drank the frost and it fucked me up bad. I was shirty blue for a day.
But I drink them on a budget since its 2 for $6 at my 711 to get fucked

Saw this post and that fucken picture and I cant fucken stop laughing


just buy some well whiskey and grow up

dave? is that you? we used to call em sidewalk slammers too, didnt know it was a common thing

i like to pop gas station dick pills, drink 4 lokos and fuck strippers

That will totally get you fucked up. I'm tempted to try this but I'm scared to

gold tasted like battery acid to me but damn did it get the job done

Keep seeing this posted but Im convinced it has to be a meme
I just can't imagine putting that in you

>ritalin rails
casual, why rail it when u can just swallow for similar effects?

just skip this bullshit and KYS faggot

Dumbass railing it gives you the high almost instantly. That's the point of railing anything. You can eat cocaine too (though it would numb your mouth and throat) and get high, but it would have to be digested first.

Well Veeky Forums is the board where alcohol threads belong so alcoholism threads are totally allowed here.

Did I post this comment last night or are you not me?

yeah i understand this, but why would you lay waste to your intranasal lining by railing a drug that is nearly as potent when swallowed. Would much rather rail coke or speed or anything other than prescription pills.

Why would I kill myself? I love my life. I live in the middle of no where and do whatever I want out here, two beautiful daughters, make around $90k a year which is way more than enough and I have plenty of time to kill and do whatever. If the bitch would leave the couch it would be nice though but I have to evict her according to law since she's lived on the couch so long

I am not you.

Oh okay. I drink several golds a day and have been for a couple years now and I've developed a cavity. What about you? How's your oral health?

>Gas station dick pills
Good 'ol Bing Bings. If you ever need to fuck your way out of a steel box

How beautiful is beautiful? To be fair most people think their shit doesn't stink. You got some pics? Otherwise they're little miss piggies.

Gold is amazing
>frost is good enough
>blaze is nasty

Tried the Cobra and Loko... everything was a blur an hour after.

Woke up had the worst stomach pains.
>I would do it again

This. Saved me last night at 2 am.

huh huh, huh huh huh, oral