For me, it's the bacon egg and cheese

For me, it's the bacon egg and cheese.

Ooooohhhhh my favorite!!!!

Tofu bacon!!! Tofu scramble for eggs!! Nutritional yeast based cheese!! All on a vegan everything bagel!!!

I'm vegan!!!!!!!

I don't like eggs.
French toast, yes.
Quiche, no.

I noticed that the Muslim owned delis in NYC tend to use beef bacon, it's mildly disappointing

That beef bacon shit is terrible

I can tolerate it but I'd much prefer real bacon. Thats why you gotta hit the Latin delis instead when possible.

The muslim deli by me actually sells pork products

yeah some of them do sell pork. But I believe most of them don't. Same thing with beer.

maybe the really hard core ones do, my yemeni one will give you all the ham and bacon you want. I mean I guess they could be yemeni jews or yemeni christians or something, but I kinda doubt it because if they were jews they wouldn't be willing to combine egg and bacon, and if they were christian they'd have jesus pictures everywhere and they wouldn't have shut down to go to that anti-trump yemeni business owner protest last month

I'm sure it varies of course, but the last two Muslim owned delis I went to, presumably Yemeni owned, gave me beef bacon.

I'll take an SEC over a BEC any day.

You and me both.

Word. A bit of hot sauce, and good to go.

Yes, very yes.

>living near muslims

ah yes, the so called coastal superiority

They're more prevalent in the Midwest. Jews on the east coast. Buddha in California.

They're great to be around as far as food is concerned. Their restaurants and markets tend to be inexpensive and full of delicious things.

Imagine being so "economically uncertain" you'd rather eat white bread with mayo every day than come into contact with good people from other countries

city "folk" BTFO

it's le epic white people only eat mayo meme

enjoy your paki semen enriched "cuisine"

>it's le epic white people only eat mayo meme

No, it's just an example of boring flyover food.

For me

>Supporting muslims
Kill yourself, and take that deli owner and his family with you.

lol which ones do you go to?? jew biz serve MUCH more beef bacon than muslim biz. it's a fact.

I ask for ketchup, salt & pepper on my ham egg & cheese from the bodegas. 90% of the bodegas dont ever season their breakfast items, so you have to ask specifically. ridiculous, i know.

Why are flyovers so obsessed with killings and violence?

Is putting cheese unnecessarily on fucking everything the height of American cuisine?

Beats me. Violent crime is at an all time low here in Branson. We've been called the safest city in North America.

Why are citiy folk so obsessed with multiculturalism?

I hate when "people" use bagels to make sandwiches. Bagel bread is too fucking dense for sandwiches.

Fuck you talking about "unnecessarily". It's in the damn name you godless heathen.

Is Branson a fucking meme or something?

that's a roll though

Why are country folk so obsessed with their cousins?


Wait till they start selling artisanal kimchi there. Then we can talk

>bagel not toasted
not for me

What's everyones favourite fillings in a bagel? i'd like to broaden my bagel-eating horizons

lox, cream cheese, and a slice of onion

pork roll, egg, cheese on a toasted everything bagel is god tier

feta and salad

Salmon cream cheese

For me, it's the disciplinary loaf

Why are city folk so obsessed with getting fucked up the butt by multiple men for the sake of tolerance?

>They're great to be around as far as food is concerned.
I fucking love getting reminded every 5 seconds how eating pork is why 80 people deserved to be run over by a truck. So open minded.

Why are you such a faggot?

where do you live m8?

Beef bacon? Honestly never heard of this, I thought the go-to bacon substitute was turkey bacon.

>I fucking love getting reminded every 5 seconds
Who's reminding you, the voices in your head that tell you Tyrone is coming to rape your wife?

nyc, you?

in ur mum's fat arse m8

Everything bagel with spring onion cream cheese. Maybe some smoked salmon and maybe some extra pickled onions. Gotta drink it with strong coffee/espresso or else your breath will be heinous as fuck at work. I live in NYC and the bagels are fucking great here, too.

They all listen to the Insane Clown Posse

Are you down with the clown?

Yes, beef bacon seems to be the norm for bacon substitute in NYC. Turkey bacon is probably inferior as a substitute since it comes from poultry.

This was me today.


hope you enjoy living nowhere & amounting to nothing :^)

I want to move to New York and lick Ecuadorian women's buttholes