Whats the comfiest food to eat when its cold outside?

Whats the comfiest food to eat when its cold outside?

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Thick soup or ramen/pho, hot and liquid


Oatmeal w/ banana, berries

It has to be the Mc Chicken sandwich

Chili or soup

what the fuck is raclette, you damn dirty foreigner

I make a huge pot of beef stew that we eat off of for at least a couple of days.


Stews, hearty soups and braises.

Your best friend after you've both been lost in the cold wilderness of northern Canada for 17 days, but only packed enough food for a week and already had to eat your beloved dog with a side of half-rotten frozen berries you found while digging through the snow to start a new campfire.


Ice cream


Campfire hash. Baked potato in foil (which you cut up after), some onion, some meat, pepper and seasoning. Good as fuck all bundled up getting warm around a fire in the middle of the winter with your friends and a few drinks.

sounds p comfy 'bh, reminds of being in the boy scouts and going on camping trips and getting my asshole plundered by the scout leader's big veiny pine log down by the crik

damn, that sounds pretty damn comfy as well...

What the fuck are you talking about? I'm American. Just an American lucky enough to hang in Switzerland some of the time. You should try it. It's pretty fucking nice.

Why do people think its okay to pig out just because its cold outside?
Its likely the cold makes you LESS active, and you will burn even fewer calories. Why does this make people want to stuff themselves with meat, potatoes, macaroni and cheese?

Minestrone soup. Hot and a little spicy is great for warming up.


tomato curry fries

coffee,cigs, and a colorful donut

>You should try it
you still didn't tell me what the fuck it is you goddamn retard

minestrone should be served cold

Rack of back ribs roasted over the fire.
make sure you season them first.

>minestrone should be served cold

Cup noodles.

soup de jore

kimchi jiggae


A fucking bullet because fuck being cold

takes more energy to maintain body temperature in the cold

This homemade chicken pot pie recipe is the best one I've ever had. It's become my go to recipe and it's absolutely amazing. You must read the directions carefully and follow the steps exactly as they say but if you do all the prep work first, and then do everything right, you won't be disappointed.


Don't tell me you are outside for more than 10 minutes a day? Most of you probably get in a heated car with a heavy coat and have a short walk from a parking lot, and that's it. Cold weather is just an excuse for fatties to eat more garbage.
Now, if you are actually a construction worker, logger, or Eskimo, then fine, you earned it from actually being exposed to the cold, but most people here are keyboard warriors in a comfy heated home.

Soups, stews, waffles, hot cocoa, glühwein, gf's

Learn to google you inbred fuck.

Slow roasted meats.

Leg of lamb, beef cheeks, Pork shoulder.

I love slow roasting meat all day long on cold, rainy days with the heater on, drinking a cup of tea as I watch movies, read or occasionally play videogames.

shut up, retard

Oh yeah my bad for actually discussing food on the food board... what was I thinking?! I'll just let you get back to your mcchicken and jack posting now.

Classic après ski meal of melted cheese scraped over potatoes served with dried beef, other cured meats, pickles and a fuckton of wine. Best in front of a roaring fire. Comfy af.