Who here /water/?

who here /water/?

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I wish I had a fanta tap.

>drinking water

desu I only ever really drink coke and alcohol

Water doesn't have enough flavor
I'd rather stick to my delicious coka cola


nice dubs

i miss xim. Xis videos and comics were true works of art.

to americans this is water. basically, there isn't a single thing they eat that isn't cancerous

Found the obsessed dipshit.

i bet the water even makes them fat, bloated like the animals they are

also did i do it correctly or did i come off a bit strong? im kinda new to this shitposting thing and i need a solid critique

>consuming the hydrogen jew

you did a fine job lad


amazing water trick
must see

>Live in Wisconsin 2mins from Lake Michigan
>our tap water tastes better than bottled water

stay mad flyoverfags. flint is god's punishment for michigan having so many muslims

upper Michigan here 1 minute away from superior with my own well

you don't know shit about water bud

Wisconsin is about 14 times as flyover as Michigan. Even if Detroit is a shithole it's still a large city. Wisconsin doesn't have one of those

Milwaukee has about the same population, considering Detroit is basically abandoned. Michigan is just as flyover as Wisky.

>have a well
>in Alaska

fuck other inferior water.

>not flyover

>our tap water tastes better than bottled water
you do realize that bottled water is literally tap water in a bottle

ausfag here. grew up in a tiny town without a sewer system or town water, so we had to collect our own. usually tasted pretty gud unless it hadn't rained for 6 or 12 months.

had a possum fall in our tank and drown once.

Found the obese dipshit.

ugh gross

how is your internet not frozen?

water? like out the toilet?

>2mins from Lake Michigan
>chicago runoff


you need to look at a map


I don't get the flyover bullshit. It must be perpetuated by people who don't go outside. People who have never discovered the joy of hiking miles away from civilization and immersing oneself in nature. I mean, I've lived in Chicago all my life and there are always things to do in the city, but Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, they all have gorgeous scenery. You don't get that inside a city. Flyover is the lowest form of shitposting.

>living in flint MI


And sugar.

>joy of hiking miles away from civilization and immersing oneself in nature


I ain't never seen no plant growin' out of no toilet.

What's up dude, I'm in California on that nature shit
I don't need to live in a barren hell hole to find greenery