McDonald's fails

International edition

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The Deluxe line, which was an attempt to sort of offer a menu that appealed to a 'more mature/refined' audience.

The big commercial for one sandwich involved kids describing how gross & weird it was. I know what angle they were going for, but generally it isn't a good idea to make an ad that people might think is saying "You might not like this."

>At the end of every McDonald's commercial, they say "Prices and participation may vary." I want to own a McDonald's and not participate in anything. I want to be a stubborn McDonalds owner. "Hi, can I have a quarter-pounder?" "No, you may not. We've got spaghetti and blankets! We are not affiliated with that clown. He attracts too many children."

I think it was bread

If you search for new menu items for a burger company how the fuck do you end up with spaghetti?!

that picture is pretty cute, i don't know if any of it is true but its nice marketing

Very much so. I remember the christmas my sister got this whole setup. They were made with bread, and you were supposed to "salt" them with cinnamon. I can't recall what the burgers were made of. Something mashed up with chocolate. For buns, you were supposed to use nilla wafers.

It wasn't long before we started using the fry maker to mangle play-doh and shit.

Let me guess: Philippines?

Looks like a copy of Jolibee

we had a McDonald's by the beach in Florida that served pizza. I remember people saying it was really good but this was back in the 90s. it was the only one in the area that served pizza.

I tried the BIG TASTY BACON when it was the new hot item here in Germany. It was shit.

Video related: The Big Tasty Expert

I don't see the difference that the flipped bun makes

Because cheese tastes best when it's melting. Not already melted.
They don't use cheese anyway though. They use what I like to call 'American slices', or yellow plastic.

The cheese melts less into the toasted edges because they're less porous.
The open porous sides contact the mouth directly and don't get to sponge as much middle stuff.
It's weird.

I had this when I visited New Zealand.
Genuinely, it was the nicest meal I've ever had at a McDonald's.

isn't he dead?

>KiwiBurger.. That's our fucker!
u wot

I dunno. Source?

I spent two minutes trying to figure out what "Pachicken McDo for joy" meant until I realized this is probably one of the foreign ones.

Fun fact: the original McPizza is still available in Pomeroy, Ohio. Not kidding. Look it up.

I unironically liked it. It lasted like three months here in Mexico.

Obligatory tuna pie from Pattaya, Thailand.

>They don't use cheese anyway though. They use what I like to call 'American slices', or yellow plastic.

How about mcdonalds wins?

Had a spicy one eurodollar burger in the czech republic. It had chili ketchup and no stupid cucumber

doesn't look that bad desu


Looks better than most pizza posted here besides go za


I really miss the Angus burgers

What did they mean by this?


>Beet on a burger

I just threw up in my mouth a little