What does Veeky Forums think about pineapple pizza ?

what does Veeky Forums think about pineapple pizza ?

I likey

Only memelord faggot babies claim too like it but relly actually hate it just say they dont too be poppular

I've always liked it. I like most pizzas, really.

Makes me sad that nobody seems to like it so I'll never get to share one with anybody.
Pls stop this pineapple-hating meme

i think the sweetness of the pineapple helps compliment the other savory aspects of the pizza. sorry for not bashing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so good, especially with pepperoni and jalapeno. the sweetness and the mild spice is next level

I quite like it and frankly don't get the hate.

My wife always orders pineapple and jalapeno. It's not a bad combo. I would never order that but I'll eat it.

Love it. Absolute favourite. I've heard Italians do not recognise it as a real pizza but they also mate the Ferrari California so no guilt here

Its like you're not even trying anymore. Sad.

The combination of pineapple with tomato sauce and cheese is absolutely terrible. The sweet/salty argument is fully overshadowed by this.

If you could find a replacement for red sauce and mozzarella, then maybe you could make it work. It probably would be more of a foccaccia or flatbread than a pizza, though.

Nah just replace the pineapple with mango. It's a similar flavor combination but way better suited for pizza.

don't you get ham on your pineapple pizza? ham and pineapple goes great together

Your wife sounds like a fat slob

that doesn't change the tomato sauce and cheese

Yeah, and the sweet pineapple flavor contrasts and actually complements the salty and savory flavor of the cheese and sauce.

Wtf you neo-flyovers will eat anything, won't you?

Pineapple is on almost every top 10 pizza topping list I could find. I worked at Dominos and Pizza hut and always had orders for pineapple as a topping. It's only a thing on the internet to make fun of it or make fun of a person for liking it. Real life people don't give a fuck.

Only mental children hate pineapple pizza. Their pallets never developed beyond their coddled, 5-year-old state. They don't understand or appreciate the mingling of savory and sweet flavors. They probably still cut the crusts off their sandwiches.

The biggest proof is how immature pineappple-haters get. They fucking throw a fit when people mention it and start demanding that people who like pineapple need to die. Almost as bad as crybaby liberals.

>>Love it. Although never by itself, as some people assume. Always with ham, or maybe ham and bacon. The extra crisp and saltiness is a great match.

A brick oven pizzeria near me used to offer a spicy Hawaiian chicken pizza. Pineapple, chicken, bacon and roasted red peppers. Fucking delicious.

Who are you quoting?

Never got why it's a meme to hate on pineapple pizza. As a kid I only ever ate that kind of pizza when we were at a pizza place. I still like it.

I like pineapple, banana, peanuts and curry powder on my pizza.

Hawaiian pizza is severely overrated.

Pineapple + Pepperoni is the best

Pinneaple goes well with almost nothing in the culinary world so combining it with 4 of the most common ingredients is objectively retarded. Also it tastes bad and looks gay.

this sounds great!

I just started browsing Veeky Forums a few days ago and I have to say it's one of the worst boards I've seen for actual decent content. Every fucking day there is at least 2-3 pineapple pizza threads, as if anyone actually gives a fuck. Then there is the homeless threads and all the other duplicates. I can only assume it's the same lonely shit cook who has nothing else to post that just regurgitates these threads over and over.

stop making this fucking thread!
this is a daily fucking thing

i miss it

almost one year now since i went vegetarian, this is my worst temptation to go back to being a degenerate meat eater

It can be made to be decent or even decently good. But at the end of the day it's still pineapple on a pizza and the taste is still fucking weird. People like it because the strange taste actually takes their attention away from the shit tier tomato sauce and frozen dough they're most likely eating with it.

mango is fucking great- especially pickled mango. I've you've never had that, hit it son


what? Unless you're one of "those" vegans who won't even do dairy

better than pepperoni

It's shit but to be honest I hate every "topping" americans put on the horrible greasy mess they call pizza.

Anything other than sauce, burrata and basil/oregano leaves is pig disgusting.

Welcome to Veeky Forums, thank you for your blog, now fuck the fuck off to some meme board for edgy teenagers like /tv/ or /pol/.

Holy fuck all the neo-flyovers in this fucking thread.

Ananas on pizza is objectively bad, maybe you will learn this when you progress from the stone ages.

If a pizza place serves it I will not buy anything from them. It is a sure sigh that there bad.

I love pineapple on pizza. Fun fact though; Hawaiian pizza did not originate in Hawaii, and most natives actually hate it.

Wow please illumine us further with your sophisticated pallet

pineapple pizza with ranch is god tier

There's no "illuminating" an american, your palate (and your whole cosmovision for that matter) has been raped, pillaged and ultimately transformed by corporations.






Every fucking day some faggot makes a new thread asking about pineapples on pizza.

There are 3 goddamn threads right now. Can this meme please die already.

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