Yesterday I bought a carboon steel pan for 5$ out of curiosity. This is what the bottom looks after seasoning...

Yesterday I bought a carboon steel pan for 5$ out of curiosity. This is what the bottom looks after seasoning. Is it a bug or a feature of carbon steel pans ?

>Is it a bug
yes. have you tried updating your drivers

That doesn't look like a carbon steel pan.

What kind of heating element do you have

He should try turning his pan off and on again.

I have a gas stove, forgot to mention that. Says on the label it can be used on all heating elements except induction cooktops.

try running it as an administrator

Did you try operating it in safe mode?
What kind of antivirus do you have for it?

Guys jokes aside, I've never owned a carbon steel pan. I'm asking this because I'm not sure if it's safe to use since the odd discoloring and pattern burn on the bottom.

Discard of it

Many carbon steel pans ship with a wax coating to prevent them from rusting before being seasoned. Did you wash it really well first?

No. It didnt say on the label it was wax coated but sure seems like it is coated with something.

It's fucked then. Throw it away.

It's almost impossible to irreversibly fuck up a carbon steel pan...

Exactly, and yet he managed to.

Eh, if it was really only a $5 pan it's probably not worth the effort.

But it is only the bottom. The inside looks normal. I've never seen the bottom being coated with something ever. That is what concerns me, since it was a 5$ pan I'm sceptical about the chemical properties.

Did you season the bottom of it?
Might just be where the flame has burnt the oil you used there.

Also, if you did season the bottom of it; why are you seasoning the bottom of a steel pan? They don't rust right?

No, I did not season the bottom. But like I said it might've been seasoned all over from the shop even though it didnt say anything on the label.

Carbon steel is 99% iron, and will rust almost instantly if not seasoned.

If its not suitable for induction its not carbon steel.

Fuck knows what you've bought.

Carbon steel should be seasoned in the oven anyway.

Yeah, it doesn't look like carbon steel, and is way too cheap.

Fair enough. You are probably right since I've never owned a carbon steel pan. So should I just throw it away ?

Eh, I'd try just giving it a good wash in hot soapy water, drying it off and then have it over the flame a bit to make sure then try seasoning it again

Also, steel of any stripe shouldn't really be showing that kind of damage from a flame. Pretty clear that there's some kind of coating that you've burned away

OP, don't be a faggot. Does a magnet stick to the pan? If not it's probably aluminum and you have been lied to.

>Your computer is giving my pan viruses, user!

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Carbon steel pans always ends up with weird pattern when you first heat it to season. I would wash it thoroughly and then apply a very thin layer of oil and season it again.

Though idk if this is even a carbon steel pan. What's on the other side?

For example

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That's because it's carboon steel, user.

I came home and tested it, magnets stick to it. So I guess it is not aluminum.
Just black surface. I can take a pic of it.

Install gentoo

Are you cooking food on the bottom....?

If not, why do you care what the fuck the bottom looks like?

But I have two dads...

Because I have never owned a carbon steel pan and if this is a chemical reaction which is not typical for carbon steel pans I'm not willing to cook in it since it is probably a health hazard. If it is something normal then ok.

Yeah, oil reacting with carbon steel is hella toxic.

>health hazard

It's just miscolored because you fucking applied direct heat under it.

Take a picture of your stove top and i'd bet the burners have a pattern that would match the discolored spots.

It's a 5$ pan. I'm just careful.

>I'm just careful
paranoid is the word you're looking for

You're being a sperglord, not careful. It's fucking fine. In the future just clean it carefully in hot water and then season it.

For fucks sake, carbon steel/cast iron threads are always full of people going full autism about boiling a new pan with 1.492 ounces of potato peels and applying only the highest quality flaxseed oil.

JUST FUCKING USE IT. In 12 months it will be fine if you clean it after every use.

Wat a fag

I'm fucking confused because for me "season" means to add pepper, salt, etc; what are you guys talking about?

its 5 dollars you fucking jew let him throw it away and get a proper pan

Iron and steel cookware are "seasoned". That means you coat them with oil and then heat them up to polymerize the oil into a hard nonstick surface. That stops food from sticking to the cookware and also prevents it from rusting. It has nothing to do with flavor, spices, etc.

Your pan doesn't look properly seasoned

My carbon steel pan doesn't look anything like this. I'll take a picture when I get home of what it looks like now but this is what my pan looked like after ~10 seasoning rounds with canola oil.

I never do this, hm. what kinda oil do you use? Is it bad in any way?

wait why do this when the material should have these properties? Whats wrong with it rusting and being replaced? I feel like coating it so that you're not touching the original surface anymore is weird.

you rarely have to do it deliberately. Most iron and steel cookware come pre-seasoned, and it isn't needed on aluminum or stainless.

>is it bad in any way
No, it's a good thing. It makes the pan non-stick and prevents rust.

Because the raw material doesn't have those properties. Un-seasoned iron or steel cookware will result in your food sticking like mad and the cookware will rust within minutes of you cleaning it.

>>Whats wrong with it rusting
Food sticks
it's hard to clean
who wants to eat rust?

>> I feel like coating it so that you're not touching the original surface anymore is weird.
Nobody is perfect, user.

good points, I'm convinced

I'll deep fry my pan next time I see it

too much oil isn't good, you just want a thin coating. If necessary do several thin coatings over 2-3 hours.

cos rub oil on it, heat, let it cool, and do it again.

when I said cos I meant so

this is too real for me desu

yes, just heat it up, rub oil on it, heat it up more, let cool, wipe down, heat up again, rub with oil, heat it more, etc until it's nice and even color. I usually do 3 times.


colour??? what colour

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