ITT we disclose foods we don't like and other people try to convince us if their value

ITT we disclose foods we don't like and other people try to convince us if their value.

Mien is celery. I don't know what it is but I just can't enjoy it.

It's powerful, but can't make bolognese without. It enriches en fragrances so much. Though if you don't lime something you can detect like 1 PPM so this thread is redundant tbqh.

For me it's olives. I could drink olive oil but one tiny little piece of olive on my spoon and I'm bolting for the toilet

capers. especially in pasta. they're like little landmines of shit in any otherwise tasty dish

I don't hate celery but I could leave it too. generally I only use it in things like stews where you can cook the fibrous stringy bullshit out of it and get it to soak up the flavor of something else.

defend this

Redpill me

It could be the blandness of bad celery.

Good celery has a subtle, addictive flavor that acts to highlight whatever you add it to. If you can't get over not liking it, you can always just use it as an aromatic if you're using a mirepoix. It's not like you distinctly taste the celery.

I didn't care for it for a long time either, which netted me a lot of weird looks due to my being white.

I found that using it very sparingly on sandwiches mainly aids the texture.

Raw celery is absolutely disgusting but it's amazing when cooked into other shit like says

For me it's onions that aren't cooked as fuck, especially in fat or in a sauce/soup/broth
It's a combination of the smell and the texture that makes it weird the flavor is always good.

It's pretty much useless outside of making seafood/chicken salad. Maaaaybe spread a bit on a toasted burger bun if you've overcooked your burgers.


Look I'm not saying it tastes bad, it's alright. I just don't think it's ever worth the sky high prices it's charged.

If I have to choose between Lobster or Steak I'll take the Steak every damn time.

Hardboiled eggs

Why anyone would choose to eat an egg this way instead of something nice like an omelette is beyond me.


Someone tell me the upside to these slimy, chewy alien constructs.

Celery, I kinda like, they are needed in ragú, and fit fine in some soups.
Radishes, on the other hand. Hate them, never found any use for them either.

>Someone tell me the upside to these slimy, chewy alien constructs.
You can grow them out of otherwise useless (from a culinary perspective) wood, and they are basically all protein (relative to fat/carbs)

They don't do much, and don't have a particularly offensive flavour, just add a bit of freshness, colour and crunch to a salad

How can anyone not like celery is beyond me. It's great in soups, stews and even as a snack alone or with some cream cheese or peanut butter if you're feeling like a fatass

Ya I don't mind it cooked or used in a mirepoix it's just raw that gets me. Weirdly enough I love celiriac

I do kind of agree, but they work much better at cold/room temp. As a sandwich filler for example

it's like any other condiment. we either use condiments that are sour and sweet, or sour and fatty. this is one that's fatty. it's good on toast as is desu or on chicken fingers, but sparingly

everyone likes vinegar and oil, but hates on mayo to be cool. if it's a good brand and pretty eggy it's better than butter for your sandwiches, imo, at least it has some egg protein

they're not always slimy. if you season them and cook them in a dry pan they come out nice and meaty.

Reasons to like celery:
>essential to both the French Mirepoix and Louisianian Holy Trinity, as well as other countries essential food bases
>tastes great filled with peanut butter or cream cheese
>essential to tuna salad, egg salad, and the seeds are essential to so many seasoning blends
>Immune System: The high amounts of vitamin C in celery promote a healthy immune system.
>Blood Pressure:Celery contains pthalides, which have been shown to lower blood pressure by relaxing the muscles around the arteries and allowing vessels to dilate. The calcium, magnesium, and potassium in celery also helps regulate blood pressure.
>Cholesterol:The pthalides in celery may also lower cholesterol by increasing bile acid secretion.
>Cancer:Celery contains coumarins which have been shown to be effective in the prevention of cancer
>Diuretic:Celery has been used as a diuretic for centuries. Its diuretic effect comes from its balance of potassium and sodium which helps to flush out excess fluid from the body.
>Inflammation:Celery is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with ailments attributed to inflammation such as arthritis.
>Diet Aid:Celery will not directly cause you to lose weight, but it is a great aid in weight loss because it is very low in calories and has a lot of filling fiber.

Ya lobster is probably the most over rated food in existence. I live in lobster fishing part of Canada and tourists come in looking for lobster like its gods gift to man, basically drench every bite in butter so your effectively eating a 70$ tub of dairy fat, then they proceed to eat the shit in the digestion tract and all. Like get fucked lobster is decent if done well but whole lobster can suck a dick.

Same for me. Also eggplants, why do they exist?

Heard of mousakka? Wouldnt be same without eggplant.
(And yes, I know you can make it with potatoes)

for me i like celery juice
its fucking amazing

you make egg plant parmesan with that literally a 0 zero alternative to chicken parmesan

I remember the first time I had it and thinking it was like eating a bunch of small water-ballons filled with sea-water.
I love shrimp, and I love crawfish, but their giant mutant cousin can fuck off.
I'd rather have crab anyway.

I can't eat smoked or dried ham, I have tried tons of different kinds to no avail, makes me gag instantly. I really can't stand the taste and the way it feels while chewing, no idea why tho

The best fast food sandwich, for me


Kill yourself

Carrots. Fuck carrots.

Celery is one of the best aromatic vegetables of all time. You can use it for Italian dishes (ragù, pasta e fagioli, minestrone), French dishes (coq au vin, fricassée, soupe de poulet), Cajun dishes (red beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo, Cajun chicken fricassée). Or you could also eat it straight up raw

Eggplant is awesome when it's grilled with soy sauce and sesame seeds

This right here. Moussaka, melanzine alla parmagiana, brinjal curry, baba ghanush

Grated raw carrot has this sweetness that you don't really get from other ways of preparing them. You also want to make sure you get small flavourful carrots instead of the monstrous bland ones Big Produce like to push on you.

Fuck olives and any cuck who likes olives

It's like eating wet styrofoam.

Apparently we're in the minority on that one, user. Didn't know know what if it's the same across all of Murica, but in the Midwest, that shit goes on every damn burger except McDonald's. I shouldn't have to ask for no mayonnaise on a fucking western style burger. Let's see, we got barbecue sauce, cheese, and fried onions. What else can we put on here? Oh, I got it! Mayonnaise! Turn that fucking barbecue sauce into a reddish/orange-ish puke like sauce. I don't get it. How is this acceptable?

They give a peppery crunchy freshness to salad or sandwich. Or, whatever it's a healthy snack or vehicle for some kind of dip.

Best raw, and a little sweet. They are also easy to grow and don't need a ton of space. If you can, grow a few and eat them fresh. It will change your mind at least a little.

They are also extremely cute.

roasted eggplant is really good, and babaganoush is amazing. I use eggplant more as a filler because it is really low calorie and adds some heartiness to stretch the other ingredients.