Who is your favourite food mascot Veeky Forums?

Who is your favourite food mascot Veeky Forums?

Pic related is mine

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Is this a new SCP?


Whatever lazy fuck came up with that definitely lost his job

>Pete Za?

Oh shit milkwalker is my man!

mine is my wife's son


>be at home eating cereal with milk
>milkwalker comes to window
>his pointy knees puncture holes in the wall outside
>he asks if i know my name, address, city, and telephone number
>tells me to repeat it back to him
>pours me free milk out of himself
>he leaves for another house
milkwalker is love
milkwalker is life

is this ad kino

Mainefag here

I thought Oakie the Oakhurst milk acorn was fucking retarded but holy shit is Milkwalker fucking trash

Capt'n Gregory.

these are kinda crappy tasting because they're supposed to be all natural, but I love how baked the parrot looks

The most loli mascot.

Sexiest mascot

This stupid lemon soda is the only thing that makes me proud of my home city.

>Phil A

Not fillet


>new malk, now enriched with crystals.


Pritty con vino papa

This sexy morherfucker because he looks like Sean Connery.

I don't know why I did this

How is this sexist?

Because according to women everything is sexist, don't even bother validating that nonsense.

Reading comprehension faggots. Learn it.

Get back to me when my insomnia goes away

>Get back to me when my insomnia goes away
I bet you just love telling everyone about your insomnia.


It's why my reading comprehension is off. Are you just lurking threads waiting to get triggered over nothing?

I laughed

Not him, but I tell everyone on Veeky Forums when I drink.
Which is most nights.

This guy because he's manly as fuck and eating his oats makes me feel manlier too.

You can't all suck Big Ben's cock.

If you cut out the butter on the chest and fold just right, you can turn her knees into titty

>sexiest mascot

Wrong again honey...

That mascot is creepy as fuck.

saving this


I like to imagine if all the mascots in your kitchen came to life like a culinary Jumanji, he'd be your companion and beat the shit out of all threats while voiced by Liam Neeson.

Is Phil a cannibal?

"When the Crunchinator craves a big cheesy crunchy snack, he just tears into a bag of Kroger Cheese Curls. But the Crunchinator wasn't always a hip hop happenin' cheese crunchin' kinda reptile nooo ... that is until the lonely gator came across a pack of picknickers. While the Crunchinator wanted to befriend this snacking crew, the mere sight of a gator sent the picknickers scrambling ... leaving behind their bag of Kroger Cheese Curls. For the Crunchinator, it was love at first crunch ... the cheesy taste exploded in his mouth and sent a cheesy wave all the way down to the tip of his tail. You might say Cheese Curls radically changed this gator's life! Crunchinator's now a cool, crunchin' gator with an appetite for the great cheesy taste of Kroger Cheese Curls. He's the big cheese of the swamp. So tear into a bag for yourself! Just don't get between the Crunchinator and his bag!"

do americans really not know their own names?

it's chocolate milk which is a drink meant for kids only

Fish regularly eat their own kind and even their family.

Filet o' fish is fucking disgusting though, easily the worst mcd sandwich

Came to post this




I like Dan Presser, the managing director of Sunraysia natural beverages.


>phil fish
we /v/ now

I like how it's vaguely threatening, like if you go outside without knowing your address the milkwalker will abduct you or something

I'm pretty sure I knew my name when I was a kid.

The Pop Tarts predator nurse

this fgt right here

only explanation
this would have given me nightmares as a child

childhood right here

This is
>mah nigguh

36 hours
No sleep
Don't feel tired, but I feel like shit
I've tried falling asleep 3 times within the last 12 hours but I just end up tossing and turning

insomnia is a symptom not a disease, take this shit to the HEALTH and fitness board you whiney cunt

>vino con gaseosa
Cordobeses subhumanos

we're not allowed to know until we're 12


i just started a night shift, i've got probably 10 hrs of sleep in 2 weeks. 24x14=336 hrs, 10/336=.03 hrs. of sleep per day on average
rough shit

I like what they did with Mr. Clean.

shit 0.71 hrs per day average. alcohol and sleep dep. getting to me
i've a math background t oo

>mr clean
>food mascot

>he doesn't wash down his woodchips with cleaning solution

Eh, read it all

Quality post - lol'd

Nice, embarrassing laugh at work

Thanks I guess

i dont like to ruin a good Pritty like that, though it does make wine more bearable and its great for drinking a lot of alcohol easily


my jimmies are rustled if I go a morning without a bowl of these

Famous uncle als wasted hot dog

T. Virginia beach

i loved these stickers. i found a bunch of them when i was little and had no idea what they meant. i put them everywhere. i still find them from time to time in random pages in old books.

>Rounding up your own kind to be sold to McDonald's and eaten
Can't trust anybody s m h

She's got stupid cake too, with Latinas you can always tell by the upper arms

Milkwalker is great because he genuinely cares about you and your safety. What a great man!

Those things are fucking gross.
I don't know how in the hell you can fuck up apple juice, but by God they did it.

He looks like a skinhead desu



also nice dubs

According to cannon, he's the Uncle of the Morton's Salt Girl

[spoiler]I liked mac before he became a meme[/spoiler]
[spoiler]the meme is just a bonus[/spoiler]

>surprisingly good taste
so we were expecting it to bad?

There's a canon for this shit?

Took long enough.

The longer you stare at her face the more dead inside she looks.



looks like something minus8 would animate

The Lactaid cow is a favorite for when I'm lacking calcium and a place to rest my dick.

That made me laugh harder then I've laughed in a while. Thanks user.

>tfw the memes were so prevalent they had to abandon and hastily replace the entire line's aesthetic

This guy

>Not having some fruity sloppy seconds

jesus christ how horrifying

where can i find more of this?

this is bullshit propaganda and probably written by the milkwalker himself

Sounds like a failure in marketing to me.