Ask a Serb anything about Balkan food

Ask a Serb anything about Balkan food

There are a LOT of young tourists coming here and I suspect a lot of it has to do with the food since we don't have much of anything else to offer.

It's not that bad a place to visit if you like meat and bbq. You can get a 250 gram burger stuffed with smoke cheese and bacon for 2 euros, or get a platter like pic related in a restaurant for 10-15 euros.

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That chillie is fuckin huge

Being a follower of the ketogenic diet, this makes me moist.

My dad loves those.
I have cousins in the village who literally only eat pork and cured meats

srbe na verbe


Illiterat croat

Must I squat while eating it?

hey serb,

big fan of your foods

from a leaf

everything is fucking cheap and most women go crazy for westerners, you really think its the shitty bbq that makes people holiday in eastern europe?

yes, please one of those plates...

Which is better, Croatian food, Bosnian food, or Serbian food?

how is Serbia so strong?

Only reason Serbian girls go crazy for western guys is bc they hope to marry out of this hellhole we call country

kosovo je srbja

what is your best alcoholic beverage?

when in Rome do as the Romans do

I love Balkan food I work with an Albanian and he brings in the best stuff.
Why are Balkan people so based

What is the alcohol of choice there?
Tea or coffee?
Beef or pork?

Kosovo = Albania

How do you like your kebabs?

what are popular serbian vegetarian meals?

Rakija, coffee, pork. In that order.

Beans are pretty basic, and then cabbage and sauerkraut dishes. Also vegetables are very good because good climate.


top kek

How do you know if someone is Serbian? They tell you.

What are 5 dishes which represent balkan food in your mind?
Also desserts, what would you associate with family dinner with the older generations?

I heard Serbian food is really bland because they don't have a history of using spices

dve cherveni

How much do you like Cevaps? What do you eat them with, I usually go with not a complete salad but it's got some good shit in it.

I've seen bigger ;)

We Went to Sofia with some serbs and got some food at a serbian grill in a Mall. Was pretty nice
Loads of meat for a good price

Would do balkan bbq again

Serbian food or Kosovar food?