What is a good restaurant to use this at?

What is a good restaurant to use this at?

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Gourmet Griled Cheese place

Do Americans really carry these?

Vietnamese restaurants. Then they know you're legit.


Why would be carry this foreign shit when we all have tubs of ranch in our Jeeps anyway?

No, not all of us are raging homosexuals sir.

The Faggot Cafe

Do people actually like this stuff? I tried it at a local restaurant in my town. I ordered a quesadilla and the salsa it came with was damn near sweet, so I called the dude who was waiting on us over. He was a lanky hipstery looking dude with red hair. I asked him if he had anything a bit hotter. He smirked at me and walked off, and when he return he had this stuff. "Try that" he said in a smug tone. It just tasted bitter to me, not even really spicy. It wasn't quite what I was looking for. After that encounter, and seeing hipster latch onto it like they did nutella, I never could bring myself to try it again. I always considered overrated hipster garbage since then.

>grilled cheese place like Tom&Chee
>Ramen place
>Pho/Vietnamese place
>Pizza place
>Taco Bell
>Anywhere with a really good chicken sandwhich
>Anywhere with a really bad chicken sandwhich
>A sub place
it's not hard, OP.

It's really good for dipping fries and on some asian food but otherwise it's meme tier yea

I carry ketchup on my keychain, but lately all my friends have been using Chik-Fil-A Sauce keychains. I guess it's just a fad atm.

Literally everywhere.
You can put that shit on everything.

I think your tastebuds are broken, mate. Most people, when they don't like the stuff, cite being too sweet or too vinegary. This is the first time I've heard someone say it was bitter.


only those that eat out a lot

vinegar is bitter retard

you sound like the bitter one

Any restaurant where you can get into a fight. Spray it into peoples eyes to make a getaway.

When I tried it, it just tasted like some mix of savory and sour. Not really hot at all.

Critical quads confirm it's tepid shit

no, vinegar is sour



the word you are looking for is sour.

Meme sauce. Some people try way too hard to put this shit on everything.

I have one hanging from my buttplug keychain for a quick squirt of 'racha wherever I go

>too vinegary

I use Sriracha precisely because it's NOT vinegary like every other shitty hotsauce
Sweet and garlicky, sure, but never vinegary

Is it possible that they prepare different versions of this sauce for different markets, like Coca Cola does?

At an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant, in front of the cleaver holding chef.

this, he'll be impressed youve heard of it and it will remind him of home

its made in america you twat.