Tuna knives

Do they really need to be that large? Can you not cut a tuna with a standard knife?

I mean you could cut it with a pocket knife, it would just take forever. You could eat pasta with a toothpick, it's just not ideal mate.

It's so you feel like a samurai cutting peasants like in the old days

I would imagine you get a cleaner cut with a long, single stroke of a very sharp blade.

Tuna's a big friggin' fish, friendo

are you retarded?

It's just weeb shit. I do everything with my MRE EDC ESE BUSSE SERE Optical Tactical SEAL Crucible CPM High Speed Assault Steel Lockback Open Carry Wharncliffe which I carry everywhere because I am not a pussy like today's nu-males who need warning labels on everything (not me, I know how to handle myself around danger which is why I EDC my EDC Assault Knife, which is just a tool even though soccer moms call it a "weapon" lol).

Anyway the reason the japs need to fold their knives over 1 million times is they didn't have access to real damascus steel which was invented in the west. If they even had a small damascus knife like the one I EDC every day, they could make short work of that fish. Not that I really see why anyone would. Fish is gross. Give me a good steak. Salt, pepper, blue rare, boom. A meal fit for the gods (if they existed).

This is dank, saving

>Why do the Japanese insist on having such big knifes

i'm not even mad. OC?

except fish markets in the US often use knives that are just as big


Fish markets? You mean the grocery store? Unlike in Asia, in America we don't torture animals for fun because we were founded as a Christian nation. I don't think you've ever set foot in America.

don't we have the best shitposts folks?

Its a cultural thing, in japan you have a onceinageneration person who breaks slightly from the hivemind and does something new, after that whenever you do that thing again it has to be the same way which overtime becomes more complex and ritualised.

fuck, i had to google that because i didn't recognize it was(n't) a word

>that tiny tang


My local fish market has been operating continuously since 1805.

Maine Avenue Fish Market in washington DC.

>muh fill tang
Why do spergs get so fixated on this? Are you a cutco victim?

Not to mention, you have no idea how far the tang goes into that handle.

Nicer knives will have a stainless steel tang welded on to give better moisture resistance. Difficult to tell from the picture however due to lighting.

It is a very well known advertising gimmick from years past.

I would trust this chart more if they could spell asian correctly

>Fish markets? You mean the grocery store? Unlike in Asia, in America we don't torture animals for fun because we were founded as a Christian nation. I don't think you've ever set foot in America.
Huh? We have fish markets in the US. Maybe you don't own a restaurant, eat seafood, travel or leave your house that you also don't also know that.
Miami River and the Florida Keys has a good dozen that are pretty fun to visit, and like this guy said...DC has a great "earliest" fish market reputation with a whole neighborhood surrounding it.

if you spend $500,000 on a big tuna you don;t want to hack away at it with a shitty american baby's knife. only japanese steel is good enough.

Clearly they mean the average in Asea, a small area in Greece!

Does the car industry really need million dollar milling machines? Can't they just use a hand drill?

wouldn't it make more sense to add a handle on the other end instead of using some rag?

Some of them do have a handle on both ends.

>comparing a precision technical task with carving chunks of fish.

When your fish is that expensive and presentation is key it absolutely is a precision technical task.


>I got called out for being a retard
>better post a fedora gif

Dude no one give a fuck about some gooks obsessive fishmongering.

Lots of people do. You don't.

yeah, I would assume all those people buying the fish are just fake news

Are you actually retarded?

You probably don't even live close enough to open water to ever have tasted fresh fish.

>only people who live near open water have ever tasted fish.
Not him but you know how fucking stupid you come across as?

Good job taking out the qualifying word from your quote :^)

>live close enough to open water to ever have TASTED fresh fish.

Just because you've had decent fish doesn't mean it was fresh. Go to Nebraska and find me some nice Otoro Sashimi


>he thinks river and lake fish are the same a ocean fish


How many times has that blade been folded?
My friend says real japanesey knives are made from metal that is folded like a thousand times when it's heated.

How are they different?

That's retarded. 24 is the highest number of folds

>not wanting to cut a huge slab of meat with a small sword
why would you complain about this, honestly

Some American custom Damascus knives have over a thousand layers.
Not sure the technique they use though.

Depends on the fish, but a common example is Great lakes salmon vs Pacific salmon.

Other fish simply don't exist in lakes/rivers because they need the higher salinity, or their diet depends on something that only exists in the ocean environment, ocean fish tend to also be larger.

Just look at the size of a tuna
No lake/river fish is going to compare to that.

You can't go higher than 24

Layers are not the same as folds

15 folds will give you 32,768 layers of steel.

Yeah, that sounds right.
To be an ABS Mastersmith you need a minimum of 2000 layers.

Hammer forging is no longer necessary for optimizing the distribution of elements within steel or for driving out impurities.

With today's modern technology steel mills, steel sheet stock can easily be obtained with virtually no impurities and with a very even distribution of elements, so nowadays stock removal knives can be just as good as forged. What matters now is the heat treatment protocol and that all post heat treatment power grinding be done with active liquid cooling.

So, I did the math based on this chart.

>All penis sizes added together, counting multiples for each country (i.e. North and South Korea are 3.8 so I added 3.8 twice) total up to a global length of 77.7".
>There were 17 measurements used for this.
>The average comes out to 4.57".
>What they did to figure out the "Global Average" is add together the Asian average, USA, Australia, Germany and Congo, which is 27.3, an average of 5.46.

>MFW the people who made this thought the 67.51 million people of the Congo contribute just as much cock to the world as 4.436 billion Asians.

That was brave of you, I wouldn't have expected them to have used a numerical average at all.

I'm just tired of the penis length myth.

fun fact: roughly half of all the people born in Asia don't even have penises.

Hey, just because they're small doesn't mean they don't exist.

I was feeling a bit down today, but knowing I'm almost twice the length of other Koreans makes me feel better.