What do you think of this Indian Cheese grilled Sandwich lads?

What do you think of this Indian Cheese grilled Sandwich lads?


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What's Italian about it?

not enough cheese?

indian food in other countries > indian food in india

Only thing I can say to you my friend is you've never tasted true Indian food.

whats with all the butter?

i have, and fake indian food is better
my friend

>he fries the sandwich and puts in on the plate
>hey that doesn't actually look half bad
>puts an entire stick of butter on top of it

Honestly that shit looked pretty damn good.

Only thing that caught me off guard though was that he was dipping his hand and running it through the spices after just mixing raw poultry.

Not enough poo in it

Reminds me of butter burgers you get in the American south. I bet it's delicious. The cheese at the end is overkill imo.

Is his left hand bloody from the way he's cutting the vegetables?

I don't think so. All the street food vendors in india are pretty good with knives.

This. It looked bretty gud until the last hit of butter and cheese.

I thought that looked like he cut himself too. He probably did

>topping it off with more butter
jesus no wonder the hajjis get fat as fuck when they move here

probably north indian maybe punjabi. they eat a lot of butter and cream

>Removes from pan, plates

Wow that looks amazing, why are there so many downvotes?

>fucking huge PAT of butter added on top


Which you can get away with when your diet is mostly vegetarian.

yeah no shit

Fuck off Randy you greasy cheeseburger bastard

>tfw you will never chill on the beach with your raw meat and spices

That's Mumbai. While it's true north Indian consume more butter, it's pretty popular in the rest of India. In Mumbai a lot of street vendors will advertise which brand of butter they use to entice customers.

Feel like they would make more money if they limited the amount of stuff they used. I guess since its a "vegetarian" dish its better to load that up with as much butter as possible to make it heavy so the person wont be hungry soon...

I would fuck that sandwich.

I think this is the superior Indian sandwich.
Poddado all the way.


yeah, way too much butter at the end. should've stopped after it finished cooking

looked okay otherwise, but am i the only one thinking that thats way too much red onion?

He probably has calluses in that hand now.
That was a strange knife too, by the way. Anybody know if that was something homemade or an actual knife that one can buy? I want to learn more.

Holy shit qt alert off the starboard bow!

I'm the OP and it's Bangalore, I live here and currently trying to locate the stall.


that guy literally pooing right next to the food pot

I thought wibs bread was Bombay only.

>Holy shit qt alert off the starboard bow!
I can't believe you made me click on that to watch a mustached, fish-eyesd Indian man in drag.

Jesus christ Randy you can fuck right off you cheese burger-eating greaseball.

He is give the base for a next batch

how to spot a pajeet

I thought that's what a cutie pootootie is?

I want to know what grater he's using. Takes me ages to grate anything using mine.


seems like a lil too much butter for me but fuck this is making me want a grilled cheese so goddamn bad

fuck I would love to try that

>too much butter

grilled cheese is not meant to be healthy

I gotta say though, the way he cooked that sandwich was pretentious as fuck.

>that guy literally cutting himself
>keeps cooking

Only because in other countries health and safety would eventually shut them down if they didn't adhere some minimum level of hygiene.

I'm getting the biggest nerdgasm from the decades old primus stove they are using to grill the sandwiches.

Also, that Indian guy who's 90% likely to work in an overseas call center looks like he's about to cum in his pants. After a hard days work of helping dumb Americans with their computer problems, he sure has deserved a grilled cheese sandwich so exorbitant it's only available from street wendors of Indian :)))

>implying you know what goes on in the kitchen/packaging warehouse

Ignorance is bliss.

I don't care what's going on in there as long I don't get diarrhea.

>fake indian food is the only food my tendies-loving kid palate can handle

Fixed that for you, friend.


You ain't seen nothing yet

You have a weak immune system because you've been raised like a complete faggot from the day you were born