Have you seen Chef by Jon Favreau?

Have you seen Chef by Jon Favreau?

Bought it, it sucked.

It's a really comfy movie but don't think there's any realism to it

>don't think there's any realism to it

in what sense

the facsination with food truck food is dead

True. A fat, broke faggot being married a piece of ass like that.

I was annoyed by the idea that a talented fine dining chef would fuck his career via twitter flame war and somehow find solace and fulfillment in making gone fucking sandwich indefinitely in a stuffy vehicle.

I really liked this movie.
Great feelgood movie and scarlett johansson is hot

Jon Favreaus ex wife is Sofia Vergara and he has a flirtatious relationship with Scarlett Johansson

Is this copy and pasted from youtube?

Awful film/vanity piece

What does Leguizamo do in the movie drive a taco truck?

Go to bed favreau.

Post the grilled cheese webm.
I want to make one but need instructions.

Close; he drives a Cuban food truck.

It was almost(!) a great film given a few more well told moments it could have been simply outstanding cult film for all foodies to enjoy, but, alas, there was something lost in the execution. I'm going to suggest it wasn't the actors assembled, but the direction. Nice try from an actor-director, but a fail.

I'm going to also say that comedian John Leguizamo has a few stinkers that were simply total jokes of films, worse than straight to video, like comic pieces right out of Sabago Gigante meets American Pie, namely.

A few stinky dinkys you mean?

worst one and half hours in my life

This movie was made for people who think making a grilled cheese sandwich or spaghetti with oil and garlic is somehow an impressive feat. Fat Americans who have never cook a thing in their lives. Hipsters with beards, glasses, and flannel shirts who make coffee out of moka pots. And of course muh aesthetic faggots.

There's just something so cringy and detestable about these people. You should seriously consider killing yourself if you like this movie.

i tried a chef once

gave me the cancer

nah im pretty sure it was a good movie

essential numale core


It's a Capraesque excuse to get eyefucked by ScarJo

But if you can shut your brain off it's fun. I can't do that though so it pissed me off

It was ok, but it really made a bad influence on food culture.

Food trucks are cancer.

It's literally just a movie about redemption, chill.. kek no matter how bad Cubanos are and the edgy attitude is in the movie, it's just a movie. Relax and enjoy life for once, maybe you'd have friends if you didn't try so hard to be harsh.

And fucking ScarJo too.

Curious what part of the Cubano was bad or wrong? I have never had one.

Well first off, they're not that bad but they're not that good. Cubanos are just tortas(Mexican sandwiches) but no meat just sandwich deli meat ham slices and that's it. They're bland, easy to make, and they're soggy. I can tell you if you like simple food, you'd love them. I did but after a while it gets old, eat Tortas instead with exotic meat, goat or lengua is great meat for tortas.

>It's literally just a movie about redemption
It's literally a movie about nothing. Just visual candies from start to finish to please the 'just turn your brain off brah' crowd aka one of you lot. Go talk about it with your reddit friends I'm sure they love this piece of shit over there.

Jesus kek someone is pissed off

Show me on internet body diagram where the trolls touched you


It's a pretty bad movie in a technical, directional sense. Grossly cliche in all the wrong ways.

The obsession over his sandwiches was also a bit bizarre but whatever. I think I'm just a bit tired of the "go back to your roots and cook with your soul" narrative. We get it, fine dining is the devil.

I just want a realistic film about moving up in a kitchen. Like Black Swan but for chefs.

miname cheff

>I just want a realistic film about moving up in a kitchen. Like Black Swan but for chefs.

Check out this piece of Kitchen Kino.

>he doesn't live in a city

Cuban sandwich isn't just deli meat, it has roast pork on it as well as ham.

Cuban sandwich doesnt even use the same bread as a torta

Yes great flick to be honest very Veeky Forums related

Have you ever actually had a Cuban ?