Best food deals at restaurants

TRENCH tier: white people food with random non-white ingredient tossed in. Examples include lemongrass, saffron, and sriracha pre-2013.

You pay premium for trivial knowledge that your pasty fat ass doesn't know

BAD tier: Unaged steaks/chops that aren't of a particular renowned breed, or extensively marbled

You pay 40% more for a guy to stand in front of a pan for 6 minutes. More than 6 minutes if you're a faggot who eats above medrare.

LUKEWARM tier: Vegetarian food, chicken.

You pay premium for people putting elbow grease into dirt-cheap ingredients. Can be worth it if the dish is good.

GOOD tier: Seafood.

You're paying for both ingredient cost and preparation here, and get the most bang for your buck generally. Raw bars in dedicated oyster houses are particularly worth it.

GOD tier: Desserts.

You're paying for the most labor intensive, skill intensive dish man can make, along with paying for high cost ingredients in the form of egg, dairy, cheese, etc. Also the most highly evolved food of man, one consumes these in an art of pure appreciation, rather than primal hunger.

Doesn't apply to benets, zeppolis, etc.

you're retarded.

>white people food with random non-white ingredient tossed in.
I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

You're the kid that licked the windows on the school bus.

I too find multiracial chopped corpse salad to be shit tier

Do you really have no idea what it's supposed to mean? Or do you just want to pretend that you do?

Ya know, white people food like tomatoes, potatoes, oranges ... oh wait

Brazil here , this "white/black people food" makes no sense outside the US

reminder spring rolls are god tier, fuck making those goddamn things

That's because it's actively retarded

Anyway desserts should not be god tier, I was amped at your picture since I thought oysters would be at god tier but wew

Oysters can be god tier IMO, but a lot of places also serve nondescript toilet oysters that taste horrible.

I put desserts in god tier on a basis of the value you get from preparation and ingredient cost, assuming you enjoy the food.

No idea. I can think about several cliches about what white people eat in America, but they're all regional. The New Englander with their baked beans and milky chowders, the Midwesterner with their hot dishes, Chex mix and ranch dressing, the meat and potatoes guys, the surfer dudes who live off carne asada burritos and fries, the vegan daughters of wealthy families in NYC and LA and the forever dieting women who seem to eat nothing but salads. And the NEET who lives on Taco Bell and Mountain Dew. Those are all white people tropes, but they don't really overlap to enough of a meaningful degree to offer a picture of anything that qualifies as "white cuisine". What are we talking about here? Grilled cheese and Campbell's tomato soup?

Everyone's mad at you but they're all retarded-- this thread isn't ranking quality / taste of those things, just whether or not it's particularly 'worth it' to order this shit in a restaurant. You're not wrong; I don't want to waste my fucking time on a dessert just to attempt to approach the quality of someone who barely knows what they're doing; I'll spend $8 and leave it to the pros. A steak is ez pz cooking that any retard can do, and unless you're getting aged steak at a restaurant it's really not worth it to pay $35 for some schmuck to cook it just as well as you can.

I agree completely OP. Getting a steak at an average restaurant is one of the plebbiest things you can do

Yup. Steamed dumplings, tamales, etc are all a giant pain in the ass. If rather pay for someone to do it well.

It doesnt make sense in the US either, except for niggers. Its a meme theyve made up because they couldnt find anything real to criticize about white people.

t. butthurt honkies

>t. dindu appropriating other people's cultures just because they happen to be non-white as well

Why does everything have to be racial?

>hurt durr white people food is the bad duuuuurp

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Or let you use electricity? Obvious mistakes

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Brazil here, he is right, okay sweetie?


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We need to stop sharing our best stuff with these creatures.

what do you expect
Veeky Forums loves making fun of other races but gets in a tizzy as soon as anyone even implies an insult towards white people, no matter how ironic.

It's just funny watching you all doing it in our language using our technology lol

We literally had to teach you how to talk shit and build you the infrastructure to do so.

I mean let's be honest, nobody learned your irrelevant language to talk shit to you all day.

go eat some potato salad and chill out mang

and also unfortunately a lot of white people,especially on this particular site, are trying to learn my language for a slew of autistic reasons.


Things we never should have shared with your people. Look how you use them...

I get to use a majority of them to see turkeys flip out impotently so no regrets on my end.


Lol way more of your people speak or language than any of us speak yours.

Why don't you eschew English and stick to your own babblespeak?

>GOD tier: Desserts
I bet you like those places where they put gold leaf on top to make you feel good about yourself for paying 50$ for a piece of melted chocolate and nutella in a sponge cake

>beliving white devils lies
Umm no, black people invented all that stuff, okay sweetie? Just Google it, It's not my job to educate random smelly creeps on the Internet.

Haha if we're devils then why has every population we encountered had exploding populations?

>evil devils feeding, educating, housing and healing ever increasing populations

How evil. Stop whitey. Stop making better longer healthier happier lives for everyone right now.

Okay. So basically think of any standard fare that fits any of those categories, but with a random non-white ingredient added in to make it seem "exotic".

That was exactly my point with this thread, yes. Glad to see it resonated with you.

Dumplings are high value as well, yes.

Why do so many people get triggered over things that aren't even REMOTELY offensive?

There are ingredients that are non-white, in that they were never historically used by white people until recently. Get the fuck over it.

kill yourself irl


If your desserts are oil-heavy you're going to a shitty place. It's butter and cream, not grease.

And making desserts requires way more work, especially for the amount of utility it provides, than any other general food item.


>>evil devils feeding, educating, housing and healing ever increasing populations


corn was black before white people breed it out out of existence.vanilla ice cream was also black, look it up.


Eurocentrism and racism are not education.

Desserts are usually made with super cheap ingredients in large batches so they can sell them in tiny servings and make you pay premium, you clearly never made desserts if you think they are cost effective at a restaurant.
And seafood (if its good requires little preparation), im not even talking about sushi, grilled fish and pan fried/boiled seafood takes even less work than steak

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Go back to jail, nigger, thats the only place you get the bland shit you call "white people food".

>a random non-white ingredient added in to make it seem "exotic".
I get what you're saying, but I would not think to define that as "white". I don't think of white meaning standard because I don't live in a part of the country where that's the case. I have as many Chinese and Latino neighbors as I do white. But I guess if everyone around you is white you'd think of white as standard. And I get that adding exotic ingredients to standard dishes can be a gimmick. But it's also the way chefs think, at least here in NYC. They wander around immigrant neighborhoods, try some cool stuff and play with it. That's how you get Marcus Samuelson, Alex Stupak, David Chang, Edward Lee and Andy Ricker. These are all guys who were open to "foreign" influences and it made their cooking spectacular. The days of "fusion" being a gimmick on the high end are long gone.

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