Burger king

hi Veeky Forums

there's a burger king opening near me soon

what do you think of burger king

I used to enjoy them, but the only one we have in our town is in a really shitty part of town. So I haven't been in a while, but if you get a fresher burger its ok. The chicken fries were ok, but you need like 40 of them to get full since its pretty much just a batter stick


The bastards.

I think BK sucks. I always get cold meat patties, stale buns, yellow or brown lettuce and cold soggy fries. The only thing I ever liked there was cheesy tots and they got rid of them years ago, brought them back for 4 days recently, then gone again and the recent reintroduction of them was lunch only, not breakfast which is when I would get them before and they burned both orders of them this time like they had no clue how to cook them. The double stacker was their lunch time saving grace and they got rid of that as well. They are all kinds of sucking right now.

if i was hungry and had to choice between a pay less shoe store and a burger king for food, id go to the pay less shoe store

The last time I went there it wasn't bad. The cheeseburger was ok and the chicken nuggets were barely lukewarm. I'd rather go anywhere else.

They did? Wtf I hate BK now.

It's better than McDonalds at least.
I have noticed that the quality of the burgers is kinda variable depending on the store. I guess adding more ingredients gives you also more ways to fuck up. Other franchises are more consistent.

Their #1 combo has no cheese on it and that's rad

>It's better than McDonalds at least.

Literally meme food, although I understand that term is applied to everything very loosely around here.

They are pushing nonsense intended to go viral online like Whopper Burritos and that deep fried macaroni and cheese with Cheetos crust instead of actually focusing on burgers and fries and stuff.

Been there once, it wasn't very bad but it just tasted so much like mayonnaise. I don't really get why people say it's better than mcdonalds.

imho better than McD, but not too good. make sure you buy during an busy hour so you stuff is fresh and hot.

10 nuggets for $1.49, also the frozen coke/frozen cherry is good af. Everything else is mediocre at best

Get shit house wasted and go get some drunk tacos. Granted, they're jack in the box tier, dogmeat tacos but still. Top notch drunken hobo food.

Burger King has tacos..?

Why eat with a clown when you can dine with the king?

It's great if you want to induce the kind of shit that purges your intestines of their entire contents. At least that's what happens to me every time I have a Whopper.

Whopper >>>>>>>> power gap >>>>>>>>>>> Big Mac

For me it's dat loooong chicken

My father brought me to BK last week. In France we've only really only known McD, then more recently Subway and KFC came along (I'm talking about fast food joints, ofc we have people flipping burgers independantly)

Comparing to McD: The bun is a bit better, the steak was roughly the same, there was less sauce but I didn't mind, and there were excellent cripsy grilled onions which I usually didn't have in my McD burgers. So I definitely preferred the BK burger compared to McD.

I only got a few wings because I love chicken just to see how they were - Not bad, but I could've gotten the same in a random supermarket.

The dessert was as good as a McD dessert.

Overall I'd rather go to BK than McD, but I'd simply prefer KFC instead - Or an asian restaurant.

Take note that I'm French so maybe BK is much better or much worse in other countries.

>same routine every day
>always bring lunch
>decide to go out once
>pick nearest place
>burger king
>it's kinda busy, around noon
>can't decide what i want
>my turn to order
>point at the cardboard stand they have
>$10 after tax and tip
>for a fucking cheese hamburger, french fries, and soda
never again

The nuggets are a steal even if they aren't the best, but the actual chicken sandwiches suck now.
If you go to BK, be sure to actually get a burger there and not some meme like the hotdog.

A bit dry burgers. I am used to Hesburger, covered in gross sweet mayo.

Beats Micky Dees and Hese

OP, I grew up in the BK headquarters city, Miami. I will tell you as a child, teenager, high schooler who could drive from school during lunch period (open campus), and as a young adult, I favored Burger King (this was the 80s). They were run by corporate trainers in my town and features extreme perfection in customer service. I mean seriously good service with a smile, and over staffed quickness.

I was in a family that liked to grill, eat out, travel, dine well, all of it. We liked the flame grilled flavor vs griddled burgers, plus the more adult lettuce tomato onion marriage that made it a great burger. Don't get me wrong, I had no dislike for McDonalds or Wendys or Hardees (the local choices), esp loved a McDs basic cheeseburger with little onion bits and mustard as it mimiced a little White Castle and was often on sale where you could buy several (this was before dollar menu days). But, I also liked that at BK you could get onion rings vs fries without an upcharge, they had more beverage choices including better iced tea, and their shakes were better than McDs, though maybe not on par with the Frosty. The chicken sandwich outpaced McDs, with its peppery goodness.

But, know what happened? And, why is BKs demographic like only teenage clients compared to the other big chains? They MESSED WITH THE FRIES and ruined them, and then again, and then again. They suck now in their 3rd bad incarnation after trying to fix their New-->Classic Coke level blunder. Next was really not their fault...the fast-casuals got popular, and people starting obsessing over burgers and even going to mom and pop joints for the real thing where indeed places (in Miami like Flannigans, Hole in the Wall, Keg South/North, etc), excelled. Then you add in the healthier 90s and choices that weren't burgers in fries at all, from the Chicken Kitchens, to the Paneras, to the sushi joints. Then you have the burger only chains, from 5 Guys, Smashburger, Shula Burger (hell yes)

They used to be good about 10 years ago and now they're pretty garbage. Their hersheys cream pie is still great though.

Yeah man. Next time you're there ask. They're not on the menu I don't think, but it's the closest I can get to a shitty jack in the box taco around here.

Dat some loooooong chicken you got there pham.


whoppers are always a bit too messy for my taste but its ok. not as good as mcd's

I like them a lot better than mcdonalds personally

My go-to meal is an original chicken sandwich combo with onion rings (dipped in zesty horseradish sauce) and a peach fanta (they're the only place around me with a coke freestyle machine)

My dad said he got a hot dog from BK and it was gross, and my dad is a man who buys the cheapest pork and chicken hot dogs at aldis and microwaves them and thinks they taste fine

I loved the crispy chicken, actually crispy and spicy breading

but like fucking mcdonalds nuggets they changed the recipe for the breading and i looks like it was just coated in eggwhite and that's it

another fast food chain I will not visit anymore

I'd say it's exactly the same way in Germany.

Couldn't you just ask for a whopper with geese and bacon and without vegetables? That's literally what a double stacker is.

Britfag here, for me BK has pretty solid burgers, but holy fuck they're way too expensive. A whopper on it's own is like £4, might as well get a big mac meal for that.

Fries are low tier too

I used to get the spicy chicken crisp all the time, but one day I ordered one, and the sandwich I got was the normal chicken patty with some kind of chipotle sauce on top, and it was absolutely disgusting, it was so bad I took it back to the counter and asked to just swap it for a regular one with mayo after two bites

I'm not sure if they actually changed the menu item to that or if my BK just ran out of spicy patties and decided to do that instead of telling me beforehand, but either way I never ordered spicy chicken from them again

get their mcchicken

Bring back the chicken parm sandwich you fucks.

lmao, murrifags

Never had a problem. They're not exquisite or anything, but good for fast food flame broiled burgers.

How do they get the smokey taste in their beef patties?

For me, Burger King is the typical fast food restaurant. I compare things to that over McDonalds.

...oh, you're asking if I actually eat there?

You know, the food is adequate for greasy not-food, but the problem I have with the fast food industry in general at this point is that the prices are too high for what you're getting. Fries and a burger, at least the kind that they sell, should not cost more than 5 dollars for me to consider it worth the cost. I don't make that much money and that food isn't very good for me, nor is it especially filling. I could get a subway footlong of the day for $6.18 which is not only actual food but actually sates my hunger. Eating at fast food chains like Burger King has always left me walking out feeling like I just threw away money.

Fuck. Completely forgot about them and they're literally right down the street from me.
I think it's been about 6 years Since I've been to one.
Needless to say. I think they're shit now


good for a cheap meal but nothing much else. Their food isn't that appealing to me.

Still get it

I go often because I have a shit ton of coupons and it's right next to my job, also one of the cashiers is hot.
The food is alright then it's fresh.

food there is awful, went not to long ago with my father and ordered the whopper meal 2 for $10, which isn't very true, you would have to pay extra for cheese, FUCKING EXTRA FOR CHEESE! service was pretty awful and the burgers are not even flame broiled anymore and seem like they have been covered in leather shoe polish to give it some dark grill marks, even my coke tasted watered. Also their "chicken nuggets" are sponges with chicken flavoring jammed inside. i would rate 2/10 because at least you they tried. Fuck BK

Burger King WISHES they could be even half as good as McDonalds

>>$10 after tax and tip
>>Burger King

the chicken tendie fries are good but I dont like the hamburgers they have

how flyover are you senpai


When the whopper is on point, I.e. Fresh as fuck, it is top tier. I'm a cheese fanatic and imo a whopper made properly tastes better Without. Every time I go to b.k. I can tell it's been sitting and it ruins it for me. I try to get it without pickles, same thing. I go on business trips to Wisconsin and it always is on point there. I would get it a lot more often if I knew it would taste the way it should. But it doesn't. So I go to Carl's Jr. And Get a superstar w/cheese because it is made fresh more often than not. The whopper made to order I will say is the best fast food burger.

>at bk


>whopper with geese and bacon and without vegetables? That's literally what a double stacker is.

confirmed. Just tried to get one at my local BK and got turned away. Fuckers.

Worked at one for a week when I was 16. Still don't eat at restaurants because of what I saw.

whats with the free whopper coupon for filling out an online survey. it says *with purchase*
can i purchase with 10nuggets for a dollarfifty or does it have to be with a frys and soda as mentioned somewhere elsE?

the rallys/checkers free burger coupon
and del taco dollar off coupon kick ass, 1.5lbs of beans and rice for $2

does del taco actually use quality ingrediants and they claim?

I sure as shit hope so. I eat deal taco 2x a week. Kids meal for 99 cents is the greatest value I've ever encountered. Crinkle cut fries, a decent size delicious cheeseburger, and a coke.